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The world’s first immersive social NFT exhibition center – God Space is about to kick off

In 2022, the field of NFT art will usher in unprecedented progress.

According to CRYPTOART market data, the total market value of NFT artworks is currently US$1.754 billion, and the total number of encrypted artworks sold is 3.44 million, of which there are 15 NFT collectible series with a total transaction value of more than US$100 million, of which 9 are known This was carried out in the past six months. The major subdivisions of NFT are blowing out, and artists have quickly seized this opportunity. Different forms of NFT works are sweeping the entire encryption community.

(Total market value of encrypted art market, source: CRYPTOART)

At the beginning of this year, Jay Chou’s Phanta Bear was very popular, generating $9.18 million in sales in 40 minutes. Subsequently, Edison Chen, Shawn Yue, Lindsay Lohan, Kanye West, etc. entered the game, and the release of a joint NFT with the brand also caused quite a stir. In addition to attracting new entertainment artists to settle in, the NFTization of traditional artworks has also become a new trend. Recently, “Three Self-Portraits” created by Pop Artist was auctioned at a price of 2.8 million US dollars, and tens of billions of traditional art traffic is about to flow into the rich. Potential NFT market.

The formation of a globalized artistic consensus

As more good news came out, people’s interest in NFTs generally rose, and Google ranked first in searches for NFTs. It seems that it no longer belongs to the product of a certain unit field, but expands to the global artistic consensus. Based on the above data, the development of NFT has matured, and there is no sign of slowing down. With the deepening of the layout of funds from all walks of life, more potential artists are eager to create and publish their own original works like Beeple. They not only hope to leave their own digital imprint, but also hope to get a wider circulation.

Due to the limitations of the traditional NFT rules, the use of copyrights must obtain the written consent of the issuer or the original author, and cannot be used for commercial purposes. The copyright of artists’ works should be guarded, and NFT works should not be limited to collections. God Space, a blockchain art protocol creative platform dedicated to artists, simplifies the copyright process with unique NFT digital encryption technology, protects artists’ opportunities for innovative production and distribution, and provides users with secondary creation and participation in various art activities. opportunity.


Godspace, use NFT to determine attribution and protect the uniqueness of art works

God Space is a new creative platform of Web3.0 art protocol, based on the perfect diversified digital ecology on the BSC chain. God Space focuses on creating a safe, free and open trading environment for users, where artists can produce, issue, and auction your original NFTs, while users can experience innovative platform services and participate in various online/offline arts class activities.

At present, the Godspace platform will be launched soon, and many functions will be gradually opened according to the plan. Through it, users can enjoy a decentralized, high-performance, and low-cost experience, and on the premise of the transfer of NFT assets with confirmed rights, the openness and transparency of transactions are realized, and rights and interests are protected throughout the process with NFT. Godspace allows anyone to join this revolution, not just artists, players and blockchain investors. It uses social NFTs to link the world and form a unique NFT ecological network to make everyone a creative artist.

Unique Advantage

Based on the perfect construction of ecology, God Space contains key elements such as DeFi protocol, GameFi products, SocialFi NFT, etc., and is jointly used to build a long-term economy of the Metaverse. God Protocol is a safe, efficient, and easy-to-use solution for the decentralized ecosystem and the art market. It is mainly used to improve the experience of artists and art lovers and to bring a convenient development environment for developers.

At the same time, after the launch of God Space, creative creation NFT Greek mythology series and highly playable game products will be released. By allocating game props, game characters, game attributes and other NFTs to users, it will drive more players. Enter God space. God Space is committed to the value casting of NFTs. It provides IP derivatives markets for artists, covering novels, movies, animation, TV, games, literature and other fields, empowering more digital artworks to go to the world, and will surely ignite a new round of NFTs Ecological heat.

God Space 3D exhibition hall, NFT social exhibition platform combining virtual and real

God Space wants to lead all users on the platform to travel to the real metaverse world, and specially launched a market combining virtual shopping experience and art gallery exhibition – God Space 3D Exhibition Hall, which combines 3D digital scene marketing through advanced 3D scanning modeling technology , AR/VR virtual reality technology and other technologies, dedicated to connecting new exhibition space and sales opportunities for creators, moving traditional physical creation to online and blockchain to form a synchronized virtual and real world, thus bringing advanced curation experience.

During this period, God Space provided curatorial and marketing support, with the aim of allowing more artistic creations to be collected, shared, and traded through NFT, releasing vitality at the boundary of virtual entities. Artists who have just entered NFT can find opportunities to promote their NFT artworks through God Space. In God Space, NFT is not only a tool for art exhibition and sales, but also a platform for art promotion.

In order to allow more works of art to be delivered to NFT, God Space has established a foundation focusing on the NFT field. In addition to investing in and deploying NFT platforms and works, and incubating NFT artists, God Foundation will also provide a bridge for traditional top artists to enter NFT. , to help the digital protection of physical works of art, while improving the liquidity of the traditional art market.

Godspace is an all-round platform that can extend to the metaverse. Every NFT has social functions, and each user can create and operate their own social media in Godspace with their unique NFT, and bind them with their digital identity. This gives new artists a chance to showcase themselves. Using this function, the entire platform has the ability to be monitored by everyone, united to pay tribute to the great original copyright.

Pioneer of the Web3.0 Era

God Space is the representative of the decentralized NFT platform. It is completely driven by the community. In addition to setting up the creator community and the holder community, it is also developing advanced communities recently to help users grow into professional consumers. Artist groups can also Rely on the community as a collective artwork to create more new NFT assets. The higher security and anonymity of God Space is taking the lead in the art collection field by using advanced technology, so as to explore a deeper boundary and become a pioneer warrior in the era of Web3.0. At present, God’s space is about to hit, so please look forward to what interesting experiences it can bring us.

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