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New Destination Added to Inland Waterway Cruise in Fuzhou: Jin’an Lake Trial Cruise

Riding a “Harley” on the water, driving “bumper boats,” enjoying the lake view and lotus in summer on a yacht. This June, Fuzhou will have a new destination for its inland waterway cruise.

In Jin’an Park, the largest and most ecologically diverse urban park in Fuzhou, a new Jin’an Lake cruise route will be launched in mid-to-late June, allowing citizens and tourists to experience the happiness and beauty of “leisurely boating in Fuzhou.”

As a star park in the urban area, Jin’an Lake Park is located in the core area of the eastern part of the city, covering a total area of about 930 mu, of which the water area is about 610 mu. Jin’an Lake Park is connected with Helin Ecological Park and Niugangshan Park by the underpass to form Jin’an Park, the largest sponge ecological park in Fuzhou’s urban area.

“In the future, citizens and tourists can board the boat and drive themselves from here.” The person in charge of the project from Fuzhou Water Group introduced that next to the landmark Ferris wheel in Jin’an Lake Park is Pier 1 for visitors to take boats. Covering an area of more than 1,800 square meters, the pier looks like a jasmine petal floating on the water when viewed from above. The glistening lake seems to have the fragrance of jasmine, exuding the distinctive charm of Fuzhou.

In addition to the unique pier design, the rich variety of modern boat types is also a highlight. From one-person water bikes to two-person water tricycles, and leisure boats for up to eight people, there is a wide range of watercraft options for joyful experiences on the water.

“We have introduced 150 boats in 12 types (more than 120 boats will be available for trial cruise). By bringing in more types of tour boats on Jin’an Lake, we can fully meet different sightseeing needs of citizens and tourists,” said the person in charge.

The project is scheduled to open to the public in mid-to-late June. At that time, boating on Jin’an Lake will offer a captivating view of the clear blue water, the towering Ferris wheel, the summer lotuses in full bloom and the lush greenery. Coupled with the fragrance of tea wafting from public teahouses, it will bring visitors a pleasant experience.

Based on the planning goals of “connected waterways, accessible boats, stories to tell, and sceneries to see,” three piers have been set up along the five-kilometer walkway encircling Jin’an Lake. Additional supporting architecture is also planned to realize integration between the boats and the shoreline. The Pier 1 will be put into use this month, the construction on Pier 2 is speeding up, and Pier 3 is expected to be completed and operational in the second half of this year. Then the waterways of Wenquan Park, Guangming Harbor, Jin’an River and Jin’an Lake will be connected, allowing people to cruise freely on tour boats of Fuzhou and enjoy their happy time in the beautiful city.

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