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How did I go from losing money to becoming a million-dollar foreign exchange investment grand master?

It took me six years to earn millions of dollars from a young clerk.

I have encountered setbacks, even doubted myself, and thought of giving up. But fortunately, I persisted in those dark days and gradually shone.

If I can really travel in time and space, if I say to the person I was six years ago-you will earn millions of dollars in the future. I can’t believe it. At that time, I was too rebellious to accept the arrangement of my relatives. I hated all control, so I decided to study in England alone. After graduation, my father asked me to go back to China to learn to take over the family business, but I still prefer to work alone. I want them to know that I can live well without their support.

However, the employment environment abroad is even more cruel than I thought, and all kinds of irrational competition make people exhausted. What’s even more frustrating is that my status as an unmarried woman has also made many enterprises reject me. Even though I have a background in studying abroad, it is still difficult for me to find a satisfactory job. In desperation, I had to work as a clerk in an ordinary financial company. The daily life of the process has gradually eroded my pride. More than once, I thought, what am I fighting for? Clearly, as long as I follow the arrangement of my relatives, I can have a smooth life. But my choice has come to this point, and I am absolutely unwilling to regret.

In order to find a way out, I started to teach myself how to invest and manage money. At the beginning of my self-study, a lot of obscure terminology and advanced skills confused me. But gradually, I began to understand the foreign exchange investment skills in the book, and finally decided to start practicing them. As a beginner, I was very cautious. At first, I only opened an account of ¥10,000, and soon it reached ¥13,000. It’s this ¥3,000 gain that makes me complacent. I can’t stop regretting it. Why did I have to make such a small amount in the beginning? If I invest more money, I will definitely earn more!

At that time, I was young and conceited. I always thought that I was favored by heaven. I always thought that everything I thought in my heart could be fulfilled. I never thought that I would fail, nor did I consider whether I could bear the consequences of failure. With excitement, I put most of my fortune into it. I did earn tens of thousands of dollars at first, but then I lost frequently, and the loss caused by liquidation once made me feel nervous breakdown.

Since then, I have been in awe, knowing the importance of risk control, position control and fund management, and I have always maintained a cautious attitude, striving to do it without losing the principal. This kind of mentality has also made me avoid the trap several times. I slowly set up my own feedback circle, and learned to broaden my horizon, not sticking to my own profit and loss. Because I understand that it is very easy to ignore the real changes in the market when trading according to one’s own profit and loss. Multum in parvo is not advisable to see the big from the small. Discerning the major from the petty is the real key principle of investment. After understanding these reasons, my investment career has made a qualitative progress, and in the sixth year, I made a real profit in the field of financial investment.

From a loss to a million dollars a year, my state of mind has changed dramatically. I am not as impetuous as when I first entered this field, but I can calm down and think about the real trend of the market. At the same time, I also hope that I can share my experience and skills in investment transactions and the way to make money with more investors.

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Anyone who is interested in or wants to learn the experience and skills of investment and financial management can get in touch with me, and I will give everything I can!

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