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Why is AMCC, the underlying public chain that surrounds Gamefi, SWAP, meta-universe and for the ecology, valued by institutions?

According to reliable news reports, AMCC public chain has completed the construction of the underlying protocol, and will recently launch a large AMCC public chain-based Gameif with entertainment and chain-end data on the chain as a whole, which will be launched soon. Gamefi based on AMCC’s underlying public chain will perfectly break the shortcomings of the existing Gamefi and make a perfect layout for the global Gamefi ecology, and at the same time AMCC will also become a dark horse that is hotly sought after by the capital in the industry!

Project Description.

AMCC contract address: 0x5525ab1063aa8e84f58a53f975ba5fcdd33ac494

AMCC self-developed public chain can well solve the current meta-universe data privacy and security issues, AMCC by the U.S. AMCC Foundation initiated the DAO community, in the present AMCC will rely on its own excellent technical strength and development experience, both the chain end and virtual reality, have adopted the latest technology architecture system, both transactions, game entertainment, and the entire game of The economic model is AAAA level. AMCC will also be the first gamefi circulation Token. AMCC based on the BSC established hand set end-game integrated Gamefi, for players, we can trade in AMCC each memorial KOBE NFT cards, and this perfectly solves the game players based on the limitations between the wallet can not freely trade characteristics, one-to-one for different player needs Targeted trading, the first saves a lot of time costs.

Technical features.

AMCC public chain uses cross-chain technology based on Ether Ethereum, Wavefield chain tronchain, Coinan ecological chain BSC, Firecoin ecological chain Heco, OKEx trading chain OEC and other public chains for development, anonymous technology team for the global metaverse link application economic system to provide smart contract automation protocols, providing a Turing complete economic system underlying

The AMCC chain leverages blockchain technology to deliver an enhanced experience in six ways.

(1) Data trustworthiness;

(2) Digital asset confirmation;

(3) The practical role of blockchain digital assets in the application;

(4) The inheritance and permanent record of the application process through the blockchain ledger;

(5) Security protection;

(6) Global node access:

From the technical point of view, the goal of AMCC chain is to disintermediate and de-agency digital assets in meta-universe transactions through Token payment and settlement, and the basic settings and key rules required in the AMCC chain will be written in a contract or other forms that can be easily disclosed to the whole network for witnessing. The fairness and openness of the rules and output logic in the AMCC chain are guaranteed. The ultimate goal of the AMCC chain is to have the entire linked metaverse running on the chain, where all logical code is executed in the chain environment and data is carried and stored by a decentralized blockchain network. In this scenario, a reliable, efficient, and latency-free operational container is synchronized with a lightweight node for operation in the AMCC chain.

Game side.

AMCC application ecology contains GameFi + NFT + DAO + Swap , AMCC is a set of PVP and PVE gamefi all users can earn AMCC tokens.

Game ecology:AMCC will create a chain tour aggregation platform, in the future AMCC will incubate all kinds of Gamefi, AMCC will be the circulation token within all games, and mainly play all kinds of NFT equipment synthesis and other consumption scenarios use.

AMCC Game Side Technology Framework

Data encoding: By encoding the data, AMCC can compress the files into an efficient format to save storage space. When NFT’s assets are authenticated, the hash signed by the NFT creator is actually authenticated.

AMCC protocol standard: AMCCNFT established the underlying logic is based on a distributed ledger, while its transactions rely on peer-to-peer network, if the AMCC distributed ledger as a special type of database, then NFT will be stored in this database the actual NFT storage status is a bit more complex. If this database has basic security, consistency, integrity and availability features, then the whole AMCC eco-loop consists of the following scenarios.

Digitization: AMCC creators will check documents, titles, and description statements for complete accuracy, and then convert the NFT metadata into the appropriate format.

Storage: AMCC creators can choose to store metadata both on-chain and off-chain. On-chain storage is more expensive and traffic congested, but metadata will exist permanently with the pass.

Signatures: AMCC creators sign information, including NFT data hashes, and then send it to the smart contract. Casting and Trading: Once the smart contract receives the complete information about the NFT, it can start casting and at the same time initiate the trading process, the main mechanism of which is defined by the pass-through standard.

Confirmation: Once the transaction information is confirmed on the chain, the NFT casting process is complete, and the cast NFT is permanently linked to a unique blockchain address to prove its existence. However, the actual content of the NFT is usually stored off-chain, in two separate storage systems from the ownership of the NFT.

Verifiability: AMCC’s pass metadata and ownership can be publicly verified. It is up to the off-chain storage system to decide if it is publicly verifiable.

Transaction Transparency: The entire process of NFTs is open and transparent, from minting to selling to buying. Availability: The on-chain system on which AMCC relies will never go down, and there is no possibility that NFTs cannot be sold or purchased as long as they have been issued.

Tamper-proof: AMCC’s metadata and complete transaction records are stored permanently once they are confirmed, and only new information can be added, not past information modified.

Ease of Circulation: The information seen by each AMCC user is updated instantly, eliminating the traditional producer-credit broker-buyer information barrier and making information clear and easy to circulate. Atomicity: AMCC transactions can be completed in a system that is atomic, consistent, AMCC-ready, and persistent (ACID).

Tradability: AMCC and its corresponding products can be traded and exchanged at will.

In the future AMCC based on the underlying decentralized protocol and unique data storage model, will achieve the security of the interlinking of everything, and the preservation of each data asset of the metaverse, in the layout of the metaverse AMCC uses the latest kinectSensor_SkeletonFrameReady() event processing function. As well as motion capture technology, motion capture technology, half-body mode, scene interaction design interface, the core technology of AMCC, which can accurately calibrate the 20 key points of the human body, and can track the position of these 20 points in real time. Using this technology, a variety of interesting applications based on somatosensory human-computer interaction can be developed. This will enable the perfect realization of natural and smooth action interaction scenes in the metaverse built by AMCC, thus realizing the real AMCC metaverse!

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