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“Beautiful China, Amazing Ningxia” Welcomed Friends Overseas

From April 6 to 9, 2023, the event of “Walking along the Yellow River, Discover Ningxia” was held successfully in Ningxia. Twenty-two Ningxia tourism workers and followers of the overseas social media account of Ningxia’s culture and tourism from 13 countries, including the UK, Egypt, Vietnam, Estonia and Italy, joined the event of “Beautiful China, Amazing Ningxia”, a four-day in-depth exploration of Ningxia’s culture and tourism resources. This event is not only a culture and tourism resources display of Ningxia’s segment of the Yellow River to the world, but also an expression of thanks from Ningxia to overseas supporters of Ningxia’s culture and tourism.

Walking along the Yellow River, Discover a Different Ningxia, China

To see a world in a mountain or river. The spring greens Ningxia and the warm wind brings the intoxicating fragrance of flowers and plants. The surging Yellow River runs through Ningxia and contains infinite wonders. The participants of “Walking along the Yellow River, Discover Ningxia” had a taste of the wine at the eastern foothills of the Helan Mountains in Yuanshi Vineyard, where the winery culture implies Chinese philosophy, feeling the wine rich as life and the travel fine as poetry.

The participants took the cruise through Grand Canyon in Qingtongxia, sightseeing the magnificent scenery of the Yellow River. From the grand dam across the river to the ancient and mysterious One-hundred-and-eight Pagodas, like a travel through time, they saw both the historical remains and modern core in this nearly-ten-kilometer canyon.

Stepping into Ningxia Water Museum, the participants discovered why people say Ningxia is blessed by the Yellow River. They learnt the stories behind the cultural relics and how the magical Ningxia thrived and developed because of the Yellow River, earning it the reputation of “An Oasis in the Hinterland”.

Ningxia, with its beautiful scenery and rich culture, brings countless surprises to visitors and gives tourists from afar endless visual, physical, and mental enjoyment.


Walking along the Yellow River, Discover Splendors in Ningxia, China

The vernal wind brings warmth and it is a good time to visit Ningxia, feeling the history and culture back in time and awakening the hearts.

By the mountains and the water, under the rising sun, the participants experienced the unique morning tea culture in Northwest China: Wuzhong Morning Tea, starting a day full of vitality with aromatic Eight-treasure Tea served in a lid-bowl. In Zhongwei, Ningxia, the participants took a goatskin raft, listening to folk songs, then walked in Shapotou (Sandy Slope), seeing the wonders where the Yellow River and the desert merge, the river rushing and surging, the sun shining and sparkling on the water. Taking a ferry to cross the Yellow River, they later entered the place where pear blossoms had been planted for more than a century – Nanchangtan Folk Village in Zhongwei of Ningxia, got to know the old village’s culture of a hundred years old nourished by the Yellow River.

In the spring, tourists in Ningxia can visit the desert and the Yellow River, enjoy the birds singing and the scent of flowers, and easily meet with countless wonders.

Walking along the Yellow River, Relax under the Starry Sky in Ningxia

In Ningxia, “the Oasis beyond the Great Wall”, tourists can follow the stars and enjoy a good spring day.

Visiting the China Goji Museum, the participants learnt about how the surging Yellow River nourishes the “red gems” of Ningxia: Goji. Afterwards, they took the ride to the Sand Lake and savored the Sand Lake Fish Head which is rich in DHA. As twilight fell and the lights went on, the overseas participants went further into the desert, walked towards the stars, and listened to the stories of stars narrated by the stargazers in the air perfumed by the bouquet of wine made of grapes grown at the 37° North latitude. The melody of an old song slowly plays as they enjoyed the view and the gourmet food by the campfire, feeling a moment of resonance with the world under the infinite night sky.

It is a wonderful springtime, come to Ningxia and relax your mind, experiencing a trip to the land of stars.

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