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IPFS NFT Foundation Limited NFT First Phase Global Online rush Countdown

2022/6/26 18:26 (UTC)

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IPFS NFT is a functional collection of 11,500 pieces divided into five levels:


MORTAL/THINKER/ WARRIOR open for this period

Functional “IPFS-NFT” built on IPFS distributed storage technology. From the launch of the mainnet to the present, the ecological application of Filecoin is in full bloom, realizing the interconnection between distributed storage technology and the real world.

The launch of “IPFS-NFT” aims to allow users to store NFT content or metadata in IPFS and Filecoin for free. In addition to the advantages of decentralized data backup and tamper prevention, the most important thing is to solve the real NFT Data ownership issues.

It is reported that “IPFS-NFT”, as a proof of rights and interests in the FVM public chain ecology, will run through the construction of the entire ecology, and all users participating in the “IPFS-NFT” project will enjoy platform rewards according to the number of holdings and contribution value. And the priority to participate in the subsequent ecology.

2022 will be unprecedented, epic masterpiece, and it is bound to subvert the IPFS/FILECOIN ecosystem!

Take FIL as the transaction exchange price to realize value conversion, two-way circulation, and synchronous value-added.

Complete IPFS valid data verification, and can carry out all-round functions of retrieval and transaction.

Compatible with Binance and Ethereum. After FVM goes online, the data will be shifted, so that it has the all-round properties of three-chain bridge execution contracts.

As a touchstone for expanding DAPP development and ecological construction, to achieve the market effect of gathering sand into towers and converging into rivers.
Holders are all members of the foundation DAO organization, and endow the foundation with voting, governance, development and dividend rights in the Web3.0 ecological construction.

Set up a pioneering example for the metaverse concept: a fair, just and open parallel world.

Limited release, absolutely scarce, only open mailbox registration-wallet binding-online random snapping, no other sales channels are provided to prevent improper commercial speculation or bookmaker control.

Provide direct services and planning for DAPP developers, so that participants and the ecology can flourish. Benign blessing With the original intention of building the best platform for the Web3.0 ecology, and the vision of completing the metaverse and the real world.

Effective governance, mutual benefit and win-win

Two-way circulation Continuous value-added

Open and transparent limited release

Strong Ecology Land Operation

Super strong background, safe and reliable

Consensus is strong, ten thousand times set sail

Perfect strategy and clear plan

Empowering entities to drive the economy

Tens of thousands of communities are ready to go! Twitter, Telegram, Btok, Discord, Top Issues! A team of millions of people online is making a full-scale campaign! The world starts instantly at the same time!

The outbreak of web3.0, IPFS NFT is looking forward to your arrival!

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