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5 Benefits of Adding a Window Film to Your Home

5 Benefits of Adding a Window Film to Your HomePhoto from Unsplash


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Are you looking for easy ways to upgrade your home? Click here for five awesome benefits of adding a window film to your home.


Nearly 60% of the homes in Myrtle Beach are owner-occupied. When you own your own home, you get to make choices to improve the property and your own comfort.

Does this mean you need to invest thousands in a major renovation? Not at all. Something as simple and cost-effective as window film can go a long way toward upgrading your home.

That’s right, window tinting isn’t just for vehicles. By picking the right residential window film options, you can reap serious benefits.

Ready to learn more? Read on for five unbeatable benefits of adding window film to your home.

1. Increased Energy Efficiency

As a Myrtle Beach resident, you know how essential summer cooling is. With high temperatures in the 80s and 90s, you depend on your AC to keep things cool and comfortable in your home. What you may not know is that your windows are having a negative impact on your AC’s energy efficiency.

When UV rays hit your windows, they produce an effect called solar heat gain. In fact, an estimated 76% of the sun’s rays that fall on your windows become heat. This can make it much harder for your AC to keep your home at a reasonable temperature, causing your energy bill to skyrocket.

Window tinting allows light through while blocking up to 99% of UV rays. That means that you can still enjoy natural lighting while making it easier for your AC to cool your home in an efficient manner.

2. Reduced UV Ray Exposure

UV rays aren’t just putting strain on your electricity and your wallet. UV rays also have damaging effects on the skin and eyes, increasing your chances of developing skin problems and developing vision disorders.

We tend to think about the damaging effect of UV ray exposure when we’re outside. For example, we lather up with sunscreen and wear sunglasses and hats to protect our skin and eyes. What we don’t realize is that the UV rays penetrating our windows each day can also have a long-term damaging effect.

As we mentioned earlier, UV rays are blocked at a rate of up to 99% when you install window film on your home’s windows. Rather than putting on sunscreen before you relax in your well-lit living room, you can rest assured that you’re protected with tinted window film.

3. Luxury-Level Privacy

Everyone deserves the luxury of privacy in their own homes. When your home is located on a busy street in a bustling neighborhood, it can feel like you have outside eyes on you when you’re spending time with your family.

Window tint doesn’t block your view of the street. However, it can make it much more difficult to see into your home from the outside. Window tint can produce a reflective quality when the sun is shining and reduce the spotlight effect that occurs when the sun sets and you turn your lights on.

You shouldn’t need to live in a gated neighborhood, draw the curtains, or grow tall hedges to experience privacy at home. Window film can make that luxury a reality, preventing passersby from catching a glimpse of you and your family.


4. Extra Security and Safety

As a homeowner, you try to prepare for the financial reality of an unexpected incident. You may have an emergency fund that cover the cost of something like a shattered window. However, you may not have a plan in place to protect your kids, pets, and other household members in that surprising moment.

While window film can’t make your windows shatter-proof, it can perform a very important role. When window film is installed properly, it is cured to the glass, creating a strong seal. Unlike your windows, window film is not made of glass, and isn’t going to shatter under the pressure of a rouge baseball or drastic temperature changes.

That means that if your window does break, window film will hold those dangerous shards in place. This will help to keep anyone on either side of the window safe from cuts or scrapes that occur when glass shatters and falls to the ground in separate pieces. This effect can also deter burglars and reduce the probability of personal injuries from occurring on your property.

5. Improved Comfort and Appearance

Window tint can make a huge difference to your daily comfort. From increasing your home’s ability to stay cool to reducing the strain on your eyes, these subtle changes add up to an improved home experience.

Tinted windows can also improve the overall appearance of your home. Many homeowners want to upgrade their curb appeal but don’t want to invest in brand new windows. By adding window film to your windows, you can give them a more modern and uniform look, creating a better first impression of your property.

At the end of the day, window tinting is one of the most cost-effective ways to reap serious benefits. If you could give your Myrtle Beach home a makeover and an upgrade for a low cost, why wouldn’t you take advantage? Myrtle Beach Window Tint is here to make it happen.

Call Myrtle Beach Window Tint for Residential Window Film

Are you ready to level up your Myrtle Beach home with window tint? Myrtle Beach Window Tint is your one-stop shop for residential, commercial, and automotive window tinting. Thanks to years of experience and some of the best-trained employees in the business, we’re proud to say that we’ve left hundreds of customers satisified.

To find out more, contact us today. Let us know what kind of window film options you’re interested in and how many you’ll need and we’ll send back a free estimate so that you can make an informed choice.

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