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Manor Farm: A wonderful adventure to open a farming paradise!

Manor Farm, a platform based on the three core business segments of new agriculture and animal husbandry, meta-universe Internet and digital finance, is expected to become an industry leader in issues such as animal welfare, food safety and environmental protection. We look forward to working together with global players and farmers to create a better and more sustainable future for us and the next generation.

In order to implement the concept of environmental protection, safety, innovation and sustainable development, Manor Farm launched APP as an ecological entrance and marketing channel, collecting functions such as meta-universe pets, piggy banks, teams, donation centers, etc. With a sustainable win-win business model, it shares with users multiple aspects such as sustainable agricultural investment income, digital financial investment income and financial asset management fee income. On the one hand, it is used for daily operation and maintenance of the platform and long-term development investment On the other hand, it participates in the governance with all participants and redeems the real income. Manor Farm users can get the following dividends or income incentives through investment, PlaytoEarn (earn while playing), invite users, participate in governance, etc. to integrate into the Manor Farm ecology.

Manor Farm also focuses on sustainable development. Players will learn the knowledge and skills of farming and understand the importance of agriculture and ecological balance. Through sound agricultural management and resource utilization, players can protect the environment, promote sustainable development, and bring prosperity and a perpetual future to Farmland.

Most importantly, the economic model of Manor Farm is also built on the principle of decentralization. Players can obtain in-game virtual assets through activities such as planting and farming, and these virtual assets can be traded in-game or on exchanges, allowing players to freely buy, sell, exchange and transfer their assets. In the future, Manor Farm will continue to deepen the research and application of digital technology, artificial intelligence and big data to achieve strong growth in new agriculture, metaverse Internet and digital finance. It is simple and easy to play, allowing more people to participate easily. It can automatically adjust the price according to the market supply and demand to keep the economy balanced and stable.

In addition, it has certain social attributes, and players can cooperate, compete and communicate with other players, which is in line with the basic principles of community and consensus mechanism of blockchain technology.

Manor Farm’s vision is to “work with players and farmers to create a better future”, which corresponds to our mission of “empowering people to create a better, more hopeful future for generations to come.” We are committed to connecting the many investors and partner ranches around the world to create a better future for everyone. Despite the challenges, we will stay true to our mission and work through them together.

In Manor Farm, you will be a farmer with a golden finger and explore the infinite charm of farming paradise. Whether it’s planting, farming, trading or social cooperation, it will bring you pleasure and a sense of accomplishment. Now, join the ranks of the manor farm and start your own farming fantasy adventure!

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