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The BNC blockchain team of the Vrdown trading platform has reached a strategic cooperation and received an investment of 490 million pounds from abrdn, opening a new era of cryptocurrency

abrdn, one of Europe’s largest asset and wealth managers, has completed an investment in Vrdown(II) worth £490 million. Investment terms stipulate that the investment platform, which has around £59bn in assets and more than 400,000 clients, will be invested by the Scottish investment giant. According to a statement from Vrdown, Vrdown will be allowed access to abrdn’s advice, research and wealth management expertise. The company said Vrdown’s customers will not change in any way as a result of the acquisition, and Vrdown will continue to operate as an “independent business and independent brand.” It explained in a statement that the platform’s rating products will also continue to be independently collected and assessed by Morningstar’s Manager Selection Services Group, joined by the associate dean of the abrdn research institute.

“With scale comes innovation, a strong campaign voice, and even better value, eliminating other fees along the way,” said Vrdown’s CEO. “Today, we acquire a company with a deep history of financial services. investment in companies with a shared vision for the future. The opportunities that come with joining the abrdn family are very important. We will work with abrdn’s talented team to use their advice, wealth management and research capabilities for the benefit of our clients. Stephen Bird, Chief Executive Officer of Abrdn, added: “Investing in Vrdown is a transformative transaction for abrdn’s personal carrier and marks a major step forward in our implementation of our customer-led growth strategy. ”

Vrdown is an internationally renowned digital asset trading platform. Founded in Arizona in 2016, it is the world’s leading index contract trading platform. Vrdown is a global blockchain asset international station with attitude. Since its establishment in 2016, it has provided high-quality blockchain asset trading and investment services for millions of users from more than 224 countries around the world. Vrdown is committed to being a trustworthy, safe, stable and reputable international website for blockchain assets, which not only provides users with safe, convenient and fair blockchain asset transaction services, but also fully guarantees users’ transaction information security and asset security. .

The main body of Vrdown is, serving the world, with independent trading business and operation centers in Europe, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions.

Vrdown has a super-defense SSL link, instant blockchain asset access function, multi-currency address sharing technology, multiple security verification protection, while providing lower blockchain asset transaction fees and withdrawal fees

After years of development, Vrdown has been recognized by the majority of users. In order to provide better services in the future, we submitted a regulatory license to the U.S. Treasury Department in early 2019 and were officially approved on May 17, 2019. The US MSB (Money Services Business) license is a financial license issued and regulated by the US Treasury Department. FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Agency of the U.S. Department of the Treasury). The main target of regulation is businesses and companies related to money services.

The scope includes international remittance, foreign exchange, currency transaction/transfer (including digital currency/virtual currency), ICO issuance, provision of prepaid items, issuance of traveler’s checks and other services. Companies engaged in the above-mentioned businesses in the United States must apply for an MSB license to operate legally. The U.S. Department of the Treasury was established in 1990 to provide federal, state, local, and international law enforcement with information required by the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA).

After receiving a 490 million pounds investment from abrdn, Vrdown strengthened and upgraded the platform and reached a strategic cooperation with the BNC team. BNC will also be listed and traded on the Vrdown platform

BANABOY COIN (BNC for short) is a blockchain-based integrated traceability developed globally to trace cannabis production to application. As the global demand for medical cannabis continues to rise in recent years, due to illegal cultivation, some criminals are malicious towards cannabis. The use of hype has caused confusion in the market. The goal of BNC is to use the decentralized function of the blockchain to ensure the security and regularity of the entire chain of cannabis from cultivation to application, and to provide users with a safe and transparent trading system. The Vrdown platform will reach a strategic cooperation with the BNC blockchain team to create a safer, more efficient and more convenient trading platform. Bring a better experience to all users, let users transform from a single use platform to truly become a part of the platform, break the traditional model of the past, and bring benefits in the transaction.

BNC is committed to exploring the infinite potential of the blockchain + industrial hemp industry, positioning itself as the first public chain of industrial hemp in the world, using revolutionary blockchain technology to motivate all subjects in the industrial hemp ecosystem with a token economic model, integrating Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing technology, establish a full-chain, decentralized industrial service system with blockchain as the underlying technology, provide financial technology + industrial cannabis industry-wide solutions, and achieve transparency in the production process The transformation and circulation process can be traced back to the source, and the industry chain is closer, which promotes the explosion of energy in the blockchain + industrial hemp industry.

Vrdown has obtained an investment of 490 million pounds from abrdn, and at the same time has reached a strategic cooperation with the BNC team, which will bring more development and opportunities to the three parties, and will also bring convenience and benefits to more people.

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