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DJI Avata 2 vs DJI Avata: Exploring the Upgrades

DJI Avata 2 vs DJI Avata: Exploring the UpgradesPhoto from Unsplash

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Unveiling the next evolution in first-person-view (FPV) drone flight, DJI introduces the DJI Avata 2, promising an exhilarating aerial experience enriched with cutting-edge technology and enhanced features. As we embark on a journey through the significant upgrades that differentiate the Avata 2 from its predecessor, the DJI Avata, let’s delve into the details of what’s new and improved.

DJI Avata 2 DJI Avata  


Starting at CAD $1,379.00 US $999.00 Starting at
CAD $1,129.00
US $829.00

Dimensions (LxWxH)

185×212×64 mm (L×W×H)

180×180×80 mm


377 g

410 g

Image Sensor Size



Max Photo Resolution

12 MP

12 MP

Max Video Resolution



Video Transmission

OcuSync 4.0 13km 1080p@100fps 24ms latency

OcuSync 3.0 10km 720p@30fps 30ms latency

Vision System

Downward and backward visual positioning

Downward Sensors

Max Flight Speed

97.2 kph (M-Mode)

97.2 kph (M-Mode)

Max Flight Time

23 Minutes

18 Minutes

Max Wind Resistance

38.5 km/h

38.5 km/h

Internal Storage


20 GB

Improved Imaging

One of the most notable upgrades in the Avata 2 is its imaging capabilities. Equipped with a larger 1/1.3″ CMOS super-wide-angle camera, the Avata 2 surpasses its predecessor in capturing breathtaking aerial footage. The inclusion of 4K/60fps HDR video recording elevates the visual experience, delivering sharper images and enhanced dynamic range, perfect for capturing every detail of the aerial landscape with stunning clarity.

Enhanced Safety Features

Safety remains paramount in the design of the Avata 2, with significant enhancements to ensure a secure and stable flight experience. Integrated propeller guards provide added protection against collisions, reducing the risk of damage to both the drone and surrounding objects. Advanced positioning sensors, including downward/backward visual positioning, further enhance spatial awareness, enabling precise navigation even in complex environments.

Extended Battery Life

Powered by an upgraded battery system, the Avata 2 boasts an impressive maximum flight time of up to 23 minutes, a significant improvement over the 18-minute flight time of its predecessor. This extended battery life allows pilots to enjoy longer flight sessions without the need for frequent recharging, enhancing the overall flying experience and enabling more ambitious aerial maneuvers.

Upgraded Transmission System

Communication between the drone and its controller receives a boost with the introduction of DJI O4 video transmission in the Avata 2. Offering a maximum transmission distance of 13 km and a bitrate of 60Mbps, the O4 transmission system ensures a stable and reliable connection, even in challenging RF environments. This upgrade provides pilots with greater flexibility and confidence during flight, allowing them to explore farther and capture stunning aerial footage with ease.

Advanced Controller and Flight Modes


Pairing the Avata 2 with the latest DJI Goggles 3 and DJI RC Motion 3 controller unlocks a new level of immersive flight experience. The Goggles 3 features Real View PiP, a groundbreaking feature that enhances safety by keeping pilots aware of their physical surroundings while immersed in flight. With its micro-OLED display and near-zero latency, the Goggles 3 delivers crisp visuals and responsive controls, providing pilots with a vivid, real-time view of their aerial adventures.

Easy Acro on the DJI Avata 2 allows you to effortlessly perform flips, rolls, and spins with the push of a button. Perfect for both novice and experienced pilots, Easy Acro adds excitement to every flight.

The RC Motion 3 controller complements the immersive experience with its intuitive design, simplifying complex maneuvers into simple, one-push actions. Whether executing flips, rolls, or 180° drifts, pilots can capture dynamic FPV shots with remarkable ease, elevating their aerial footage game to new heights.

Upgraded Photo and Video Capabilities

Photography and videography enthusiasts will appreciate the enhancements to the Avata 2’s camera system. Featuring a larger 1/1.3″ CMOS sensor and a 155° ultra-wide-angle field of view, the Avata 2 delivers stunning visuals with enhanced clarity and detail, even in challenging lighting conditions. The inclusion of RockSteady and HorizonSteady stabilization technologies ensures smooth and steady footage, allowing pilots to capture professional-quality shots with minimal effort.

Furthermore, the Avata 2 introduces a 10-bit D-Log M color mode, offering a broader color spectrum and enhanced tonal control for professional-grade color grading in post-production. With 46GB of large internal storage and High-Speed QuickTransfer capabilities, managing and transferring footage is fast and efficient, allowing pilots to focus on their creative vision without interruption.

Comprehensive Safety Features

Safety is at the core of the Avata 2’s design, with a range of features aimed at enhancing pilot confidence and ensuring a safe flying experience.

In addition to integrated propeller guards and advanced positioning sensors, the Avata 2 includes automatic return to home (RTH) functionality, allowing the drone to autonomously return to its launch point in case of signal loss or low battery.

Moreover, like the original Avata, the Avata 2 also includes “Turtle Mode,” a specialized flight mode that allows pilots to easily recover from mid-air crashes by flipping the drone upright and resuming flight.

These safety features, combined with the drone’s agile maneuverability and robust construction, make the Avata 2 an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced FPV enthusiasts alike.

Is DJI Avata 2 for Beginners?

Despite its advanced features and capabilities, the Avata 2 is well-suited for beginners looking to explore the world of FPV flight. Its intuitive controls, enhanced safety features, and extended battery life make it an accessible option for novice pilots seeking a thrilling yet user-friendly flying experience.

What Sets DJI Avata 2 Apart?

While traditional camera drones excel in capturing scenic vistas and aerial photography, the Avata 2 offers a different kind of thrill. Designed for maneuverability and engagement, it embraces the immersive world of FPV flying, inviting pilots to experience the thrill of dynamic aerial maneuvers and adrenaline-pumping flights. With integrated propeller guards, advanced safety features, and intuitive controls, the Avata 2 provides a refreshing twist for drone enthusiasts seeking a more exhilarating aerial perspective.

In conclusion, the DJI Avata 2 represents a significant leap forward in FPV drone technology, offering enhanced imaging capabilities, advanced safety features, and an immersive flying experience that pushes the boundaries of aerial exploration. Whether you’re a seasoned FPV pilot or a beginner looking to embark on a thrilling adventure, the Avata 2 promises an unforgettable flying experience that combines innovation, performance, and excitement in equal measure.

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