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The first NFT work of the well-known Japanese actress Minami Riona will be on sale at 0:00 on July 22 (UTC+8)

Minario NFT official news, the first NFT work series of the well-known Japanese actress Minami Riona will be sold on the Windvane platform at 0:00 on July 22 (UTC+8). Previously, the first round of 300 NFTs were sold out in 20 minutes. This time, the public sale will last for 24 hours, and the map will be released at 12:00 on July 23 after the end of the public sale.

Public sale details:

Time: 2022/07/22/00:00(UTC+8)

Price: Sensei NFT 0.64NFT、Senpai NFT 0.5ETH、Level1 mystery boxes 0.6ETH、Level2 mystery boxes 0.5ETH、Level3 mystery toy boxes 0.45ETH.

NFT content: Actress Minario as the protagonist, Minami Riona of the new image through various dresses such as dark, lolita and lady. It also has animations like Gifs and various special effects.

Release platform: Windvane (KuCoin NFT Marketplace)

The Minario NFT platform originated from the Japanese AV cultural circle. The ultimate goal of the platform is to capitalize AV works through NFT, and issue AV tokens based on NFT assets to build an AV-DAO community. The release of Minami Riona’s NFT works is just the beginning, and it is also the first batch of NFT (Genesis NFT) released on the Minario NFT platform.

According to the platform roadmap, we learned that the first batch of NFT (Genesis NFT) holders have the right to join the exchange program designed for the initial backers: “The first batch of all NFT holders is entitled to a given the exchange value (guaranteed 20% or higher than the initial public sale price) will exchange their previous NFT with the latest series of NFT.” The plan means that the first batch of NFTs (Genesis NFT) holdings will receive a minimum of 20% profit, which is also one of the important reasons why Minario NFT was snapped up.

It can be said that “buy it is earn it”, then, we can fully imagine the popularity of the Minario NFT secondary market. It is expected that the official website will open the secondary trading market shortly after the opening of the map at 12:00 on July 23. The specific time is still waiting for the official announcement of the platform.

The following is the future development roadmap of the Minario NFT platform:

Launch of AV NFT marketplace

Launching the AV NFT marketplace on the official Minario NFT website, users will be able to store and display their NFT on the platform, as well as transact in cryptocurrencies.

Exchange program

NFT holders have the right to join an exchange program designed for initial backers (whitelist). All NFT holders in Phase 1 have the right to exchange their NFTs with the latest version of NFT at the current price (The new version of NFT is 20% higher than the initial price of the first batch of NFT)

Introduce more AV actresses

Step 1: Introduce other actresses from our company to increase the collection of Minario NFT’s actresses.

Step 2: Introduce the exclusive launch of famous Japanese AV actresses one after another, as well as the overseas exclusive NFT publishing rights of the entire AV industry.

Start AV-DAO

NFT collectors and members will be able to participate in the production of AV movies, manga, merchandise and arrange live and offline events.

Launch of Minario NFT’s AV Token (Governance Token)

AV tokens will be launched, allowing collectors of Minario NFTs to use AV tokens to circulate in all the above ecosystems.

Before the emergence of NFT, AV works can only exist in the form of ordinary videos and text pictures. For excellent works that someone love, they can only download, take screenshots or copy and paste them. It cannot be used as a digital asset to prove that someone have it in the AV cultural communication circle. This work is more often just a file that can be copied at will. If you want, you can copy thousands of copies, so it does not create the role as the sole owner of this digital asset, but more of a user.

However, NFT technology has changed everything. A related survey found that when AV works are given exclusive ownership, it will stimulate the greatest economic potential and amazing consumption power of fans, because it stimulates human possessiveness, while AV works Digital assets can best cater to this emotion, in addition to satisfying people’s pursuit of rare attributes and social expression.

Minario NFT was supported by Windvane’s “Creator Fund” and became one of the first batch of NFT projects incubated. The first batch of NFT works released by the Minario NFT project (based on the famous Japanese actress Minami Riona) and the IP influence of the actress itself. It will bring a huge NFT market effect to the platform. The platform will introduce more actresses in the future, develop a new gameplay mechanism, and promote the development of the platform.

About Minario NFT:

Minario NFT is a comprehensive NFT platform with the theme of AV actresses. Taking the overseas exclusive NFT publishing rights of the well-known AV actress Minami Riona born in the 1990s as the entry point, while protecting the copyright integrity of AV culture and content works through blockchain technology, it also strengthens the zero-distance interaction between AV artists and fan groups, helping more AV artists and content creators can monetize their works through NFT, build a new AV digital collection market, and form a DAO autonomous community centered on AV culture.

Official website:

Twitter: @MinarioNft



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