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Brotech's Innovative Workflow Automation Creates Business Efficiencies and Can Support Manufacturers In The Barrie Area

By: PR Leap
( [Barrie, ON] - Normally, when a company discovers a way to make their operations more efficient and more cost-effective, they lock it away as their own proprietary competitive advantage. This is not the case for the team at Brotech Precision CNC.

Brotech has offered CNC machining services from it's Barrie base since 1995. Their products have been used by Tesla and Boeing, as well as many clients in the nuclear, medical, and defence sectors. Their projects are often incredibly complex and demanding, but they recently discovered a way to simplify and streamline their operations with Microsoft Power Automation.

"Every organization has processes that take place outside of the ERP system. Whether it's by email or physical folders being passed from one person to another. There's always these processes," said Jerome Horowitz, President of Brotech CNC.

"The more quality system-oriented an industry is, the more process-heavy and paper-heavy the organizations are going to be. The industries we serve are nuclear, defence, aerospace and medical. Our quality system encompasses ISO 9001, AS9100 and CSA N299.3. These are some of the most paperwork-heavy industries you can find."

In an effort to simplify and improve some of these processes, Brotech created a future state vision of their processes then used Microsoft Power Automate to create that future state. So far, Horowitz says the results have been nothing short of remarkable.

"It seamlessly integrates with the existing Outlook mail system, and creates Word or Excel templates. You can't imagine anything more simple," said Horowitz. "The best part is that it allows growth with less overhead cost, and ultimately contributes to a better customer experience".

"I believe it is IT development on steroids. Typically our turnaround time from inception to the first draft of a process flow has been about two days, which is insanely fast. And then implementation and training typically take one day. It's just spectacular."

Brotech has already leveraged the new tool to simplify previously onerous tasks like reviewing customer quote requests, and reviewing new customer orders. In addition, at least eight other processes have been automated. They feel this is a fantastic solution for any organization struggling with being bogged down with too many tasks that exist outside of their ERP, as well as smaller organizations that can't afford dedicated workflow software. More importantly, Brotech wants to show these organizations how to do it.

"We're happy to share what we've learned with other companies in our industries and our area so that Ontario can be more efficient and more competitive in the long term. One of our priorities is to help support our community. We're proudly based in Barrie and we have great relationships within the community, including Georgian College and the two school boards," said Horowitz.

"This can really help a lot of people. We're already having conversations with Georgian College to see how we can start taking it to a new level and doing things like linking it with Power BI for dashboards."

Thus far, Brotech has already received feedback from Microsoft Support saying that they're among the companies doing the most with the Power Automate product right now, and they only plan to scale things up from here.

"Were a small business - we'd like to work with like minded companies to compete and help them become more efficient with less resources" said Horowitz.

Anyone interested in learning more about how Brotech is leveraging Power Automate is encouraged to contact Jerome @


Brotech Precision CNC Inc.
Brotech has built its reputation by delivering ultra-high precision CNC machining and assembly to life-critical industries. The company is focused on adding value to a small number of strategic long-term partners and helping supply chain managers reduce risk. They also have a special history of saying "Yes we can" after their clients have been disappointed by other partners.

Brotech employs high-tech CNC machines, software, and robotics to achieve its goals and manufactures to AS9100 and CSA N299.3. Brotech is also registered in Canada's Controlled Goods Program and licensed for firearms production.

They have a proven history of tackling the most challenging projects in the industry such as nuclear/wind, oil & gas, aerospace, defence, and the medical sector.

About Microsoft Power Automate
Microsoft Power Automate Helps you streamline repetitive tasks and paperless processes so you can focus your attention where it's needed most.

Create automated workflows quickly with a low-code, logic-based interface that anyone can use, regardless of their technical expertise. With cloud flows in Power Automate, it's easy for everyone on your team to work with information stored in the cloud, on-premises apps, and databases.

Chris Adams
Brotech Precision CNC

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