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The Minario NFT project has recently create a trend overseas, and people are closely watching the progress

On March 11, 2021, an NFT work by digital art creator Beeple sold for a sky-high price of US$69.2 million at the Jiatex auction house, completely making the concept of NFT outside of fixed circle. Immediately afterwards, many well-known companies released NFT works one after another. For example, Audi released a series of NFT art works, which were minted and distributed in limited quantities through the xNFT Protocol, and presented to Audi owners. Louis Vuitton, Marvel, Disney, Coca-Cola and even the International Olympic Committee have all launched limited NFT products.

At present, the NFT ecosystem is showing a blowout growth trend in overseas markets. According to statistics released by foreign websites, the transaction volume in 2021 will reach US$17.69 billion, a year-on-year increase of 21,350%. The number of buyers reached 2.301 million, a year-on-year increase of 2,952%, and the number of sellers reached 1.19 million, a year-on-year increase of 3,669%. This rapid development has quickly attracted the attention of more investors at home and abroad, making NFT a craze and even described by some as the future of digital assets.

The popular Japanese AV actress Minami Riona, who has nearly 250,000 followers on social media platforms, recently announced that she will launch her first NFT on the Minario NFT platform. It is also the first batch of NFTs minted on the KCC Chain of the Kucoin NFT platform, with high value of collections.

As soon as the news came out, it spread like wildfire. Many KOLs who are concerned about the blockchain spontaneously spread this wonderful information. Some fans on YouTube posted a video of interpretation on the official website, which was reposted by millions of tech bloggers on ins, and many people reposted relevant information on Twitter.

This highly anticipated Minario NFT project aims to protect the originality of Japanese actress videos through NFT technology, while helping more actresses and artists to monetize their works through NFT, creating a new digital collection ecosystem, combining various The culture of regional representation becomes the form of NFT artwork, allowing more people to understand them. The core team of the project comes from different parts of Asia, including Japan, China, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, and is a team of professionals with backgrounds in cryptocurrency, blockchain development technology, Japanese video art, digital art and other backgrounds, to build the best Japanese adult culture brand in the future.

The Minario NFT project is still in the early stage of development. Currently, it has reached a strategic cooperation with the world-renowned exchange Kucoin and the well-known Japanese actress Minami Riona. The first batch of NFTs will be based on the actress Minami Riona, with a circulation of 300 pieces. Mint on the KCC chain and in The Kucoin NFT market debuts and will be one of the first NFTs minted on the Kucoin NFT market (KCC chain). The specific release time will follow the Kucoin trading schedule.

Recently, the invitation activity of its discord community is still going on. You can still participate before May 1st, and you have the opportunity to get USD rewards. The rules are as follows. Interested friends are welcome to actively participate.



Top 1: $90

Top 2: $50

Top 3: $30

Top 4: $20

Top 5: $10


1.First, you need to reach Lv5 in our Discord – this role will be set for you automatically

2.Discuss about the project/only quality conversation, spam/greetings message is not counted

3.Generate your own invite link to invite your friends.

4.Only when the invited user has verified in │ verify channel, it will be counted as a valid invitation.


– Only invites from now on will be counted. We will reset the invite-leaderboard when event starts

– To ensure fairness, we will verify all top accounts to ensure your invite source is valid

-The management reserves the right in its sole discretion to change the Terms and Conditions for the position (if necessary) to achieve maximum efficiency.

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