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Cadence Extends Cloud Leadership with Transformational Cadence OnCloud SaaS and e‑Commerce Platform

New scalable platform offers instant access and flexible consumption models to accelerate innovation from chip design to systems


  • Industry’s first SaaS and e-commerce platform for those adopting a cloud-first approach
  • Instant access with a secure online experience including credit card and ACH purchasing options
  • Initial offerings targeted at system design and analysis solutions tailored for comprehensive design needs, skills, workloads and technology domains

Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: CDNS) today introduced the new Cadence® OnCloud SaaS and e-commerce platform powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) for companies adopting a “cloud-first” approach for design and analysis solutions that can be accessed anywhere from any device.

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The Cadence OnCloud SaaS and e-commerce platform is an industry first, offering companies instant access to purchase and deploy design and analysis products anywhere and from any device. (Graphic: Business Wire)

The Cadence OnCloud SaaS and e-commerce platform is an industry first, offering companies instant access to purchase and deploy design and analysis products anywhere and from any device. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Building upon its well-established, comprehensive Cadence Cloud portfolio offered through Cadence-managed software-as-a-service (SaaS) and customer-managed platforms, Cadence OnCloud is the next big step in Cadence’s commitment to cloud-based solutions, easing the design process and delivering global collaboration, significant productivity, time to market and scalability benefits.

The new e-commerce platform is an industry first, offering instantaneous access to purchase and deploy products in minutes and already has thousands of early users. Cadence OnCloud is targeted for those with limited infrastructure or resources and offers comprehensive support options, including self-help and a broad range of SaaS delivery options addressing global demands and peak usage.

“Since the beginning of our Annapurna Labs journey, we have been following a cloud-first approach,” said Nafea Bshara, vice president and distinguished engineer at Amazon Web Services. “We have worked with Cadence for a number of years, using their tools in the Amazon cloud. The move to a consumption-based SaaS solution is a natural next step. The new business model of the Cadence OnCloud SaaS and e-commerce platform offers a great way to expedite project execution by having customers use Cadence’s Sigrity, Clarity and Celsius solvers and Allegro technology at scale. With its consumption-based model, Cadence OnCloud offers the flexibility, accessibility and scalability users demand.”

“As the industry leader in cloud-based solutions, we continue to innovate and respond to user needs, and the Cadence OnCloud SaaS and e-commerce platform, with a consumption-based usage model, expands our reach into the systems space by providing tens of thousands of existing and potential customers with instantaneous access to our technology, delivering more accessibility, higher productivity and instant scalability leveraging AWS,” said Dr. Anirudh Devgan, president and CEO of Cadence. “Together with Cadence’s widely adopted CloudBurst SaaS solution, Cadence now has the industry’s broadest SaaS portfolio catering to the needs of our customers from chips to systems.”

Cadence OnCloud has many significant advances and capabilities that go beyond traditional enterprise-wide licensing models. To deliver the flexibility required to address increased workloads and schedule pressures, the platform allows users to subscribe to their preferred consumption-based usage models depending on design needs and project duration. Cadence OnCloud initially provides the system design and analysis packages below:

  • Mainstream PCB Design: Provides PCB design software that is easy to use from start to finish with Cadence OrCAD® PCB design technologies.
  • Advanced PCB Design: Provides comprehensive schematic design and layout capabilities with the in-design analysis verification tools in Cadence Allegro® technologies.
  • Multiphysics Analysis: Provides robust multiphysics computational software for electromagnetics, thermal, power and signal integrity, using the Cadence Clarity, Sigrity and Celsius solvers.
  • Mainstream and Advanced CFD: Provides all-in-one computational fluid dynamics (CFD) end-to-end workflows—from meshing all types of flow domains to solving multiphysics flow problems to advanced flow analysis post-processing—using Cadence FidelityCFD Software.

“The Cadence OnCloud SaaS and e-commerce platform offers just the right computational compute resources for industry meshing needs. Requiring minimal effort and with an easy transaction process, the platform is straightforward and provides an intuitive user experience,” said Amine Ben Haj Ali, technical expert, Engineering at Bombardier.

“Cadence OnCloud is an industry game-changer with a suite of PCB/package design tools available anywhere, anytime at the click of the browser. With Cadence managing software installation, upgrades and licensing, it enables us to focus on the design and problem-solving. The cloud paradigm also helps to scale and tailor compute needs based on the problem. Besides these, it enables seamless collaboration with different teams and external partners across the globe,” said Jayaprakash Balachandran, senior technical leader, Hardware Engineering, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Cadence OnCloud also eliminates the need for costly on-premises compute and server resources that require high levels of maintenance and operational overhead and consume high levels of power. With Cadence OnCloud, users now have the ability to scale and adjust their valuable worldwide resources for growing businesses and design project workloads. Together with AWS, Cadence extends its cloud leadership and offers the scalability needed for tens of thousands of users, who may not traditionally have access to advanced technologies.

“AWS has worked closely with Cadence during the development of the Cadence OnCloud SaaS and e-commerce platform, which provides our mutual customers near-instant access to advanced system analysis and design solutions with the flexibility, performance and accessibility of AWS Cloud,” said Ian Colle, GM HPC and Batch Computing, AWS. “We are committed to working with Cadence to help deliver a secure, efficient and high-performing environment for Cadence OnCloud customers.”

Several Cadence OnCloud users have realized tremendous productivity benefits with the additional access to compute resources and the ability to virtually eliminate licensing and setup time. The scalability and flexibility of the cloud-based approach offers up to 10X run-time improvements compared with traditional on-premises environments.

“The Cadence OnCloud platform and high-performance cloud computing infrastructure provides a collaborative, on-demand electrical simulation that is easy to implement,” said Miguel Rivas, EDA application analyst, Zebra Technologies. “By giving our distributed teams access to the database and critical analysis software, we can significantly cut simulation iterations and help ensure product quality.”

In addition, Cadence OnCloud allows users a familiar online shopping experience that many have come to expect, with instant credit card and ACH purchasing and packages in app form tailored to specific user types, skills and needs. It is built on the highest standards of security with multiple layers of defense from the infrastructure level to the user level. In support of Cadence’s sustainability goals, Cadence OnCloud contributes to lowering the overall carbon footprint by enabling the transition of development tools from enterprise data centers to best-in-class carbon-optimized cloud data centers for which research has shown improved sustainability.

The Cadence OnCloud SaaS and e-commerce platform is a key step towards broadening cloud-based access to Cadence’s comprehensive technology portfolio in alignment with its comprehensive Intelligent System Design strategy, delivering the best overall user experience to its vast customer base. More information can be found at

Customer Endorsements

“The Cadence OnCloud HPC is very useful environment that enhances user capability to launch simulation from anywhere with sufficient computing power. It also eliminates the need to procure expensive desktop computing machines, monitor license usage and maintain data storage systems.”

Vineet Sharma, manager combustion systems, Kalyani Centre for Technology and Innovation, Jet Propulsion Technology Centre, Bharat Forge Limited

“The Cadence OnCloud version of Fidelity Pointwise Mesh Generation is a great way to leverage external hardware assets and additional licenses to meet spikes in customer demand. For typical problems, any lag from mouse interaction is barely perceptible, and the ability to launch multiple instances of Fidelity Pointwise at the same time allows you to generate multiple grids in parallel. It provides an ideal option to ramp up resources to meet spikes in customer demand without having to purchase additional annual licenses that may go unused when demand falls back to normal levels. I highly recommend it.”

John F. Winkler, Ph.D., senior aerodynamicist/functional aero and sim lead, DZYNE Technologies

“Using a CFD solution on Cadence OnCloud that is really on-demand is a game-changer. I love the fact that I do not have to procure license keys from a third party, and I have everything self-contained in a cloud solution. Additionally, I have at my disposal the most efficient tools available on the market, from high-order meshing to a top-quality support team that is ready to assist me with my meshing workflow. On top of that, I have access to Cadence’s Fidelity CFD Software which is an extremely efficient CFD solver with cutting-edge algorithms that helped me to resolve complex problems with consistent and a robust workflow; everything in one tab on my web browser. By far, this has been the best alternative I have tested in the last years and my option as a CFD consultant. I am very happy to see that Cadence bridged the gap between pre-processing and solver and provide the first top-quality, highly validated, accepted and certified CFD solution in the market. Great job, Cadence.”

Julio Mendez, CEO, Inteligeng

“The Cadence OnCloud SaaS and e-commerce platform enables advanced PCB design for high-speed PCB design, SI analysis, and thermal analysis. Instantaneous access to the Cadence design and analysis architecture on Cadence OnCloud helped us easily adapt to peak demands, with no need for any software download and installation. We expect Cadence OnCloud to improve productivity and optimize our current hardware and software resources.”

Sathish Ottalingam, CEO, Sienna ECAD Technologies (an Avalon Group Company)

“Overall, Cadence OnCloud enables utilization of Cadence software on an as-needed basis without requiring installation on the local host. Cadence OnCloud also minimizes hardware infrastructure and investment and provides much more flexibility in terms of software licensing needs.”

Roshan Dsouza, senior technical lead, Happiest Minds

“Cadence OnCloud is a step forward for our business. We can now access the entire Cadence multiphysics portfolio from anywhere without any local hardware limitations. This new use model will enable us to expand our usage of simulation across our engineering teams, ensuring we can consistently maintain the high-quality and timely completion of the projects our customers expect.”

Jeff Comstock, electrical engineer, OLogic, Inc.

“The Cadence OnCloud experience has been good. The file transfer and backup between sessions has been reliable. The training videos have also been quite helpful. The user interface seems as responsive as working on a local server. Moreover, the call with Cadence’s support team was very helpful in getting me started in the right direction with Fidelity CFD.”

Justin Morgan, principal, Ocean Engineering & Analysis at Glosten, Inc.

“The use of Cadence OnCloud allowed students to dive into CFD with zero obstacles. No time was spent on installation, which is comforting to students and school facilities. All users had a stable and fast version of Fidelity CFD Software. This solution makes classes highly flexible and allows people to continue their experience at their own pace. Fidelity CFD itself was found to be intuitive to use. It clearly indicates the workflow in a structured way. In Essential mode, only the most relevant settings are asked to get to a decent solution. Step by step, more detailed settings can be added while moving towards Advanced mode. A single session allowed to go through to the full CFD-workflow for an internal flow case, highlighting all relevant aspects combined with industrial examples.”

Lohengrin Van Belle, lecturer, Vehicle Design and Technology CFD, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

"During the spring semester, the students in EEC113 took advantage of Cadence OnCloud for their PSpice simulations. This platform greatly improved the accessibility to Cadence tools as it didn’t require installing any software and worked seamlessly for Windows-based PCs and iOS-based laptops.”

Hooman Rashtian, PhD, associate professor of teaching, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of California, Davis

“The UofM Electric Boat racing team understands the importance of CFD modeling. Many members of our team accessed Cadence OnCloud to explore the Fidelity CFD solution. We plan to continue to model our hydrofoils to improve the energy efficiency of our electric boat.”

Deven Parmar, captain and founder, University of Michigan Electric Boat

“As NC state’s first solar vehicle team, our big goal is to show the world that solar energy can be used to power a car in a sustainable, efficient and powerful way. Leveraging the cutting-edge Fidelity CFD meshing and simulation packages from Cadence built on the Cadence OnCloud SaaS and e-commerce platform will enable us to simulate the performance of our solar vehicle to achieve our goals for sustainability, efficiency and power. As we are developing our next-generation vehicle, we are also planning on leveraging the Cadence OnCloud PCB design and analysis solutions.”

Ben Nichols, technical director of SolarPack, The Solar Vehicle team at NC State

“The Tessolve team has recently worked on Cadence OnCloud tools. This working mode is encouraging for scaling up our PCB implementation and design tasks while saving considerable time and cost. Cadence OnCloud enhances the value of our long-term partnership with Cadence.”

H.S. Sudarshan Sarma, C.I.D. senior director, PCB, Packaging & Mechanical Engineering, Tessolve Semiconductor Pvt. Ltd.

About Cadence

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Cadence introduced the Industry’s first SaaS and e-commerce platform for companies adopting a “cloud-first” approach for design and analysis solutions that can be accessed anywhere from any device.


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