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Hi, Web2, I Want To Talk With You, About How to Create A Excellent Web3 Wallet.

Written by Alex, the founder of Assure.

Today is Day 523 of developing the Assure Wallet! There are only 10-20 days left before its first version being released. Yes, the countdown is ongoing, and it finally comes to meet the users.

Before officially introducing Assure to the world, we had more than 10000 high-quality seed users who quickly became familiar with it and helped us achieve micro-profits.

At the beginning of 2019, on my mobile phone, there were full of various crypto software such as storage/transaction/quantification. When I received the customer service of an exchange, I started to register for an exchange and needed to have KYC like a “prisoner”. Then the idea of ​​doing Assure emerged.

In my opinion, All in one App is the trend of web3, as long as there is such a wallet, I am willing to use it, support it, and promote it surely.

As the Founder, I think it is necessary to discuss with you how to develop a excellent Web3 wallet.

Excessive KYC is a disaster

If I use 5 Exchanges, then I need take at least 5 KYCs

For most users, KYC is a just nightmare.

“Submit the pictures of the ID card, holding ID card and take photo, or even read a paragraph of text in front of the camera …”

As a result, personal privacy is completely exposed on the Exchange’s server, waiting to be leaked.

Of course, Exchanges will make promises to protect personal privacy, but such promises are weak and somehow useless. According to “Murphy’s Law”, if there is a chance that things will become wrong, no matter how small the chance is, it will happen one day. Often, just after the promise is made, the user’s information appears on the black market and is sold wantonly.

In Coinmarketcap, there are a total of 305 exchanges, behind which 305 KYC systems exsits , which are creepy enough.

I’m not against KYC, I’m just against over-KYC because it may lead to a disaster of information leakage. In the face of the new KYC, I would rather use a DEX with poor experience than suffer it all over again.

All in one is just a myth

Although many wallets claim to be “All in One”, I still have more than 3 wallets installed on my phone all year round to meet my needs.

For security, I need A wallet; for DeFi, I need B wallet; to check NFT, I need C wallet…

This experience often leaves me confused and crumbled.

Managing several wallets is not an easy task for anyone. Unless you have an amazing memory ability, you will soon be surrounded by chaos.

Take a typical user’s day as an example:

First, check my multi-chain assets, I need to launch Zapper, or Debank, and now prefer Zapper;

Then check the wallet assets, I would choose Tokenpocket.

To trade, I opened Binance; looking for quality altcoins, I opened OKx.

To NFT transaction, I need both Opensea, Lookrare, and occasionally X2Y2.

To grab the whitelist, I turned on the computer and connected Metamask.

To get market information, I opened the WeChat group/Twitter or Mirror again.

To sum up, “All in one” is just a myth. Each App can only solve limited problems.

DApp market integration rather than gathering

A vital purpose of using wallets is to play in DApps.

For blockchain veterans like us, we can quickly find our favorite objects from the ocean of DApps. But for web2 users, facing the DApp market for the first time, he must be at a loss.

The first thing to meet is that the DApp world is divided into continents by different chains. Just like the world before the Great Discovery, and the continents were isolated from each other. Ethereum Continent, Solana Continent, AVAX Continent, NEAR Continent, Polkadot Continent… Living on different continents requires different currencies.

Currency between continents can be converted through a cross-chain bridge tool, and the whole process is extremely long and dangerous. Your currency could be hijacked by “pirates” and lost.

Entering a public chain continent, you may meet better situation. But you will find that the continent is divided into countries with different functions as well, such as loan, Gamefi, DEX, NFT and so on.  Each type of country has its own function.

Haha, I think at this moment, all web2 users may have left this page.

So the question is, what does the novice of blockchain need?

I believe that what they need is high-level integration, not aggregation.

Well, Binance has made outstanding explorations in this regard. In Binance’s wealth management sector, there are both centralized wealth management and DeFi sector integration, which is pleasing.

And further development will make it more easy to web2 users.

We will discuss this in detail later.

Assure’s solution

So, is there a possibility to develop a wallet that can meet all the expectations of web3 users, and become the best portal for hundreds of millions of web2 users to enter the web3 world.

Storage, transaction, DApp, chat, and aggregating financial management, all of those in one App. Yes, Assure made it.

Users can transfer the assets in the wallet to Exchange with one click for spot/futures/margin trading. Gas fees of different chains can be paid with one type of token.

All kinds of DeFi, storage/adding liquidity/funds/staking are displayed on one screen,  just as friendly as traditional web2 apps.

Address communication is also available in the wallet. After the transfer, the transaction hash is no longer nedded to be sent to friends through traditional social apps. Also, users can buy tokens by fiat. Lightning exchange of stablecoin assets of different chains is also provided here.

Does such wallet exsit?

The answer is obviously yes, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this article.

Rethinking web2 and thinking deeply about web3, then we created Assure, a cool blockchain web3 wallet.

In Q4 2020, with co-founders, James, Ken, and Terry, we founded the group of Assure.

The initial users of Assure are our teammates, and we used it ourselves to find the shortcomings and continued to improve. Later, I recommended it to my friends. Until today, we have a group of very high net worth seed users, which ensures the profitability of Assure.

Although these torrent users sometimes complain, but they also praise the improvement. We believe that they don’t have to wait for a long time for an excellent Assure wallet.

To be honest, we are very grateful to all the users who support us.

For now, the product seems having the features of both a wallet, an asset management platform, and an exchange.

Looking ahead, what will Assure do? I can’t guarantee it, but unswervingly, we will still focus on the user’s side.

Let’s talk something special about Assure!

Asset Page

The first impression is always a crucial part for a new product.

Taking me as an example, when I launch my wallet, I want to get an overview of my multi-chain assets just on one page.

Here, Assure covers two aspects. One is the multi-chain assets, which means that you can check assets in the Ethereum chain, the Solana chain, the BNB chain, etc, and assets locked in DeFi as well. All can be checked in one page, instead of I need to manually switch to each chain. The other is the multi-type assets. NFTs and POAPs with various patterns have become a important part for people in the blockchain industry.

What an urgent need the display of multi-chain NFT and POAP is!

Of course, Assure is just 1 year old now. These requirements have not yet been fully represented, but they are already on the way.

Link to Binance Seamlessly

In the past, when we went to exchanges for trade, we needed to register first, go through cumbersome KYC, and then recharge.

Now, with Assure, as long as you have assets in your wallet address, you can directly deposit funds to Binance and conduct transactions.

In terms of user experience, users can experience the joy of trading on the world’s top cryptocurrency exchanges without exposing their personal privacy.

In terms of product functions, Assure is seamlessly compatible with Binance’s spot/contract/margin trading, and will also connect with Binance ba-lending and other wealth management products.

In terms of transaction depth, since Assure and Binance share the same depth,you can check transaction records on binance.

Isn’t that cool?

Binance is the first exchange we have access to, and more exchanges are on the way like OKx and so on.

What makes Assure more attractive is that we will rebate according to the transaction fee in the form of platform governance token.

In the past activities, the total prize pool was set, allowing users to share the rewards according to the transaction volume. But the result is often that giant whales take away most of the rewards, and ordinary users take away nothing.

Today, Assure refuses to take such model. The more you trade, the rewards you get, which truly benefits the users.


Portal of DApp

Have you noticed that Assure has been focusing on one thing?

To sum up, it is bridging.

Bridge the cracks in the blockchain world and be a diligent and conscientious repairman.

For multi-chain assets, we will aggregate all and dispaly on one page. Multi-chain NFT, POAP, we also work for them. There is a free transfer between Cefi and DeFi, and we have also made a bridge. Examples of this can be seen in Assure.

For the DApp world, our opinions are as follow:

There are thousands of existing DApps on different chains. Although some DApps claim to be deployed on multiple chains, they are still fragmented. DApps on different chains require different gas fees, which is extremely inconvenient for users.

Web2 users who see this scenario will be even more discouraged.

So, is there a possibility for users to transact in various public chain DApps without consuming the gas fees of each public chain, but to uniformly convert these gas fees into platform Tokens for payment. Regardless of the DApp of the public chain, users only need to pay the platform Token.

Yes, in the Assure roadmap, that’s what we think and do?

Flash Cross-chain Swap of Stabecoin

How can I quickly convert my USDT in TRC20 format to USDT in ERC20 format?

There are 2 ways:

The first one is to have a “happy” exchange trip, recharge TRC20 USDT to the exchange, choose to withdraw money after arrival, choose ERC20 format on the network format, and then deduct the high withdrawal fee.

The second is the cross-chain bridge, which usually takes more than 30 minutes. You need to have an extraordinary “patience”, so as not to overturn the table during the waiting process.

Today, I will tell you the 3rd method, through Assure.

We will launch the cross-chain flash swap function of stablecoins in the first release.

Users only need to pay certain gas fee, and they will be able to enjoy flash swap. And in the early days of Assure, it was very low, and everyone is welcome to experience it.

Of course, in the later stage, we have plans to open up users to provide liquidity. In this way, users can share gas fee and a part of the mining income.

we also had a crazy idea, that is, to package the transactions of adjacent times into one transaction to realize charging less gas fee.

Aggregated Financing

Asset appreciation is a very important sector for any wallet.

There is a proverb: “The black cat, the white cat, the one who catches the mouse is the good cat.”

Whether it is DeFi or CeFi, it is a very important financial management channel. We innovatively aggregate Binance treasure and mainstream DeFi DApp wealth management modules on the market.

It is just like the traditional web2 financial application interface.

Within one screen, users can invest on Binance. It is also possible to invest in Venus’ loan module. You can also choose to invest in Pancake’s LP to add liquidity and gain income.

All display modules are carefully selected by Assure.

In doing so, there are 2 benefits for new users.

  • He doesn’t have to get lost in the ocean of more than 2,000 DApps;
  • The selected financial products are safe and reliable, so as to avoid losses due to ignorance and investment in high-risk products.

Purchase crypto assets anytime, anywhere

In the coming Web3 era, more and more people will hold encrypted assets.

For users who have entered the Web3 hall, buying NFT/cryptocurrency is a very normal behavior. However, for traditional Web2 users, it is too difficult to easily purchase encrypted assets.

If it can provide a convenient channel for fiat currency to purchase encrypted assets, then it will be better for users in the Web2 world.

For this part, Assure plans to access Moonpay.

Have Assure wallet. Whenever and wherever, users can easily buy crypto assets with local fiat currencies anywhere in the world.

Of course, going further, users can also apply for a VISA card, a physical or virtual card, and the purchased encrypted assets can be deposited into the card and converted into USD in real time globally for offline consumption.


Web3- Personal social impact opportunities

“I Love Twitter”, “How much is it”

Musk likes Twitter and bought it outright, which inadvertently put Socialfi on the trending list.

The emergence of Socialfi is an extension and shuffling of Web2’s social influence.

For heavy users of cryptocurrencies, there is a strong demand for encrypted chat. We will deeply integrate Singal into Assure, release Private Messneger, and all messages are End-to-End eccryptoed.

In the past, we should quit the wallet and go to chat in TG. Now we can complete the communication with friends and group in the wallet.

The communication section will be launched in the third quarter of 2022. At that time, our Assure customer service will also be set in the communication module and will appear in the obvious position to provide services to users anytime, anywhere.

It’s Future Now

“Wallet is Service” is a slogan I call out.

I have always believed that the wallet in the future will become less and less like a wallet. We will provide more pleasant services around the user’s beautiful vision for a multi-functional interactive wallet.

Everyone on our team is now using Assure and constantly improving our products. Without a massive rollout, Assure has an influx of new users every day who constantly put forward new ideas and suggestions.

If you are interested in Assure, please contact us through the official website:

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