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Fu’an, a Geography Blessed Tea Town, is Building a Demonstration Area of “Three Tea Integration”

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Beautiful Tea Garden Rows in Fu’an

A county-level city of Ningde City in northeastern Fujian, Fu’an enjoys a long-standing reputation of “China’s tea hometown” and “China’s black tea capital”. This year, by emphasizing the tea industry in the whole chain and in the whole closed loop, Ningde City is planning to establish the first national “Three Tea Integration” research institute and build its corresponding demonstration area.

A Leading Position in Tea Culture

Surrounded by mountains near the sea, Fu’an has a mid-subtropical marine monsoon climate with a long frost-free period. So the place is particular suitable for the growth of most tea tree varieties, considering its geographical latitude, temperature and humidity, annual rainfall, mountain topography, soil thickness, soil characteristics and other climate advantages.

The Site of “Tanyang Gongfu Black Tea Cup” Competition in Fu’an City

As early as 1371, a tea tree variety “Tanyang Black Tea” was discovered and named after the village in Fu’an, creating a tea brand “Tanyang Gongfu Black Tea”. In 1915, it won a golden prize at the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition. The tea created so great a sensation that it was designated by the British royal family as the exclusive tea. In 1988, the jasmine tea from Wangjia Tea Farm won the Golden Rooster Award at the Paris Flowering Tea Competition. In 1990, Tanyang Gongfu black tea of Tanyang Tea Farm was listed as the most profitable export for earning foreign currency in the agricultural reclamation system in Fujian Province.


A Leading Position in Tea Science and Education


Local professional organizations like the 90-year-old Tea Research Institute of Fujian Academy of Agricultural Science, and Ningde Vocational and Technical College, have provided important technology supports for the development of the “Three Tea Integration”.

China’s regional tea plant breeding base located in Gantang Town, Fu’an City.

Tea technology base. As the only provincial scientific research institution in Fujian Province, the Tea Research Institute of Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences has developed 21 varieties of tea trees (including 15 national varieties), and 4 licensed plant variety rights. The institute not only has the most advanced breeding level of Oolong tea in China, but also owns the earliest and largest “Tea Variety Resource Garden” in China, with a collection of more than 4,000 tea tree germplasm resources and genetic materials at home and abroad.

Advantages in Tea Education. The Tea Institute of Ningde Vocational and Technical College (formerly known as the Fujian Provincial Fu’an Agricultural Vocational School) was founded in 1934. As the first professional tea college established in Fujian Province, it has a faculty of 5 professors, 4 associate professors, 8 lecturers and 12 teachers with the master degree.

A Leading Position in Tea industry


Profoundly empowered with the tea culture brand foundation, and professionally supported in tea education and tea technology, Fu’an has developed a comprehensive strength in the production of black tea, green tea, white tea, Oolong Tea, reprocessed scented tea, hand-made flowering tea and other tea products.

Up to now, Fu’an City has more than 600 large and small tea processing enterprises, including 2 tea professional demonstration units at the national level, 9 enterprises at the provincial level, 8 at the Ningde city level and 10 at the Fu’an county-city level. Besides, there are 7 tea enterprises with self-operated export rights, 1 with the international Rainforest Alliance certification, 8 with ISO certifications, and 141 with food production licenses.

According to statistics, Fu’an City has 2 well-known trademarks at the national level, 13 at the provincial level and 22 at the Ningde city level, while 14 products enjoy considerable brand fame in Fujian. With more than 600 tea businesses centered around Fuchun Tea City, Fu’an has made the tea market turnovers of more than 4 billion!

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