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Resurgence of hope Game formally online

Introduction of game

Resurgence of Hope is one of GameBox’s behind-the-scenes MOBA games that Resurgence of Hope is based on Norse mythology. Resurgence of Hope is one of GameBox’s behind-the-scenes MOBA games that Resurgence of Hope is based on Norse mythology. Resurgence of Hope is one of GameBox’s behind-the-scenes MOBA games that Resurgence of Hope is based on Norse mythology. The game introduces block chain technology and integrates NFT+GameFi functions, giving full play to its advantages and giving players a unique game experience.

According to their own characteristics, the deity puppets are composed of six factions, including martial god, emperor, healer, economy, alchemy and scholar. They are composed of different body parts and appearance. The body parts are directly related to the attributes and skills in the game, and their value is also determined by the attributes and skills of the parts. Resurgence of Hope: Avatars NFT assets are one of the Resurgence tickets for players. Resurgence of Hope requires players to have at least three avatars to enter the game, and one of the primary sources of avatars in ROH is market purchase and crossfire play.

The ROH market has been launched. Players can purchase deity puppets through the NFT market on ROH’s official website. And after the game is officially launched, players can also use the “linking fire” to obtain the deity puppet.

Gameplay Introduction

The core gameplay of ROH is divided into PVE mode with placing and hanging as the core and PVE mode with players fighting in real time.

1.In a PVE adventure, players battle ancient creatures through a squad of three heroes, earn $SEED by finishing levels, and boost their avatar levels during the adventure, making your avatar more powerful.

2.According to the player’s score, players earn fractions of points in a 5V5 battle by matching their current opponent with the closest score. Players ranked by fractions of points earn $RHC for players ranked over 3000.

In addition, “linking fire” is also one of the most characteristic and interesting ways in ROH. The deity puppets can create a new idol by spreading fire, and the new deity puppets will inherit part of the power of the previous generation. Each hero has a fixed number of times to spread fire, after reaching the number, the deity puppets can not link fire. The unique “linking fire” gameplay allows each player to create their own idol, which greatly enhances the game’s playability and strategy.

Economic model and Currency

ROH players have a real currency economy, and the game officially rewards players with tokens for the time and effort they spend playing the game. Also, game resources and items are tokenized, which means they can be sold peer-to-peer to anyone in the marketplace.


$SEED is Resurgence of the in-game currency in the hope game, and that currency is generated indefinitely in the game. Players can take part in daily quests, PVE gameplay to earn $SEED currency as a reward.


$RHC is Resurgence of Hope world governance token. Total supply: Initial 540,000 million. $RHC holders have the right to vote on key processes in game governance. Players participate in PVP to earn $RHC as a reward.

Resurgence of Hope is coming online today, so Resurgence of Hope will be on the forefront of C&C games, where you’ll be able to put one of your deity puppets on the forefront of battle against savage ancient creatures, and one of their invading creatures from another side. Play for fun and easy revenue!

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