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ZT Club Dialogue with VIZSLASWAP Co-founder Dr.Zoltan Boka: Looking forward to VIZSLASWAP ‘s value vision

At 11:00 on July 20, Singapore time, VIZSLASWAP Co-founder Dr. Zoltan Boka was a guest at ZT Club, sharing VIZSLASWAP with users and looking forward to the value prospect of VIZSLASWAP.

At the beginning of the AMA session, Dr. Zoltan Boka introduced the basic information of the VIZSLASWAP project to users. VizslaSwap is a decentralized exchange running on BNB Smart Chain with lots of features that let you trade and earn tokens. VizslaSwap Token is a perpetual deflation token with a sufficient burn mechanism. #MultiSwap provides a unique opportunity to cooperate with other DEX interfaces and to be able to exchange at the best exchange rate with just one click.
The purpose of VIZSLASWAP is not to replace the swap & exchange, but to add value to its ecosystem and create a suitable and sustainable environment for people to do liquidity mining and staking pools with high APR. Users can trade directly from the wallet app, and especially importantly, when users trade VIZSLASWAP, no funds are held and 100% ownership of the cryptocurrency.

The HUNGARIAN VIZSLA INU project is divided into two tokens, HVI and VIZSLASWAP , HVI is the central currency in the ecosystem, and VIZSLASWAP was created to support DEX. It should be noted that VIZSLASWAP is still the central currency of the DEX exchange, and both tokens can play a central role. Income is earned from burned HVI tokens through half of the withdrawal cost and margin contribution. In this way, he supports HVI with a small amount, but continuously.

When asked about the ultimate goal of VIZSLASWAP, Dr. Zoltan Boka said excitedly, “The purpose of Swap is not to be the best, but to unite the best. This is also how we started the #MultiRouter service, so that the best offers can be selected on one interface. We will continue to integrate the largest DEXs. With this, we generate traffic and receive tokens from partners as marketing costs, which we can distribute among the holders. Win-Win. From now on, it will contain many unique functions and developments, such as Charity mining, with which, in addition to the reward, we can also support the lives of dogs.”

Immediately afterwards, Dr. Zoltan Boka told users about the uniqueness of VIZSLASWAP tokens. The current market usage of MultiRouter is not very high, but it can be seen from the white paper that there may be significant differences in the benefits for holders. They don’t need to search the market to get the best dex rate. The official next development goals are charitable mining, Play 2 Earn and NFT mining, which are currently in progress. It is particularly important to maximize rewards. Currently, users can obtain ETH, LTC, ETC, SHIB and other tokens by staking VizslaSwap.

Dr. Zoltan Boka believes that it is particularly important for users to understand the relationship between the mining pool and the staking pool. Withdrawal fee is only valid for pools. This is important to reduce the constant jumping in and out of pools. Fortunately, this works successfully. Its purpose is to reduce price volatility, just like the liquidity pool.

The LP pool is locked for 100 years, guaranteeing continuous trading. 2% of each buy and sell is accumulated and then added to the PancakeSwap liquidity pool.

In short the tokens and BNB added to the liquidity pool creates stability and an increased price floor while also ensuring the holders that they have theadequate collateral behind their investment.

At the end of this AMA, Dr. Zoltan Boka further clarified the destruction mechanism of VIZSLASWAP tokens for users. The initial supply of VIZSLASWAP was 70,000,000, and the current circulating supply is 53,330,470. Currently, 25% of the total supply has been burned. The official quarterly manual burn of 5% of the tokens, even at current value, exceeds $90,000, which will help increase the demand and value of the remaining tokens, while half of the VISZLASWAP Tokens received from the withdrawal fee are burned in the same way.

Users can stake VIZSLASWAP through VIZSLASWAP DEX to obtain income. In the part of liquidity mining, the official provides liquidity for the transaction. For example, VIZSLASWAP-BNB receives VIZSLASWAP Token as a reward in the form of LP Token. The rewards here are usually higher and there are no withdrawal fees. For mining pools, users can get VIZSLASWAP, HVI, ETH, ETC, SHIB, LTC or more additional tokens in exchange for outstanding APR by simply staking VIZSLASWAP.

You can get VizslaSwap tokens through VizslaSwap. For DEX, you can participate in trading on PancakeSwap and ApeSwap. For CEX, CoinsBit, Azbit, and ZT have been launched, and you are welcome to participate in the experience.

【Introduction to ZT Club】

ZT Club is an independent media comprehensive service platform and club operated by ZT Global.

ZT Club mainly integrates blockchain-related content such as project incubation, community integration, activity expansion, and industry education. Committed to promoting the vigorous development of the blockchain industry and building an industry ecosystem. Since its launch, it has invited a number of well-known industry leaders, rookie blockchain projects, capital institutions, popular communities and other guests, and successfully carried out multiple live broadcasts.

In the future, we will continue to bring new traffic, new resources, and new ways to play with the blockchain from time to time in the form of voice, video, and audio.

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