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Why do I choose to become BKEX ambassador?

As a trading enthusiast, I like to share my personal analysis on tradingview, and the yield has always been satisfactory. After analyzing accurately the market with many strong ups and downs, I got a lot of recognition so that I decided to become a KOL and built my own community. I found out about Binance referral program and planned to join them as a KOL. However, even though I love trading, the cost of trading is one part I have to consider as a trader, so I invited a group of trader friends to become Binance Angels. Unfortunately, the assessment of Binance KOL program was very strict, and I was always asked to invite new users. Even if we reached the required trading volume, they would still assess the number of new users invited, which made me feel very stressed.

When I decided to give up, I found BKEX and discovered that this platform has flexible requirements for KOLs, either to complete the number of registrations task or the trading volume task, which allows me to keep my community and trading stable. From my point of view,BKEX is really recognized and admitted by Coingecko and CoinMarketCap, and always ranked at the top. BKEX has been operating peacefully for 5 years without any scandals or rumours, so I think BKEX has no problem in terms of asset security and technology.

After registering and using the platform, the deposit-in and withdrawl-out speed is very fast. I placed an selling order of 20 BTC at market price, and it was executed immediately. I had a very good experience with the depth of the inventory summary, which is comparable to the depth of Binance, so I applied to become an ambassador of BKEX.

1.Excellent service

Compared to other platforms, most of the user’s issues are handled through online customer service, but BKEX’s service to the community is comprehensive and impressing. The community admins will always be the first one to help users and deal with emergencies, especially Futures issues, which can make users irritated, and greatly reduced problem handling time and increased the user satisfaction.

BKEX abnormal price protection mechanism, especially in the extreme market, makes me feel satisfied. This plan is mainly for the extreme market, that can deal with the abnormal price of the user and the launch of the payout plan, by the abnormal price of the spread part of the loss will be compensated by the BKEX platform.

1.Higher income for Ambassador

BKEX has a good commission system for ambassador, I compared it with others, and BKEX upholds better promotion of the platform and gives a higher commission ratio. Through the high percentage of rebate, I can take out a portion of the percentage and I cooperate with the community ambassadors, the community can also get better promotion. The community service was greatly improved because of my professional marketing analysis and content output. BKEX requirements are relatively flexible, which is easy to complete.

III, Commission Settled on a Daily Basis.

Unlike other trading platforms, BKEX rebates will be settled on a daily basis, which will be settled around 2PM every day, which supports my forward momentum even in the bear market.

  1. Perfect Product

When communicating with my community members, they recognize my analytical ability. But for their heavy workload, they could not take care of their work, and at the same time, they had to open orders according to the market analysis in a timely manner. I consulted BKEX officials, they introduced me about copy trade, which means that I place order according to self analysis, they can copy my trading orders directly, which truely sets my hands free. The mechanism of this product also makes people feel happy, after each single completed, the development of trading strategies can get up to 18% profit sharing ratio, but also will share 2% to the invitee. For example, if the person who copies trade and makes 100USDT, it will give 18USDT to the trader and 2USDT to the invitee. As a trader, I am both the invitee and the trader, so I enjoy commission and profit sharing rebate. And as long as on the Star List, it’s benefitial for my community promotion.

In addition to copy trade, BKEX have recently launched a new product (Crazy Contract) which also brings good experience . After the LUNA drop, the whole market went dark. Especially during the weekends, the market fluctuated around 2%. So BKEX team launched Crazy Contract, where profits are added at the same time. For example: when users take profit of 100U, in the case of doubling, I can get 1USDT as referral reward, and Crazy Contract has no funding rates, holding a position without cost, profit plus mode reduces the cost of fees. If you encounter a good market, under the control of the total position ratio, you can increase the proportion of a certain position to increase earnings.

And for some other cryptocurrencies, Binance only offers up to 20X leverage, while BKEX offers 100X. It supports high leverage on the same margin, which makes the funds usage higher.

  1. Excellent education and training

There are live courses every week, providing product learning, market analysis, and practical experience teaching, through which you can quickly learn. For new users who have just registered in BKEX, they can quickly learn about the platform’s products as well as blockchain knowledge, which also helps a lot with trading skills.

In the Futures trading platform, the first-tier platform is deservedly the leader in terms of funds strength and trading experience, but in terms of product segmentation, I think BKEX is very different, satisfying my needs as a trader and the use of beginners.

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