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COAC Chain and Black Pine Capital jointly build an international business alliance digital economy public chain

Recently, the International Business Alliance Ecological Chain Commercial Alliance Chain (COAC) has attracted widespread attention, especially when the blockchain industry is still in the early stage of development, the infrastructure is not yet mature, and there are still services, applications and business models based on blockchain. Under the background of many difficult problems to be overcome, COAC will develop an infrastructure public chain suitable for the digital economy environment. The great determination of COAC Chain shocked the practitioners in the industry and triggered extensive and intense discussions. Hundreds of companies The media rushed to report. It is reported that the COAC project has received a number of investments including American Black Pine Capital, Singapore Black Pine International Foundation, and Web3.0 Industrial Development Foundation, and will work together to build an infrastructure public chain positioned in the digital economy era. , With the development boom of web3.0 all over the world, what kind of changes COAC Chain will bring to the blockchain industry is even more eye-catching and worth looking forward to.

First of all, COAC Chain realizes the transaction and clearing of digital assets under the premise of transparency and supervision through the transaction on the chain. Specifically, in terms of transparency design, through technical means, the on-chain transaction order book, limit order and settlement are realized, so that COAC Chain can self-certify that it has no right to use transaction assets; in terms of supervision, COAC Chain increases In order to achieve efficient transactions on the chain, market-making robots will be added to the transaction chain to match transactions to improve liquidity. sex.

Secondly, with the completion of the transaction design of the public chain, in order to adapt to the future development of the digital economy, COAC Chain will support the on-chain processing of complex business processes and the registration of more abundant asset types. At this stage, the digital asset market is still in its early stages. At the same time, compared with the stock market, the design of digital assets is relatively simple. It can be said that the digital asset market still has a lot of room for development in terms of scale and products. With the further development of the social economy, more mature models of the capital market will gradually be combined with the token economy. In the near future, from currencies to commodities, from real estate contracts to various financial assets, there will be more assets that can be tokenized. Assets in the real world are mapped to the digital world in the form of tokens, which can be traded and managed in the blockchain system, and the market size of digital assets will also expand rapidly. To this end, COAC Chain will develop a new type of token contract to meet the needs of complex business scenarios such as additional issuance and mergers and acquisitions.

Finally, COAC Chain will also become the underlying support for the entire industry ecology of COAC. Many of COAC’s businesses, such as super node voting, COAC mining pool, COAC wallet, COAC ecological fund, etc., can be processed on the chain; and COAC’s business layout in terms of talents and laws can also be based on COAC Chain to develop corresponding DApps. After the community ecology and technical foundation of COAC Chain matures, it will expand a wider range of business scenarios globally.

COAC Chain will create a digital economic ecological community. In the digital economy era, the scope of users’ economic activities is based on the advantages of information and data. Users have advantages in mastering their own data and information, but their mastery of external information and data is in a blank state. There is a lack of trust and understanding between users and external subjects, and it is impossible to reach a consensus on the authenticity and validity of data and information. An ecological digital economy requires the formation of a social credit system for all users. The COAC Chain will take advantage of the immutability, openness and transparency of blockchain technology to reshape the credit system and improve the efficiency of digital economic activities. Specifically, as the infrastructure platform of the future digital economy, COAC Chain will provide the following three functions in the community ecology: First, use the platform to connect all service objects, collect and process data of all business transactions and scene activities, and provide payment The second is to provide service matching according to the needs of the service object, including the matching of funds and assets, and the matching of value-added services; the third is to connect with external service agencies to provide legal, accounting, consulting, credit enhancement and other services for users’ economic activities.

COAC has reached cooperation agreements with American Black Pine Capital, Singapore Black Pine International Foundation, and Web3.0 Industrial Development Foundation, and is steadily carrying out construction work. In the future, COAC will definitely become the benchmark of the public chain in the digital economy era, and realize the lofty goal of “enabling the real economy and promoting the development of the digital economy”.

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