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The NFTswap platform will be launched soon, so stay tuned

It is reported that the beta version of NFTSwap 1.0 will be officially launched in August. The platform is positioned as Oriental Opensea, which has attracted a lot of attention and discussion in the industry. It is reported that NFTSwap is a cross-chain aggregated NFT trading platform built by DIGITAL ASSETS EXCHANGE CO.LTD based on Binance Smart Chain. It helps the real world enter the metaverse world through NFT, and strives to create a complete economic system and a decentralized virtual world that runs all the time.

NFTSwap’s global original creation – the holographic circular economy system, boldly innovates the token issuance mechanism and the contribution value mining mechanism, and perfectly solves the source bubble problem that the currency circle has been unable to solve. The mechanism of minting NFT and destroying the token makes the token extremely deflationary. Combined with the LP pledge and mining mechanism, it also plays a role, resulting in a serious shortage of token supply in the internal circulation, thus prompting the rapid and steady increase of the token value. The NFT ecology created by the platform enables a large number of applications of tokens in the ecological circulation, such as NFT casting applications, chain game exchange applications, voting applications, spiritual power recharge applications, NFT transaction exchange applications, etc., forming an external circulation of token ecology; The internal and external holographic circulation of the currency will eventually allow the continuous appreciation of the token, and conversely, it can rapidly promote the ecological development, benign development and sustainable development of the NFTSWAP platform.

BSCN is the ecological governance token of NFTSwap. The platform’s first round of 5 million ecological governance tokens has been launched in the form of community lottery airdrops. The NFTSWAP platform designs the NFT partner mechanism, which is the result of ceding the platform’s early development dividends to Yuanshen NFT holders and realizing the platform community’s co-construction, co-governance and win-win results.

The NFTSwap platform will officially launch the NFT blind box snap-up event in August. The Yuanshen NFT launched by NFTSwap has six major value guarantees, the first is the allocation of 2 major mining resources, the second is the 2 major dividends, and then the priority to buy rights and NFT gift rights, etc. , holders of Yuanshen NFT users will surely reap the biggest dividends on the platform!

The Dao autonomous organization of the NFTSwap platform, the Global Yuanshen Club, has been actively participated by KOLs in various regions, triggering a global rush to buy. It is foreseeable that NFTSWAP will become the dark horse in 2022.

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