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JMY (JasmyCoin) is a native cryptocurrency used in IoT and blockchain technology services.

JMY (JasmyCoin) is a native cryptocurrency that will be traded on the Japanese crypto asset (virtual currency) exchange Bitpoint on October 26, 2021, and is applied to IoT and blockchain technology services.

In the blockchain industry, we divide various projects into three categories based on their application scenarios for issuing native tokens, namely asset-based tokens, proof-of-stake tokens, and application tokens. The definition of asset tokens is that there are precious metals, real estate, cash reserves and other values ​​behind them. The value of equity tokens is reflected in the utility of the token issuing organization to token holders. In the cryptocurrency market, many non-application tokens are developing in the direction of application tokens, developing application functions based on their existing asset attributes or equity attributes, such as USDO, BNB, HT, etc.

Jasmy is a typical application token. This type of blockchain project based on blockchain application development platforms (such as Ethereum) can solve many problems in various fields of the social real economy (such as data analysis and prediction, supply chain traceability) , data information service), Jasmy is a data information service application project. Using blockchain technology, application projects can better solve cross-domain and cross-border cooperation and trust issues. At the same time, using smart contracts and tokens on the blockchain can better realize automatic execution of agreements and improve the efficiency of social and economic activities. It is also the project area with the fastest growing market value in the blockchain industry.

In addition, Jasmy has great potential in the field of Web3.0 data application. At present, in the Web2.0 ecosystem, the data is owned by the platform, and any profits from data mining and processing are owned by the platform. In such a business economic model the platform will eventually become a monopoly. For users, their data (factors of production) are not in their own hands, which is tantamount to taking the land from the “farmer”, and in the Web3.0 network, Jasmy acts as a role of a reformer can provide Web3.0 users with data security sharing services, and return data to users through technical means.

How does Jasmy return data ownership to Web3.0 users? We learned that Jasmy provides a locked storage cabinet (“personal data cabinet”) for storing personal data in a distributed storage system. Individual users not only can store and manageme important personal data in this storage, but also can freely decide the scope and period of providing personal information when personal data is connected to the company.

The personal data locker is a distributed storage service based on the P2P network, and its main function is to provide services through “content addresses”. That is, the file itself will be stored in the distributed storage system, and the hash value of the file will be recorded on the blockchain, indirectly using the storage method of the blockchain. Another core technology of Jasmy, SKC, is a service developed to create the above-mentioned personal data cabinet and realize “data value sharing”, allowing individuals to control, manage and track their own data, allowing “farmers” in the Web3.0 world to use own lands, and these lands (data) will yield great fruit.

About Jasmy:

Jasmy is a Japanese company that develops and provides data security and sharing services in the Internet of Things era. JasmyCoin is the first local cryptocurrency approved to be listed on a Japanese digital currency exchange, and the first legal and compliant digital currency in Japan. At present, more than 50 trading platforms such as Coinbase, BITPoint, Binance, Huobi etc., have been launched. And it have reached cooperation agreements with more than 20 companies such as Nexstgo, Aplix, Japanius, Witz, MetaVisa, etc. Its self-developed JasmyPersonalDataLocker system has been put into commercial use. Jasmy’s move has promoted the commercialization of Japan’s blockchain technology, which is of epoch-making significance for the prosperity and development of Japan’s cryptocurrency market, and is known as the “Bitcoin” of the new era of Japan’s encryption industry.

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