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Features And Applications Of Gasoline Water Pumps

Self-priming water pump, a kind of water pump. The principle is that the pump is filled with water in the pump casing (or there is water in the pump casing itself) before starting. After starting, the impeller rotates at high speed so that the water in the impeller groove flows to the volute, and then a vacuum is formed at the entrance, so that the inlet backstop opens and the air in the inlet pipe enters the pump and reaches the outer edge through the impeller groove. Through repeated cycles, the air in the suction line is gradually exhausted, so that the water enters the pump and completes the self-priming process.


The point of gasoline water pump is simple and reliable structure and durable. In the normal condition of the pump, generally do not need to often disassemble maintenance. When a fault is found, it can be removed at any time. 1. Maintenance of the pump should pay attention to several major parts. A. Rolling bearing: when the long-term operation, bearing wear to a certain extent, shall be replaced. B. Before the seal ring, after the seal ring: when the seal ring wear to a certain extent, shall be replaced. C. Mechanical seal: mechanical seal in the case of non-leakage, generally should not be disassembled for inspection. If serious leakage occurs at the lower end of the bearing body leakage port, the mechanical seal should be disassembled for inspection.

When assembling and disassembling the mechanical seal, it must be taken lightly, pay attention to the cleanliness of the mating surface, protect the mirror surface of the static and dynamic ring, and forbid knocking and collision. The mechanical seal and the cause of leakage is mainly due to the friction of the mirror surface hair pulling. The repair method: the friction side of the end face can be ground to restore the mirror surface. Another reason for leakage of mechanical seal products is improper installation of O-rings, or aging. In this case, it is necessary to replace the O-ring to reassemble.


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