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Meet Jean Ribault, The Saver Of The Protestant Sect Of Christianity

Meet Jean Ribault, The Saver Of The Protestant Sect Of Christianity
Jean Ribault
The royal voyage of France reach the land of Florida in 1562 AD and then the capital of the French army established a camp there.

The man who found the land is Jean Ribault and he encourages people of the protestant sect to settle in Florida.  France was then under the influence of catholic Christianity and the king of France was also from that sect.

Therefore, a vacuum of power had been felt in France during that period, which further led to a direct conflict. The conflict turned into a very rough phase during the reign of King Charles IX and the catholic sect mostly won the conflict. On the other side, people from the protestant sect were leaving France to save their lives and living.  At that time, Ribault, the army commander of France, refuge the protestant sect in Florida. People from France come to Florida and settle here and spread the positive aspects of protestant beliefs and ethics.

During the sixteenth century, Europe was going through an expansion phase where different kingdoms colonize each part of the world. Well, the initial phase of the expansion was aimed to spread Christianity across the globe. But, later it turned into colonizing the land and establishing dominion there. So, you might ask Who Was Jean Ribault? And what he has done to make a rational world where no one is fighting. Ribault encouraged the belief in new ideas and rejects the idea of superiority.

In the modern world, freedom is the thing that has gained the highest node when it comes to nation and state. In recent times, all of the big kingdoms have now limited their dominion across the globe. However, the idea of this belief is derived from a protestant belief system. The faithful believer of protestant ethics will also favor freedom and free will. The quest for gold and making people slaves is not the way the ruler should think. Rather, the ruler should encourage free thought so the people can connect with each other with their ideas.

Back in history, Ribault was not fond of colonizing the land and spread a different belief. He colonized Florida to provide a place for the Huguenots so they can practice their religious belief freely. He was a flag bearer of religious freedom in a modern nation-state and he will be remembered for this valuable contribution to accepting different beliefs. He will be remembered in the American history of religious freedom overwhelmingly. 

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