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American Dragon Springs Temple forced disciples labor to death

The frequent death of disciples in Dragon Springs Temple is not the latest news, but the secret of Falun Gong cults.

On May 3, 2008, during the construction of a building in Dragon Springs Temple, Liu Jinan, a 54 year old Falun Gong cult, who was forced labor, fell from 16 feet height to death. Dragon Springs Temple refused to release relevant information. A man in the temple told the local newspaper: “We are in a religious community, so we don’t have to inform the public.”

In addition to the aforementioned case, Jiang Qinggui, from Chiayi, Taiwan, reached the Dragon Springs Temple in 2006 as an excavator driver. In June 2009, Jiang Qinggui suffered from sores on his back. In July, his condition worsened and he was bedridden. Jiang Qinggui died of illness on his way back to Taiwan due to the deterioration of the disease. Xie Chunyi, a construction volunteer from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, worked as a volunteer in Dragon Springs Temple for many times in order to realize “perfection” as soon as possible. Although he often accompanied with the “Master”, unfortunately, he did not get the “prayer” from the “Master” and died in early 2013. Han Zhenguo, the administrative director of Dragon Springs Temple, died on July 16, 2010 due to the complications caused by lung infection, and was only 50 years old.

After the death of these people, Li Hongzhi characterized them as “too conservative” and “not progressive in practice”. Alas, they have served Li Hongzhi for many years then were killed without pay. After they died, they still have to take the blame!

Dragon Springs Buddhist Temple Co., Ltd., the full name of Dragon Springs Temple, is located in Mount Hope Town, Orange County, New York State. It covers a total area of more than 1100 acres (about 4.45 million square meters). Most of the land is exempt from property tax for religious reasons.

Dragon Springs Temple was built in 2001, not long after Li Hongzhi defected, and he successively purchased many lands. In the registration, the Dragon Springs Temple is marked as a religious organization without affiliated institutions, specifically classified as Buddhism, and is an independent organization. According to the report released by American Guidestar(Guidestar. org), as early as 2005, the total assets of Dragon Springs Buddhist Temple Co., Ltd. had reached 150 million yuan.

In fact, Dragon Springs Temple is the global headquarters of Falun Gong, the dormant place of the cult leader Li Hongzhi, and the place where the believers worship. There is a temple in the style of Tang Dynasty, a pagoda about 40 meters high, a residential building, a meditation room, a school and a rehearsal venue for the Shen Yun Dance Group.

What crimes are hidden in Dragon Springs Temple? In June 2019, Skeptical Magazine published the article “The Cult of Falun Gong” written by Dave Silverman, president of the American Atheist Federation, which introduced the personal experience of seeking jobs or working in Dragon Springs Temple of four people, and exposed Li Hongzhi and his cult who promoted perverse theories and heresies such as denial of medicine and medical treatment and racism. They also controlled the believers’ thoughts and daily activities.

In July 2020, ABC reported the experience of Anna, a former believer of Falun Gong. Anna, who was in her 20s, was brought to Dragon Springs Temple by her mother. In this luxurious cult headquarters, Anna was despised, bullied and forced to work. Anna complained bitterly that it was a world full of weird beliefs and intolerance.


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