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The original DogekingDAO Foundation has reached a cooperation with the project DAO autonomous organization

New York – TimesNewswire – DogekingDAO officially announced that the original DogekingDAO Foundation and the DogeKingDAO Autonomous Community have reached a cooperation, and the two parties will build a community fund and an asset destruction mechanism.

DogekingDAO officially announced that it will cooperate with SeconlifeDAO to build a DAO for the modes of investment, research, publicity, education, partner recruitment and achievement sharing in the digital economy. With the popularity of DogekingDAO and the surge of traffic, SeconlifeDAO will surely develop rapidly.

DOGEKING coin circulation

The circulation of DOGEKING coins is 1,000,000 billion. At present, 57.79% of them have been destroyed, and the addresses of holding money are scattered. At present, the highest holding money list accounts for 1.64%, and the rest accounts for 0.73%. The contract authority has all been abandoned. The pool is locked until 2100, and the Dao community is autonomous. At present, it has been launched in four mainstream exchanges, and more exchanges are being arranged. Members of the community are spontaneously organized by coin holders, and there are many professionals in various industries, who have been trying to promote the development of Dogeking. Because the previous contract had a marketing wallet, the original development team used 40% of the marketing wallet as domestic and foreign marketing promotion, 40% for repurchase and destruction, and 20% for reserve funds. With the continuous destruction, the total amount of Dogeking is bound to gradually decrease, and the unit price of coins is getting higher and higher. With the gradual advancement of Dao community members and the gradual destruction of the original development team, it will only be a matter of time before Dogeking subsequently loses all zeros.

Dogeking dividends

Dogeking holds a dividend Doge, which is different from most meme projects in other local currencies. The dividend Doge of Dogeking is the originator of meme project with high market value. Big Dogeking investors with stable prices can use dividends to buy Dogeking coins to form a continuous buying support. After the sale of Dogeking, large investors, only at other prices can they enter the market again to form a new purchase. The dividends of small and medium-sized investors accumulate to a certain amount, and they can also buy Dogeking and continue to form new paying bills. Dogeking’s fee is high, making the investors easy to lose money, which is unfavorable for short-term operation, and beneficial for medium and long-term holding. Passive dividends can release profits. These profits can also increase the liquidity of Defi ecological projects to form a cycle. As long as the transaction volume is stable, dividends will be stable. Holders are willing to hold Dogeking for a long time, and if they hold it for a long time, they will get more benefits. Profiteers will have the motivation to show off and share, which will easily lead to fission behavior in the circle of friends.

Dogeking is popular at a very high-focus time. A new year’s eve moment is known to one fifth of the world’s human beings. Moreover, it was born in an area where heroes don’t ask where they came from. There has never been a representative meme project in the history of this region. That’s what gave Dogeking a chance.

In the future, DogekingDAO will create more interesting ecological applications. This is a challenging experiment. In the decentralized organizational structure, it is necessary for every DAO member to have a high degree of consensus and the spirit of sharing technology and time for the community to make DogekingDAO a classic case of DAO.

Entering the Internet blockchain, a slight difference between a product may change the life cycle of the whole product. Don’t underestimate Dogeking’s simple model. There are Defi2.0 technology and Web3.0 framework. As long as Doge rises in the future, Dogeking will surely take off. While Dogeking is taken away, the whole meme ecosystem will be linked.

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