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GT Miner-The miner king with the lowest consumption and highest performance The best miner in the bear market to resit risk

How shall investors play in the darkest moment of the crypto world?

The crypto market has been cooling down, and “black swan” events such as the Luna crash, Celsius insolvency, and stETH de-pegging are making things even worse. The market keeps hitting new lows and shows no sign of recovery. A tweet from Zhu Su, founder of Three Arrows Capital, once again brought the crypto market to the spotlight, ” We are in the process of communicating with relevant parties and fully committed to working this out.” This means that Three Arrows Capital is going through the darkest moment, and may even dive into the “market downward spiral”. Bitcoin plunged to the price of the last bull market for the first time. Many institutions, such as Three Arrows Capital which adopted DeFi to carry out “Super Cycle”, suffered huge losses, and investors are playing at a loss. The entire crypto market has ushered in a “liquidity crisis”.

There are always ups and downs in the market. Many investors, after experiencing several rounds of bull and bear markets, have come to a consensus, that is, to profit in the bull market, one should buy coins in the bear market. Therefore, the market plummet brings new opportunities for many investors.

Many seasoned investors, after experiencing years of ups and downs,  choose to stockpile promising tokens during the bear market. The logic behind such behaviors is correct. However, the bear market is still riddled with risks, and many promising projects have disappeared because they could not survive the bear market. Therefore, in a bear market, investors need a more stable and cost-effective way to make profits – mining. Because not only are the token prices low in a bear market, so do the production materials.


Learn from the past and always be prepared

Looking back on the rise and fall of Bitcoin mining companies, the industry reshuffling keeps happening unnoticed. At the end of 2012, the mass production of Avalon Miners empowered ngzhangg with 51% ability to attack the Bitcoin network. By 2013,  the 51% attack threat was transferred to, and everyone in the crypto world was talking about the consensus revision.  Fried Cat came next in 2013 and early 2014, and became a legend in the Bitcoin world. In 2015, Fried Cat was replaced by Bitmain and  Bitmain dominated the mining industry until 2018. In 2018 and 2019, Bitmain encountered a crisis and began to stand down. In 2019, Avalon took the lead and reshaped the market. We can see the miner market has always been changing, and this cooling down will change the market even further.

Recently, BitField, a miner company, is becoming more and more popular, and has become the first choice for many users. It has many advantages such as high hashtate, lower shutdown price, low purchase price, and comprehensive service options.

With the launch of GT Miner K9S, BitField is considered a new industry leader. GT Miner K9S miner has better performance and is more cost-effective.


GT Miner stands out in the bear market

BitField is a Delaware company established in 2021. Its team members are leading experts in chip R&D, data center operation, global marketing, and investment companies. BitField aims to become the world’s leading service provider of blockchain infrastructure. It has become a tier-1 miner company, and is committed to providing its high-net-worth customers around the world with a one-stop solution, such as BTC software and hardware services and related financial supporting services of the entire industry chain.

Advantages of BitField

Hashrate of GT Miner

GT Miner has the highest hashrate in the market and has few matching competitors. The hashrate of K11 Pro miner has reached 180T, the highest in the market. Mass production will be achieved by the end of 2022, and 300,000 miners will be delivered in 2023.

The K9S miner is the first miner with over 130T hashtate, even earlier than Bitmain. With oil-cooling, it can reach 200T hashrate per miner.

The hashrate of K9S is 130T, ranked second among the above miners. K8S Pro (95T) and K8S (80T) are also worth mentioning. If these data are not obvious enough, then direct comparison between GT Miners and miners of other manufacturers will help you understand the advantages of GT Miners more directly.

The green bars represent GT Miner. Even if Antminer and Whatsminer can keep up with BitField’s previous two series of products K8S Pro and K8S, its latest product, K9S and K11 pro, has gone far beyond its peers in the market.

With such a high hashrate, GT Miner’s advantage is obvious. It makes no sense to choose other miners instead of GT Miner.

In addition, GT Miner is equipped with an automatic vacuum oil filtration system and an oil detection system, which can filter oil regularly and automatically according to the oil quality. Each miner will be equipped with an oil quality protection system.

GT V-series Miner, ETH miner with the highest hashrate

The GT V-series ETH miner of BitField has the highest single-machine hashrate (330M) and the lowest single-machine power consumption.

Under the same test environment, the payback time of the GT V-series miner is shorter than its peers, with double or even higher cost performance.


2021 was a bull market for Bitcoin. The price soared sharply and bitcoin mining was more appealing, people had to fight for a slice of the cake. It was hard to buy miners back then, which drove up the prices, and orders for miner futures were even scheduled for the next year. Now is the bear market for Bitcoin, and the miners are very cheap.

The most important thing is that the competition has started to die down. Many companies are not involved in the bitcoin mining business anymore, and miner manufacturers are willing to give up part of their profits to their buyers.

Therefore, GT Miner, the best miner in the bear market, is one of the best opportunities to get into the mining industry.

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