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God Space – the world’s first Web3.0-based art agreement creative platform, broadening the boundaries of multi-art integration

Trillion Market

In 2022, the NFT market will still grow explosively with the help of artworks and collectibles. According to the platform, the total market value of NFTs has exceeded 38.1 billion US dollars, and the 24-hour transaction volume is 4.554 billion US dollars, a record high.

NFT, namely Non-Fungible Token, is a form of encrypted data using blockchain technology. In short, it is a virtual asset with indivisible, irreplaceable and unique characteristics. NFT can be used to represent digital ownership, allowing participants to have absolute control and management authority over items and assets in the process of infinite transfer. The broad prospects ensure that their digital items have a relatively stable appreciation space, thereby promoting the reverse of artwork and Developments in the field of collectibles.

NFT becomes an important context for encryption

The unique NFT is the vein of the encrypted world. It can integrate any emerging concepts such as DeFi, GameFi, SocialFi, etc., to help open the door to the metaverse. Metaverse, as the next generation Internet, establishes an economic order with relative fairness and credibility for the world, while NFT serves as the digital basic asset form of the new commercial society, and realizes the formulation of reliable rights confirmation, credible circulation and obedience system in the Metaverse Base.

At this point, it is reasonable to assume that the future of encryption is the product of the integrated development of the entire ecosystem, which will cover all emerging concepts to jointly create benefits for the world. The Metaverse is currently in the early stage of development. In addition to combining mature technologies such as AR, VR, 5G, and cloud computing, it is also necessary to solve the problems of centralization and closure. When the real economy and virtual economy are mapped to the Metaverse, users wander The inability to freely trade and use your own assets and items in the multiverse or platform will become the biggest shackle of current development.

God Space, the world’s first Web3.0-based art agreement creative platform

With a progressive vision, we see an advanced Web3.0 project built on the BSC chain – God Space, which combines the “immersion” and “low latency” mentioned in the metaverse concept through unique technical advantages. It is perfectly presented with the “anywhere” nature, and creates and extends more possibilities for NFT with the innovative aggregation art ecology.

What is God Space?

God Space is an innovative art protocol creative platform in the Web3.0 era. From the real world to the diverse world, anyone can own their own virtual assets. God Space provides artists with innovative production and distribution services. As a platform, God Space creates new cultures and industries, while also providing users with innovative structures and opportunities to participate in various artistic activities.

God Space focuses on opening a safe and free trading environment for users, and artists can also create a complete ecosystem through the sale of artworks. The decentralized underlying architecture based on blockchain makes asset storage and flow more secret, completely subverts traditional social and transaction methods, actively promotes the comprehensiveness of NFT, and gives users a more immersive social experience.

In order to fully meet the needs of users, in multiple parallel universes, God Space will successively release creative NFTs, blind boxes and chain game products with high playability. Realize NFT financialization and DAO governance in the space platform, and unlock various new ways of playing in the encrypted metaverse. The vision of Godspace is to become the most popular open source tool, governance protocol, trading venue, creator platform and community organization in the Metaverse, escorted by a broad consensus, jointly managed by all Godspace participants, and ultimately promote the large-scale development of Godspace. use.

God Space is expected to become a bridge connecting encrypted users, artists and the future world, and help all users of different identities to participate in this NFT revolution faster and better, forming the core economy of the metaverse in the Web3.0 era.

God Space Excellent Technical Ability

God Space draws on the strengths of various companies, and through long-term exploration and testing, finally based on the new concept of the new art protocol management platform, all the key technical points are internalized, allowing the use of NFT on the BSC chain to trade artworks, and artists can With this free creation and distribution, users can also complete the artist’s secondary creation, and both creation and holding will receive benefits. In addition, God Space opens up the IP derivatives market for artists, which is beneficial for the entertainment industry to enter NFT and provide a direct channel.


At the same time, God Space builds a three-dimensional coordinate system in the system, and uses 3D scanning modeling technology combined with 3D digital scene marketing, WebGL, AR/VR virtual reality technology to create a set of front-end display, comment sharing, online live broadcast, online customer service, Online transaction and back-end scene management, exhibition management, resource management, system management and access data management and other functions are integrated into a 3D digital exhibition hall. This is a brand new, three-dimensional, NFT art work that has never existed before. With this technical skill, all NFTs in Godspace will expand into the metaverse realm.

The Diverse Ecology of God Space

In order to welcome the arrival of the great new metaverse, God Space has established six ecosystems to work together, with NFT ecology, metaverse ecology, GameFi ecology, Web3 ecology, Swap ecology, and DAO ecology as the cradle, and strive to achieve the closest to the essence of blockchain The stage of ecological-based value creation, circulation and feedback helps users to grow their own value. The multiple applications in the NFT ecology of Godspace involve various scenarios such as artworks, collectibles, tickets, virtual assets, commemorative coins, etc. At the same time, based on blockchain technology, a decentralized metaverse with centralized communication, resource sharing and convenient transactions is constructed. Ecosystem, users can live, start a business, do business, work, invest, finance, socialize, etc. in the metaverse, and develop a set of God-Space’s financial ecological civilization.

The whole ecology runs through a variety of GameFi products and the Swap trading center, linking the creators of Web3.0 to form a huge community, with the self-advancing ecology as an index, and using consensus to promote the implementation of Web3.0 in God Space. In the God Space Art Agreement platform, a creator community and a holder community are specially set up. The two community camps exercise governance and decision-making power from different perspectives. The forward-looking innovation has made the project gain a lot of popularity at home and abroad. Highly sought after by initial community members.

Godspace uses the advanced technical features of social NFTs to continuously improve the ecological civilization of the entire metaverse, completely opening up the cooperation model between NFTs and physical artworks, and perfectly solving the difficulty of authenticating traditional artworks. At the same time, the adopted blockchain encryption technology and digital upgrade path will become a major innovation in the field of authenticity identification of works of art by subverting the recording and retention of historical documents in the process of traditional art identification. In God’s space, traditional artworks can be well delivered to the virtual world, and together with the real real art economy, it will burst forward.

God Space – Super Metaverse Value Ecology

Godspace encourages artists and users to create, re-create, issue, auction and trade your NFTs on the platform, and provide a platform for all NFTs to display. When connected to the metaverse, all of the above will be brought into the metaverse , opening up a new investment and trading model. By enhancing the liquidity between the different metaverses, Godspace lays a solid foundation for the immediate introduction of its large-scale economic activity. At this time, God Space is making every effort to create a professional platform that integrates art, media, business, culture, entertainment, finance, social interaction and other fields. With careful layout and the improvement of services, technologies and infrastructure in each link, it complements the Metaverse. ,Develop together.

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