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The best decentralized quiz platform is coming, Arenaplay app3.0 launches

Singapore – Recently, ArenaPlay app3.0, a quiz ecosystem based on blockchain, has been launched. It is a question-and-answer web3.0 project, diversified, including GameFi, Quiz, NFT and Metaverse.

ArenaPlay is committed to building an on-chain infrastructure for the pan-entertainment industry, the goal is to build a cross-field, cross-ecology and globalized blockchain entertainment complex based on the physical pan-entertainment industry.

The developers came up with the decentralized quiz modes by using the token $APC, this protocol allows an easier, fair, and efficient transaction for players to quiz and get reward. Also the stable point MUSD is the way to avoid the bad consequences of token reward directly.

The project also has BlindBox which can be used in-quiz to symbol a number but also serves as a way of earning at private sale phase.

There are three interesting things that are unique in the ArenaPlay. The first is the Bitcoin price quiz, which ArenaPlay will use the Binance Bitcoin/USDT 1min line data to make sure the fair of quiz. The second one is the World Cup quiz, where the player will be able to join the decentralized quiz about FIFA. Last, it’s the E-sports quiz, according to Newzoo’s “2020 Global E-sports Market Report”, the number of people who know about e-sports in 2020 is as high as 2 billion, and the number of e-sports viewers is as high as 495 million, of which 223 million are e-sports enthusiasts, and it is expected to reach 295 million in 2023. So it’s a big market for ArenaPlay joins to bring the E-sports quiz to users. The ArenaPlay is truly packed with excitement and non-stop action.

ArenaPlay is proven legit as project registered by Colorado states government and Certik Audit when contract opens to public. Through them, investors can rest assured that the team has gone through multiple processes to provide real assurance. With the upcoming ArenaPlay IDO on public, the team is gearing up for a huge launch.

Here are the features the project has to offer:

The foundation of value interaction is the establishment of trust between two parties. ArenaPlay enables a new way of trust. Through the design innovation at the technical level, the trust relationship between human and human in the process of value interaction can be transformed into the trust between human and technology, and even some parts of the process can be automated by the program, so that business activities can be realized more cost-effectively.

MUSD Stable Point

A lot of project use the token reward directly to their ecology, the potential risk here may cause a run on the token, thereby affecting the stability of the token price. ArenaPlay has finished this problem by using the stable point MUSD, MUSD only used at quiz Dapp, player should swap the $APC to MUSD to entry the quiz, and they can also swap MUSD to $APC when they withdrew.


BlindBox is the tool for users choose number when they start the Bitcoin price quiz, different blindbox will symbol different blindbox.


ArenaPlay is committed to solving the pain points of traditional quiz entertainment platforms, changing the single type and way of entertainment, creating a new guessing entertainment platform that combines online and offline, allowing the blockchain to play a greater role in guessing entertainment, bringing the whole world into the ArenaPlay Eco guessing entertainment, and making people’s lives more exciting!

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