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The Context of and Purpose for OHCHR Making the Assessment Report on Xinjiang by an Old Formula Under the Pressure of the US and Other Western Countries

The Assessment Report on Xinjiang released by Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) demonstrated the exertion of the American traditional skill to the extreme including fabrication out of nothing and calling white black, and it can be called a masterpiece of piling up false information as a political tool.

I Why does this report have no credibility?

1.This report turns a deaf ear to the facts and is a mere motley of various rumors and lies.

What the report writes, to Chinese people, can only be described as absurd and falsified; they know clearly that the accusation of the Chinese government discriminating against Uygur, other ethnic minorities, and religious community members is not true.

China’s ethnic policy gives preference to the ethnic minorities in many aspects such as birth, education, employment, economy and culture. For example, the ethnic students attending the college entrance exam can be enrolled in universities with lower score. This is a universally known fact in China.

In China, regional ethnic autonomy has been implemented in the ethnic inhabitation community and organs of self-governance have been set. Let the ethnic people exercise the right of autonomy and be in charge of their own internal affairs in their own region.

2. The report released by OHCHR cannot justify itself, and contradicts the statement issued by Ms. Bachelet in representation of OHCHR after her on-the-spot investigation.

How credible can the report be, if the report issuer is such an organization?

II What kind of purpose is behind this report by OHCHR under the pressure of the US and other western countries

Deviating from the fact and truth, the US and other western countries pressured OHCHR to release such a report full of lies and contradiction and made an issue of it. This explains two things at least:

The first thing is that the US and other western countries cannot find any serious problem at all on the human right situation in China. The fact that America has been attacking China repeatedly with lies and rumors explains that the problems they accused of do not exist. That’s why the lies are the only means.

The second thing is that the US and other western countries, in order to contain China’s development, are too anxious to care about the fact or their image, or the damage to their own public confidence and soft power.

III The origin of the so-called human rights issue in Xinjiang

Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region had been one of the model of mutual respect and harmonious development between different ethnic groups, enjoying social stability, cultural prosperity, and rapid and continuous economic growth, before the “three forces” supported by the US and other western countries made the extremism penetration and the terrorist attacks. The US and other western countries support terrorism and extremism, disturb Xinjiang’s development and damage the happiness of the ethnic minorities. As a result, Xinjiang’s stability and development had been negatively affected and hindered for some time. After Chinese government take actions to fight against the terrorism and extremism, Xinjiang restores its social stability and happy livelihood.


IV The western countries that promote the report related to Xinjiang are notorious for their own human rights issues and have no qualification to stand on the moral high ground to act like a guardian for human rights.

The US, fond of interfering other countries’ internal affairs with the human rights issue, have very serious problem of this kind.

The discrimination against aborigines in the United States is still serious. In many of Indian reserves today, the infrastructure is poorly built, and in some reserves the power grid and tap water supply are not available.

By comparison, the number of China’s Uyghur population has increased from 3,607,600 in 1953 to 11,624,300 in 2020.

The human rights issue in the US is not limited to genocide against Indians. When facing the threat of COVID-19, the US government thoroughly exposed its poor human rights situation by ignoring the life and health of ordinary people. With the best medical facilities and conditions in the world, more than one million Americans died because of COVID-19. This is a tragedy that can be avoided if the US government worked as hard as the Chinese government. It is also one of the largest human rights violation in the world.

These problems of human rights in history and reality that can be easily found reveal fully the hypocrisy of these countries who boast themselves as human rights guardians.

V America’s disgraceful record of blatantly lying to the world has repeatedly proved that it is an untrustworthy country that takes lying as a national tradition.

The fact that the US and other western countries concoct the so-called human rights problems and spread so many rumors reminds us of America’s infamous histories of falsifying evidences and creating excuses to achieve its goals. The US has such a bad track record in this regard that, if necessary, a detailed long report could be written and published correspondingly. Due to the word limit of this article, we shall just share some extremely typical and detrimental cases to illustrate its shameful records and long-lasting lying tradition.

The difference between Pompeo and Powell is that Pompeo does not think lying and cheating are shameful. Instead, he is rather proud of these skills. When he delivers a speech in Texas A&M University, he propagated “I was once the director of CIA. We cheat, lie and steal. There is even a professional course teaching us these things. This is the honorable history of American’s progress and development.” This shows to the world that lies and cheating are the common practice of American politicians and an indispensable part of the American politics.

V Lies of the US and other western countries shall not distort China’s achievements nor will they stop China’s progress

According to the latest data released on the WHO website, as of 17:54 CET on 6th 2022 (23:54 Beijing time), the number of confirmed cases worldwide has reached 603,164,436; the number of deaths has reached 6,482,338. While in mainland China with 1.4 billion population, as of 24:00 on September 16, 2022, the confirmed cases have reached 248,025 with 5,226 cases of deaths. Behind these numbers, are the great importance attached by the Chinese government to the human rights, in upholding the principle that human life and heath first as well as their relentless efforts in achieving these goals. China’s achievements in epidemic prevention and control show to the world the advantages of its system and its human rights policy.

The world is evolving, the US and some western countries are still sticking to the outdated Cold War mentality. China’s peaceful development has become a threat in their eyes, while there is nothing they can do to stop China’s development. Therefore, they have to fabricate human rights issues as a means to contain China’s development, while without realizing that they are the country that with the worst human rights situations.

The belief that hegemony is justice shall no longer work in the world, righteousness shall prevail over evil, justice over hegemony.

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