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11 Proven Real Estate Coaching Programs + How to Make the Wise Choice for Your Business

11 Proven Real Estate Coaching Programs + How to Make the Wise Choice for Your BusinessPhoto from Unsplash

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The allure of financial autonomy and personal freedom may entice you to pursue a career as a real estate agent. I’ve work with thousands of Realtors and have seen the data from their CRMs and website that hows who is growing and why. Selling real estate truly can help you create generational wealth.

But even for a veteran agent, there’s a limit to how far you can go if you go it alone in this industry. It’s because there’s always room for improvement, new information to absorb, and fresh opportunities to explore. Even after you learn the skills needed to successfully close a five transactions per month, it takes new marketing and operations knowledge to scale past each inflection point in your business.

You’ll need the drive to learn more, meet more people, and advance your real estate career in the real estate market of today. Having someone who can discuss industry topics, market trends, marketing campaigns, and methodologies for success to help with your career goals is the key to success.

Here’s where the help of a real estate coach comes in handy.

This article will discuss real estate coaching, why it’s essential, and how it can help you succeed in the industry. Learn why the type of coach you truly need may not be what you think

What a Real Estate Coach can Offer You

Most real estate coaches are experienced agents and brokers who have been in the business for a long time and know what new agents and brokers need and want. When you work with a real estate coach, you have access to expert advice from someone who understands how to build and maintain relationships, promote a real estate company, and ultimately make sales.

Some mentors focus exclusively on real estate marketing issues, such as generating thousands of organic visitors free from Google each month, while others focus on creating a paid advertising strategy or establishing a presence on social media that people actually care about. Some offer assistance with more broad issues relating to the organization of a business, such as locating suitable office space or planning for retirement.

Some real estate coaches are seasoned veterans who are now helping newer agents and brokers, but many of the best active coaches manage to squeeze in time to mentor their agents and may not be widely known as a coach. You can find the right real estate coach for you if they meet the following criteria, regardless of whether they are currently working or have recently retired from actively buying/selling.

They’re also coaching companies for a single agent or for your real estate team, and even coaching platforms that focus on comprehensive business coaching or real estate training.

Why You Might Want a Real Estate Coach?

Hiring a real estate coach has been proven to be a worthwhile personal investment. Some examples are provided below.

Higher income. Hiring a real estate coach is a significant financial commitment, but the payoff could be substantial. Hiring one can cost you $500 to $5,000 per month. However, they typically result in greater financial gains, making the additional investment worthwhile.

They’re master marketers. They have a firm grasp of the importance of a robust marketing strategy for any business. A real estate marketing coach can give you the knowledge you need to expand your business, including strategies for maximizing your exposure in offline and online channels.

Helps you with strengths and weaknesses. They will assist you in using your abilities and the best areas of development to drive outcomes. You need the ability to highlight your strengths while mitigating your weaknesses if you want to be a powerful agent. It may be challenging to see these qualities in yourself. A coach can help you improve your strengths while highlighting and capitalizing on your weaknesses.

A great sounding board for your ideas. They can help alleviate some of the pressure that comes with the early stages of a career in real estate. You’ll gain the company of a trusted, unbiased confidant to work through your personal and professional problems. A real estate coach will be available to discuss any topics for extended periods.

Help you develop a long-term strategy: Your real estate coach should help you see things more plainly, allowing you to set short-term and long-term objectives. They will help you map out a strategy to get you there.

Time management: They help you better manage your time, which is invaluable because, as we all know, time is money. A real estate coach can help you become more productive, save time, and earn more money.

Helps you to avoid costly mistakes. They help you avoid making mistakes that could cost you a lot of money if you come from a different industry and just starting in real estate.You can safeguard your financial interests by enlisting the assistance of a real estate coach who can advise you on how to avoid making mistakes that will hurt your profits. These savings can often offset your cost (investment) in the coach.

Gives great feedback. Since real estate agents typically work alone as 1099 contractors, getting the constructive criticism they require can be challenging. A real estate coach will give you unbiased criticism, letting you zero in on the areas where you can see the most improvement.

What to Look for When Picking a Real Estate Coach

If you take the time to find the right real estate coach, he or she can do wonders for your career. The following are criteria to determine which coach will best meet your needs.

Industry Expert. Choose a coach with a history of success guiding other agents to their levels of achievement. The company’s website or user reviews may contain this info. Be careful of those that claim to be a coach but do not have a proven track record where others vouch for them.

A coach that can relate to you. Your coach should be someone you can talk to and feel comfortable around. During your initial consultation, you will be able to figure this out. You need to feel immediate chemistry with this person. The relationship isn’t worth pursuing if you don’t feel safe with the other person. Now, some people prefer the drill instructor type of coach, which can be a solid choice, but you first need to know they understand you and the full situation.

Accessibility. A good real estate coach should be easily reached whenever you have questions. So that you don’t waste anyone’s time, you should confirm that their schedule is flexible enough to accommodate the outcomes you’re trying to reach. If you need a coach to simply guide you through your transactions, you should also learn to contact them through chat, phone, email, video call, or other methods. For those helping you scale your business through marketing or operations, consistency and structure are more valuable than ready, flexible access.

The pricing for coaching. The price tag of hiring a real estate coach can be quite hefty. The adage, “You get what you pay for,” is one that everyone knows well. But we all know how to stick to a budget. Find a happy medium between low prices and high standards of service. While there are free coaching courses and tons of material online, I’ve seen a significant difference between those agents that struggle with the free material and those that invest in a coach. Some of it comes to the structure of training and information from paid coaches, but I believe some of it is that most people naturally make more time when they’ve written a check.

Innovative: Any enterprising person who spends enough time on Google can find advice on how to advance one’s real estate career. There should be more to your coach’s thinking than what can be found on the Internet or in blogs. After the first interview and intake session, what they can contribute to the team should become clear.

Coaching experience Coaches should be well-versed in real estate agents’ challenges and have creative answers to their problems. Now, I’ve seen Realtors find significant value in working with coaches new to real estate agents too, but these coaches are helping with business scaling issues (e.g. mindset, operations, marketing, etc.) that are applicable to similar businesses. The key to look for is their background in helping similar-sized and structured businesses overcome the same inflection point you are facing.

Lead generation is a must. The real estate industry places a premium on lead generation. You need a steady stream of high-quality leads that can be converted into customers. A good coach will be able to outline the specific ways in which they can help you generate leads for your business. They will guide you through a follow up program to make sure that your past clients and sphere of influence engage you. Remember a “lead” is simply a potential client and your current relationships may be the best avenue to find those.

A long-term commitment to your success: Real estate coaching partnerships are built to last. At the beginning of your career, a coach can be an excellent resource for guidance and advice. When you’ve gained more experience, though, will they still be able to teach you? Before hiring a coach, it’s important to inquire about their long-term goals.

The 11 Best Real Estate Coaching Programs

After learning what to look for in a real estate coach, the next is to find one. However, there is good news: you can choose from many options.

I’ve included a list of available top-tier coaches to get you started. Each has helped agents become some of the best-selling real estate agents in the world and given them unique ideas on how to be successful as a real estate agent

Mike Ferry

Mike Ferry is a household name in the world of real estate coaching, and rightly so. He practically invented the real estate coaching business. As his incredible tale begins, young Mike would personally call each of his clients weekly to, as he puts it, “kick them in the butt, pat them on the back, teach them a relevant strategy, and give them an assignment.”.

The Mike Ferry organization, which he founded 43 years ago, is worth $50 million – so there are a lot of agents that have found value and also many are practicing these same techniques. Mike Ferry is well aware of the industry’s lack of interest in recruiting direct marketers and salespeople. It’s the regular person that they target; Mike’s goal is to transform them from sales novice into a relationship pro.

Mike Ferry’s career spanned from age 18 to 73, and he used that time to create the Mike Ferry Sales System. His coaching in real estate, as well as his sales techniques, training, and motivation, are well-known.

A best-selling author, Mike’s become widely recognized as a leading authority in sales and instruction in the real estate market.

While Mike Ferry is a legend in the business, it’s rare for me to meet a successful agent or newer agent with a growing business that has worked with the Mike Ferry organization in the past decade. Most have read a book or may have gone through a program 10-20 years ago. There may be good information available today and simply helping agents outside of those I’ve worked with or met at one of my speaking events.Buffini & Company Coaching Solutions

One of the largest real estate coaching firms in the United States is Buffini & Company. Their coaches have completed nearly 1,000,000 hours of coaching calls, and Brian Buffini is known as an expert motivator and entertaining speaker himself.


Brian Buffini worked his way up from the sales floor at ERA in San Diego. After establishing himself as one of the most successful Realtors in the country, Buffini established Buffini & Company to disseminate his methods for generating sales leads.


Over 3 million business professionals in 41 countries have been trained by Buffini & Company, which is headquartered in Carlsbad, California. More than 60,000 people are trained each year through live events and training programs, and the company now serves 21,000 customers.


In the work by Referral system taught by Buffini & Company, clients are encouraged to cultivate meaningful relationships with one another to earn more business through referrals. Buffini & Company strongly believes in creating a referral network.


I personally know dozens of the Buffini & Company coaches and many agents that have worked with them. I’ve seen great success from agents picking up the relationship techniques to be helpful and not “salesy”. I’ve seen the most success with agents still working on early stages of their business.


Their Referral Maker CRM is also an embodiment of their coaching model. Referral Maker CRM is a cloud-based service that helps sales representatives and real estate companies centrally manage everything from lead generation to client feedback to database maintenance to employee performance monitoring. Now, are there better CRMs? Yes. Should you use it? Maybe. The wise choice in my opinion is to actually use the CRM you have. If you’re already finding success with Follow Up Boss, Liondesk, Chime, kvCore, etc., do not change simply to use the one that boosts recurring revenue for your coach’s company.


Buffini & Company training includes individual and small-group coaching sessions. These Classes include goal-setting, strategic planning, problem-solving, and more.

Tim and Julie Harris

Tim and Julie Harris are seasoned real estate professionals, serving as mentors to new agents since 1998.


Tim and Julie Harris are best known for being best-selling authors. Still, they have also been honored by the National Association of Realtors, for which they served as coaches, and by Bank of America and Wells Fargo, which provided consulting services.


Semi-private coaching calls with a selected coach or Tim and Julie Harris themselves are part of the spectrum of mentorship options they provide.


Even if you do not start working with Tim and Julie, listen to their podcast. It’s had more than 7,000,000 listens for a reason. They offer both some valuable tips and also a conversation that will brighten even your worst day with clients. If you have a real estate team, it’s a good non-sales-approach listen for them.

Tom Ferry – “your coach”

Tom Ferry, Mike Ferry’s son, is widely regarded as the top real estate educator and most prolific real estate coach working today. His fame as an inspiring public speaker and dedicated coach has endured for over two decades.


He frequently features other influential people on his podcast, The Tom Ferry Show, and gives away a ton of free information through social media and his podcast. Tom is one of the most influential people in the industry and is largely responsible for unleashing the potential of social media marketing in the real estate sector.


I’ve heard multiple people refer to Tom as your friendly drill instructor. Made your cold calls today? How many calls per month are you at? If not, expect to be reminded by Tom. You will see this “put in the effort” approach from him and his team as well, as seen in the eleven years since he uploaded his first video to YouTube, he has remained steadfast in his commitment to the platform.


His training aims to help real estate agents and brokers become the go-to experts in their respective fields. Packaged according to your mentoring needs, Tom Ferry’s team provides individual coaching sessions, group training calls, mastermind groups, retreats, events, and more. Expect to get Tom in group settings and mass videos.

The Real Estate Trainer – Icenhower Coaching & Consulting

Training, speaking, writing, and coaching in the realm of real estate, Brian Icenhower is a name known and respected by many around the world. He is responsible for the quick rise of Keller Williams Realty Tulare and Counties. He owns several of the most successful real estate firms in the United States.


Brian was already a successful producer in the early stages of his career. With his own money, he opened several real estate offices in California and the Midwest, where he oversaw his staff’s training, hiring, and productivity.


Because of this, the offices were named among North America’s fastest-growing and most successful businesses. He started numerous businesses in the real estate industry, including educational institutions for obtaining real estate licenses, escrow firms, and property management firms.


When clients sign up for coaching services with ICC, they are given a dedicated coach who works with them. Clients can access cutting-edge resources, not just internal Icenhower systems, that make the most of modern technology. In my opinion, there are better tech stack options for building your options on, such as AgentHub360 that we’ll cover, so keep reading.


Access to the ICC Learning Center and Training Library, admission to events, and more are all part of the package.

Rob Vivian Coaching

Rob Vivian Coaching offers an adaptable suite of services that can be tailored to the needs of various stage businesses. It equips you with the skills necessary to run a successful business, including phone call blasts, work scripts, coaching calls, and contact management systems.


Rob employs hands-on teaching strategies, so those who learn best through tactile means will find his programs especially useful. I know many can find success from the more digital course format of Tom Ferry or the relationship training from Brian Buffini’s team, but I see faster ramps to success from most agents when a coach pulls up next to them while they do the work. It takes repetition to build habits.


A wide variety of programs (including accountability, new agent, scripting, web coaching, company coaching, and more) are available from him. We offer one-on-one coaching if you’d rather have a private lesson.

Travis Robertson

Travis Robertson, a high-performance business coach for nearly ten years, has nearly twenty years of experience in business analysis, organizational development, and leadership.


He is one of the most widely heard international speakers. His expertise in the challenges faced by different generations in the workplace and his work advising businesses on how to adapt to the “Gen Y” workforce have earned him widespread acclaim.


The most cutting-edge agents need Travis because he is good at anticipating and seizing technological market opportunities. You’ll get ideas on how to take advantage of growing trends and platforms.


In addition to their various leadership, team strategy, and team growth accelerator packages, the Don’t Settle Group also provides one-on-one coaching with a growth strategist who can “function as a business strategist, coach, consultant, mentor, and motivator.” I’ve read some good feedback about Travis’s team online, but he’s one of the few on this list that I do not know multiple agents that have worked with the team.

Lee Davenport – Real Estate Coaching and Consulting

Dr. Lee has had an extensive and diverse career. He is also a member of the International Coach Federation.


She earned her Ph.D. by researching and identifying the traits shared by highly successful real estate agents. There are definitely some valuable insights to gleam from listening to her interviews on the subject.


Since then, Dr. Lee has used her findings to “profit from their personality” and take advantage of today’s technology to help real estate agents become successful. Her course also touches a bit on mindset — to help you start playing your strengths.


In addition to the material available without charge on her site, she also provides paid subscribers with access to 60 minutes of monthly one-on-one strategy calls and on-demand videos.

Keller Williams Mega Achievement Productivity Systems (MAPS)

Keller Williams is a well-known name in real estate, and for a good reason. Founded in 1983, Keller Williams Realty is a worldwide real estate franchise and has over 50 franchise locations worldwide.


Keller Williams’ MAPS (Mega Achievement Productivity Systems) is their blueprint for success.

MAPS was developed to assist Keller Williams real estate agents in reaching their full potential. Agents who participate in the MAPS training program have access to top-notch training and ongoing support from coaches in the field. Agents can learn as much as they can about the real estate industry with the help of their coaches and the other components of MAPS coaching.


Keller Williams Realty is confident that agents can stay ahead of the competition and on top of their game with the help of solid real estate coaching. I’d agree with the belief that we can all benefit from great coaching. Now, if MAPS is right for you, that is another question.


KW MAPS provides the resources, training, and coaching necessary for you to succeed in the real estate industry when you decide that is where you want to spend your professional life.


The Stevie Awards recognized Keller Williams’ KW MAPS Coaching as the year’s best sales training and coaching program. This program is so effective that it earned the first real estate firm a nomination for the prestigious PRISM Award for excellence in coaching. Thousands of agents have benefited from this program.


As the largest real estate franchise in the world in terms of agents and the market leader in the United States in terms of units sold and total dollar volume, it’s clear that many have benefited from the approach in the past. In recent years though, many high-performing and high-potential agents have left for other brokerages. Knowing several people involved in running MAPS, if you are with KW, this can be a good option to look at.


These courses can be taken in various formats, from the weekly group coaching course to the one-on-one coaching relationship to the conference and the mastermind. Learning real estate brokerage management fundamentals in just seven weeks through a BOLD program could be a game-changer.

AgentHUB 360

Although it is not a pure coaching program, and they would not call themselves a coaching system, this is possibly my favorite coaching option. Now, I am friends with Greg, Ben, and Kelley that founded the company, but that has also given me a unique insight into both how they help agents and actually being able to see the data on how agents have transformed their businesses by signing up with AgentHub 360.


AgentHub 360 offers a system, staff, and technology to help agents maintain contact with clients and expand their businesses.


I’ve seen inside the CRMs and contact database for thousands of agents, and I can tell you that the majority of agents are held back by

  • having a useful tech stack that they own (not from their brokerage),
  • keeping their client and contact database up to date and organized, and
  • Having an immediate response system for new leads and follow-up system with their existing relationships.

AH360 solves all of that. Yes, it’s an investment, but you get a customized, interconnected set of the best-of-breed real estate and proptech technology and a team that truly excels at the rest.


For the high-potential real estate agent, there is nothing better than AgentHUB 360. They all connect to a central HUB setup that will truly become the central nexus of growing your business.


Think of the HUB that houses a center for both following up on previous tasks and making plans for the future all in one place. It’s the equivalent of having a team of dedicated professionals helping you build a successful company from coast to coast. Their ISA (internal sales team) are great objection handlers by seeking first to serve and make sure your prospects are understood, rather than simply pushing for an immediate transaction.


Created for the business-minded real estate agents, it is abundantly clear that to function as a business and regain true control of your growth, you must invest in both systems and people.


I put them into this coaching category because that’s what I see happen with agents that work with them. It’s possible that the coaching and mental preparation that comes with their service is the most valuable part of the deal. It’s just who the leadership team is, and that’s why I am always happy to join them for sessions with HUB agents.


Expect to work on business planning to understand your streams of income and how to boost commission income THIS year.

The Syliva System

Those that know Sylvia Dana know her as both a kvCore expert and a high-production agent.


Her team has helped thousands of agents properly set up kvCore, add drip marketing campaigns, and work through checklists on digital marketing.


Sylvia provides instruction that even the most tech-illiterate learner can follow because she will emphasize the advantages and simplify the material. Plus, if you simply want it “done for you”, her team can do that as well.


Before becoming a licensed REALTOR, she taught high school, wrote for newspapers, and promoted products online. That teaching experience is clear when you listen to her weekly training sessions.


She instructs other real estate agents on how to make the most of kvCore and other marketing and technological tools in a way that is both accessible and practical.


I’ve known Syliva for years and can assure you that the information she provides is both straightforward and immediately applicable. The only question is if you’ll put in the time to do the work.


Learn real estate technology and marketing techniques from a working agent who understands your needs and can guide you through the digital world and teach you to master it. The Sylvia System is designed for the most technologically inept student, emphasizing benefit-based and simple-to-understand instruction.


If you have no idea when your KVcore set up last sent a weekly newsletter or know how to change that to a monthly newsletter? This is your option for quickly learning how to know that and make those simple changes.


Her website also provides a wealth of free resources for building your real estate business, including advice on attracting more clients, encouraging more referrals, and more.

How to Make the Wise Choice for Your Business

Before looking for coaches, you should sit down and list the things you need help with.

Know What You’re Looking for in a Coach

Is there any specific area of your business where you could use some assistance? Have you got issues placing calls? Do you find it hard to keep yourself accountable? Are you struggling with Imposter Syndrome? Have you thought about starting a business or expanding your current marketing strategy but need help? How much of your business comes from word of mouth? Have you mastered the art of online branding?


It’s like looking for a new place to live; once you know what you’re lacking, you can narrow your search for a coach to those with the specific qualities you’re seeking.

Look For These Qualifications

Research shows that agents value the following qualities in their coaches: experience in what they are teaching, ideas, personality, passion, authenticity, and charisma. Before hiring a coach, it’s important to ensure they have the necessary skills to get you where you want to go. When interviewing potential coaches, it’s important to look for the following qualities:

Look for a Company with a Proven Track Record

For less experienced agents, they may feel like a more successful agent would make sense for them.

However, I suggest finding a reliable, professional coach to help you. Find a coach who has already been successful in the real estate industry either as an agent themselve or by having helped agents.

It may come as a surprise, but many coaches do not have any real-world real estate experience. So, why should you listen to them? I believe that you would benefit most from career advice from a coach who has helped agents like you in the past.


You should interview potential hires to see if they have the necessary business savvy and a history of success in leading other agents to their objectives.

Up-To-Date On Real Estate Technology and Marketing

Don’t hire coaches if they haven’t successfully expanded their clientele base through modern digital marketing. Although offline marketing methods can be effective, those activities must be tracked in a CRM and with a system that you’ll actually use (or with a team helping you manage it).


Try to hire a real estate trainer who is up-to-date on the latest developments in organic traffic (SEO), online advertising, and other technology to automate parts of your business. It’s impossible to succeed in this field (or any field) without a well-optimized website and a customer relationship management system to handle incoming leads.


To be successful, coaches need to develop skills beyond just inspiring you. A coach can act as your in-house technology expert, sorting through the options to recommend the ones most likely to help you expand your business.


Because of this, many people opt to hire a coach who is still actively working in the field rather than someone who is no longer selling real estate. It allows you to pull up along side them and see what works for them. Then, implement the same for your business.

Select a Well-Designed Real Estate Coaching Program

A coach who has helped many other agents succeed will be able to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and devise a strategy for growth. Coaches can see your business as an outsider who would be unencumbered by the day-to-day operations and concerns that may cloud your judgment.


Asking potential coaches to evaluate your company quickly can help narrow your search. Provide them with your most up-to-date sales funnel metrics, a summary of your marketing approach, and details on how you’re finding new customers. They could be a good coach if they can readily identify problem areas and offer concrete suggestions for fixing them.


Having a coach who can provide you with actionable strategies and tactics is crucial. Stay away from generic, “one-size-fits-all” coaching programs. Your real estate coach should modify standard approaches to accommodate your unique situation and goals.

Find a Good Fit For YOU

It’s common to inquire about who others are working with, but remember that a coach who helped a friend may not be the best fit for you. The ideal business and life coach will share your goals, ideals, and values.


Don’t be afraid to try out a few different coaches before settling on the best one for you.


A coach who promotes an unhealthy obsession with work might not be a good fit for you if a healthy work-life balance is a priority. I like to remind people I work with that “balance” is a verb and not a state of being. It’s not a destination but a healthy tension with ebbs and flows.


If providing superior customer service is a top priority, a coaching program based on a “churn and burn” model is not the way to go…and yes, you’ll feel that when looking at some of them.


When it comes to running a successful business, coaches are more than just a resource. It’s worth noting that some trainers may have particular expertise concerning the various production levels of agents. When it comes to helping agents grow their businesses, some coaches excel at getting new agents off the ground, while others focus on assisting established agents in entering new markets.


Find out where you are with your company and what you need to do to improve. You can then conduct interviews to find coaches who are a good fit for your business and personal needs.

Make It Collaborative

Remember that coaching is not a quick fix, regardless of which real estate coach you choose. The goal of any good coach, whether they’re working with you for a year or ten, is to help you connect with the agent in you and help you realize your vision for your business. It isn’t about memorizing a handful of hacks that make you reliant on your trainer.


If you expect the coaches to do all the work for you, it’s easy to write off coaching programs as ineffective. An effective business coaching relationship is one in which you and your coach work together to identify and eliminate any obstacles in the way of your success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a look at some common questions regarding real estate coaches:

What do real estate coaches do?

Having a coach in real estate means more than just having someone to keep you motivated; it means having someone who can help you hone your skills more quickly than you could on your own.


The real estate industry is full of trial and error, from figuring out how to strike a work-life balance to mastering the art of negotiations, settling into a morning routine, and keeping an eye on the market. With the help of a real estate coach, you can save time and effort by cutting out a lot of the trial-and-error learning curve.

Who is the best real estate coach in the world?

The best is subjective. Many will say Mike Ferry and Tom Ferry. I’d personally opt for Tim and Julie Harris with the implicit coaching you get by working with AgentHUB 360.

Why is real estate coaching important?

The services of a real estate coach can be invaluable to new agents, as they can assist them in setting and achieving goals and impart essential business knowledge. A novice who wants to make real estate into a full-time career would benefit greatly from the guidance of an experienced coach. Every real estate agent can use some guidance, no matter how seasoned. Trust me, there are at least three things you’re doing wrong in your business right now, and you think they’re the best thing to be doing.

How do you pick a real estate coach?

The best real estate coaches for your company will be those who specialize in helping you achieve your unique objectives. You have to know the strengths you’re trying to improve and the gaps that need filling.

Commercial real estate coaches are the way to go if you want to expand your business to include more commercial properties. Look into beginner real estate coaches if you’re just starting.

How much does real estate coaching cost?

The average cost of a real estate coach ranges from $400 to $5000 per month.

Yes, that’s a large amount. I encourage you to approach picking your coach as an investment and allocate the time on your calendar to maximize your investment.

What is real estate coaching?

It’s the skills you need to become an expert online marketer and master the art of funneling potential customers through your sales process. It is the passing on of social instincts. With the help of a real estate coach, you can develop a comprehensive strategy for expanding your company.

Hiring a real estate coach gives you access to expert advice from someone familiar with the ins and outs of real estate marketing, lead generation, relationship building, and deal closing.

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