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My first million dollars at Rakutengo

Cross border e-commerce is a mature industry, if you want to enter this industry, then the first step you need a good platform, just like me guys, I chose Rakutengo platform, which is a retail commerce platform across China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea and other Southeast Asian countries.

Rakutengo is a 500 million users e-commerce, more than 10 million people online at the same time, is the e-commerce giant in Southeast Asia, seize the opportunity, then you grasp the wealth, and Rakutengo provides contract suppliers for store owners, if your customers buy goods in your store, then you can go to the Rakutengo contract suppliers, payment to the supplier and then shipped by the supplier, so any risk we equal to 0, because we are free from the risk of backlog of inventory goods.

Only need 2-3 hours a day to operate the store, completely as their own side business, to add an extra income for themselves, and Rakutengo store backstage provides a simple product shelves function, click on the goods can be shelves, for beginners to provide a lot of convenience, simple operation, and the newly opened store also provides you with 100,000 exposure traffic, so you can easily start cross-border e-commerce business.

My store in Rakutengo has a monthly turnover of 50,000-70,000 USD, which is a basic starting point. Of course you need to prepare enough initial capital to support the store, after all, here you need to pay the suppliers in advance and let them send the goods to your customers, and this way our risk is transferred to the suppliers and our risk is reduced to a minimum.

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