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Atlanta Headshot Photography: FAQ

Atlanta Headshot Photography: FAQPhoto from krisjanovitz


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Atlanta Headshot Photography Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What should I keep in mind for makeup and skincare in headshots?

A: With headshots, it’s best to keep your makeup natural. Avoid heavy, bright, or dark eye makeup. Go easy on contouring, as the lighting will naturally enhance your features. Use light foundation to avoid cracks on the face. Consider using lip gloss or at least chapstick for shiny lips. Remember, cracked lips don’t look good in headshots. These tips apply to both men and women.

Q: How can I style my hair for headshots?

A: Give your hair some volume by lifting it before the session. If you have long hair, push up underneath the hair with your fingers to add some “szuzh.” Bring a small kit of your usual hair styling products to touch up during wardrobe changes. If you plan to color your hair, allow a few days for the color to settle and look more natural. If you’re getting a haircut, do it at least one day before the session to avoid stray hairs sticking to your face and head.

Q: What should I wear for headshots?

A: Keep it simple! Remember, you are the star of the show, not your clothing. Choose outfits that fit well and avoid tight tops or jackets that squeeze you. Loose blouses or shirts don’t translate well in headshots, so opt for tailored clothing. Avoid patterns that are too large or distracting. Small, appropriate jewelry is fine, but avoid big earrings and necklaces unless they are part of your personal brand. Stick to simple, neutral colors and avoid overly bright shirts. Pay attention to your collar choice—crisp collars look great, while loose collars can give a more casual or sloppy appearance. If you wear a tie, make sure it’s straight.

Q: What is the most vital piece of advice for headshots?

A: Relax! Headshots are not as serious or daunting as they may seem. The process will be quick and painless. Don’t spend more time worrying about what to wear than you’ll spend in front of the camera.

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