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Cyphercor: Multi-factor Authentication Provider LoginTC Offers Companies Protection for Windows Logon and Remote Access

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With installation time averaging one hour, companies of any size and industry can rely on strong, secure solutions to protect their critical infrastructure without interfering with daily operations and processes.

OTTAWA: October 21, 2022: With the persistence of remote work, businesses worldwide face increasing threats to their cyber assets. It is estimated that remote work has increased the average data breach cost by $137,000 USD and that 54% of IT professionals believe remote workers are riskier than in-person workers regarding cybersecurity.

While some remain cautious, Multi-factor authentication (MFA) remains one of the most critical security protocols companies can implement in order to reduce the risk of data breaches, ransomware attacks, and other cyber attacks. MFA should be enabled everywhere there is a username and a password, but for remote workers and privileged user accounts, it is especially important. MFA for Windows Logon and Remote Desktop applications should be implemented for all remote users and privileged accounts accessing Windows based computers.

The LoginTC Windows Logon and RDP Connector integrate natively with Windows Server and Windows Client operating systems to add multifactor authentication for both remote access functions. Administrators can still leverage existing first-factor credentials through Active Directory or local accounts. 

Other third-party MFA installations can take up to weeks to implement, leaving businesses exposed and taking up a significant amount of time for IT departments and personnel. LoginTC on the other hand can be installed in one hour and makes it easy for end-users to enroll and log into Windows Logon and Remote Desktop protected applications. With the assistance of our hands-on implementation team, your company can be sure that MFA has been implemented everywhere it needs to be to protect your most valuable digital assets.

LoginTC also offers a multitude of authentication methods like Push-based authentication, Software One-Time Passwords (OTP), Hardware Tokens, Bypass Codes, SMS and Phone Call and Email One-Time Passwords to ensure end-users can always login securely with a variety of options. Options are available for both online and offline logons.

By requiring users to present a secondary form of authentication that uses a different “identity dimension” (something you know vs. something you have), multifactor authentication helps prevent account takeovers, thereby reducing the risk that companies will be breached and their data stolen or held for ransom.

Multi-factor authentication is a critical step in improving the cybersecurity of small, medium, and large businesses, particularly those that have a remote or distributed workforce. With LoginTC, adding that crucial protection is a simple process that gives administrators and end-users the flexibility they need to not interrupt daily operations and workflows. 

About LoginTC

LoginTC is the flagship product of Canadian cybersecurity company, Cyphercor. LoginTC is used by countries all around the world to protect their network infrastructure with a second factor of authentication to log into critical digital assets. 

LoginTC is used by businesses in a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, education, manufacturing, energy, finance, and professional services, as well as government, non-profit sectors, and more. 

The creators of LoginTC believe that organizations shouldn’t have to choose between security and usability. As pioneers of the push notification authentication method, and other usability innovations, LoginTC has made it easier for companies to set up and manage their multifactor authentication solution.


About Cyphercor, Inc.

Cyphercor is a team of dedicated, thoughtful and forward-thinking people that want to make security accessible rather than get in your way. LoginTC is trusted worldwide by organizations large and small representing virtually every sector of the economy.

Contact Cyphercor, Inc.

LL10-4043 Carling Avenue
Ontario K2K 2A4


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