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The newly developed cryptocurrency Storage Wallet in the United States is expected to solve the economic downturn

California, the United States, has developed a more secure cryptocurrency Storage Wallet LT wallet, which can not only store safely, but also realize quantitative transactions, helping cryptocurrency owners achieve stable income in the current stage of economic downturn.

LT wallet team aims to create 100000 millionaires in the coin circle within three years. Stephen Taylor, the team leader, said: we will create a wealth goal of the million dollar plan for cryptocurrency community leaders, relevant bloggers and users using LT wallet.


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According to relevant news reports, lt wallet (Lighthouse wallet) is the most secure cryptocurrency storage mode at present. Quantitative transaction is its core technology patent. It was developed by the professional research team led by Stephen Taylor of California Institute of technology. Using the cutting-edge results of modern cryptography, the research team created LW anti cracking technology, which is also the security guarantee of LT wallet.

LT wallet’s quantitative trading technology is different from the traditional financial asset trading algorithm. Instead, it adopts an intelligent overclocking market price comparison algorithm, replaces human subjective judgment with advanced digital models, and uses computer technology to analyze and judge historical big data to make rational investment strategies for investors. It automatically carries out high-frequency and accurate quantitative trading among multiple digital asset markets, without manual operation. The algorithm grasps the income opportunities, Therefore, no matter how the market fluctuates, it can achieve a monthly rate of return of 6% – 12%, thereby bringing about excess returns and achieving win-win results.

The quantitative trading technology was first developed by LT wallet and tried to be applied in the field of digital currency. It is expected to replace the traditional trading system in the future, rebuild a new generation of financial model based on the quantitative trading technology, and have a transformative impact on the traditional trading systems such as stocks, futures, funds and bonds, so as to comprehensively promote the ultimate trading mode of intelligent information and digitization.

The quantitative trading technology itself has the characteristics of safety, stability and efficiency. Therefore, in the process of application in the field of digital currency, it also tries to make a breakthrough in the difficult situation of the current economic downturn. With the cryptocurrency owner as the basic audience, it conducts a series of economic structure optimization and transformation experiments, and finally takes high-quality and efficient income as the result, thus driving the continuous improvement of the economy.

In order to better provide services to cryptocurrency holders, lt wallet platform supports mainstream currency transactions including Ethereum, coin security chain and wave field link, and has established an original incentive system. It has built a community mechanism with deep extensibility and sustainable quantification, which can endow LT wallet with 10000 times of financial ecological value. While realizing the eternal value of finance, it links the future, broadens the dimension space, empowers the chain tourism ecology, and leads the innovation of the digital economy.

Stephen Taylor, head of LT wallet team, announced in an interview that: the current LT wallet project is officially launched. The initial task is to attract more people of insight with the decentralized consensus concept. Marketing promotion is the current operation focus. To this end, lt wallet will carry out bonus giving activities to achieve the broadest marketing objectives with rich rewards. It will send quantitative coupons to cryptocurrency community leaders, relevant bloggers and each participating user, creating a wealth goal of the million plan.

Now, the door of defi has been fully opened. Security is the core issue of the current model development. LT wallet’s quantitative trading technology is a revolutionary breakthrough in the digital currency and even the traditional financial system. In the face of the severe situation of the current global economic downturn, achieving stable income is an urgent problem to be solved. Using new technologies, new concepts and new models to reconstruct the current economic environment may be a main direction of future human social development, It is conceivable that LT wallet will surely become the next outlet of economic development.

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