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Detailed Description Of Several Common Control Methods Of Diesel Engine Water Pump

Diesel engine water pump has high efficiency, long operation life and high reliability, which can be used in independent fire-fighting water supply system, and can be used in fire-fighting and living common water supply system, and can also be used in construction, municipal, industrial and mining, water supply and drainage, ships, field work and other occasions.Diesel engine water pump common control methods are mainly the following three.

1. Manual control: The diesel engine water pump is controlled by pressing the control board button manually, and the operation process is completed automatically by the preset program.

2. Automatic control: When the equipment is affected by fire fighting or pipeline pressure or other automatic control signals, the response starts/stops.

3. Remote control: The computer realizes remote monitoring, remote control, remote communication and remote adjustment through communication network.

Diesel engine water pump to ensure the reliability of the entire control system, perfect daily management is inseparable. Although the diesel engine water pump has a high degree of automation function, but the human destruction factor makes it lose its function things happen from time to time, the components are damaged or lost, the parameters of time relay and charger are wrongly modified, etc. Therefore, the pump room key should be managed by a person, and the equipment parts should be checked regularly whether they are lost or destroyed by other factors, and whether the parameters of each component are scientific and reasonable.

Diesel pump can start automatically and put into full load operation within 15 seconds after receiving fire/tube network pressure/power outage/ or other starting signal, the battery can be charged automatically by using utility power or diesel charging motor to ensure smooth starting of the unit, automatic alarm protection for diesel engine low oil pressure, high water temperature and other faults, alarm and shutdown in case of overspeed, so that the diesel engine is in hot engine standby state to ensure emergency work.


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