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iQSTEL, Inc.’s (OTCQB: IQST) Electric Vehicle One-Stop-Shop Division Adds Significant Value to Portfolio; New Initiative Targets Latin EV Market

iQSTEL, Inc. (OTCQB: IQST) is a company that has found strength in its diversified yet focused portfolio, and its newest venture is one of its most exciting yet.

On July 7th, IQST announced that its Electric Vehicle (EV) One-Stop-Shop division (EVOSS) significantly expanded its focus. The announcement detailed its contributions to Alternet Systems, Inc.'s (ALYI) Electric Motorcycle Initiative, a collaboration that brings lucrative potential to both parties. 

Already, IQST's EVOSS division is providing critical contributions to the development of ALYI's electric motorcycle. Specifically, they support ALYI's design team and MODUS Applied Innovations by assisting in developing materials such as EV Batteries, EV Chargers, Battery Management Software, IoT EV Connectivity, and an EV Mobile App and an EV Dashboard Display. IQST has sourced these EV assets from manufacturers in China, America, and India and has effectively put together a low-cost and high-performance suite of assets that can power various electric vehicles.

Expanding upon their existing collaborations with ALYI, the EVOSS Electric Motorcycle Division of IQST plans to deliver a low-cost electric motorcycle of their own to the Latin American market. Like ALYI's targeted markets in Africa, the rising demand for efficient and cost-effective electric motorcycles in the Latin market creates an enormous untapped opportunity for IQST. 

IQST's Latin-targeted electric motorcycle will not interfere with ALYI's operations in North America and Africa, and the two companies are cooperating on the use of any intellectual property they have developed together in conjunction with MODUS Applied Innovations. The initiative will also feature a proposed financing package available through IQST's Fintech Division, which recently launched its MasterCard Money One (MAXMO) product and will introduce its Visa Money One (VIMO) services in July.

IQST's expansion of its EVOSS Electric Motorcycle Division capitalizes upon the growing demand for affordable electric vehicles and adds yet another revenue stream to the company. Witnessing the success that IQST has already had with its Telecom Division, Blockchain Division, and Technology Division, investors are watching the development of the company's latest initiative. 

Indeed, 2021 has been a busy year. However, much more is expected in the second half of the year.

IQST's Focused Divisions Bring Diversified Revenues

iQSTEL is a telecommunications and fintech firm headquartered in the United States that seeks to deliver innovative solutions that assist businesses in improving their efficiency and profitability. The company has built a diversified portfolio that can provide services to a number of unique industries, such as telecommunications, electric vehicles (EV), liquid fuel distribution, chemicals, and financial services.

One of the most important developments from IQST in 2021 is the launch of itsBchain, the company's long-awaited Mobile Numer Portability Application (MNPA) Blockchain Platform. The MNPA platform as a service (PaaS) industry has been estimated to generate upwards of $530 million in annual sales, and IQST is confident that the unique features of itsBchain will help the company accomplish its goal of obtaining 5% of this market share by 2024. 

The itsBchain MNPA simplifies the process of switching from one phone carrier to another while keeping the same number, improving upon the usual procedure that often requires third-party services and lengthy waiting times. Intending to grant consumers and network providers greater control over the process, itsBchain offers a service that lets users switch networks while keeping their original phone number in just a few taps on their smartphone.

The better news is that itsBchain MNPA platform's accessibility, cost and time savings, and increased security benefit both mobile network operators and their consumers. The service is extraordinarily helpful in reducing the hassles of transferring phone carriers while retaining the same number, which is a common but necessary procedure for those working in international business.

Another important service planned to debut in early July involves IQST's Visa Debit Card services under the Visa Money One brand (VIMO). VIMO provides a comprehensive banking platform with a wide range of financial services, including the option to open a bank account in the United States, make payments using a mobile wallet, and more.

One of the Visa Money One platform features that has analysts most excited is that it would allow users to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies, capitalizing on the growing public interest in the sector. The all-encompassing capabilities of the VIMO banking ecosystem are expected to significantly expand IQST's reach, with analysts estimating that the platform may produce upwards of $128 million in revenue over the next five years. When these revenues get added to the company's other programs, such as the itsBchain MNPA platform, IQST is on track to set record-setting revenues during the next two quarters.

Looking Ahead At 2H 2021

IQST's development this summer has been incredible, but shares are still missing the mark regarding valuations. Thus, a compelling opportunity could be in play.

Also, the company's industry expertise and diversified portfolio will help it earn consistent revenue streams from various sectors. IQST intends to increase its existing presence in 13 countries to as many as 113 as part of its worldwide expansion strategy. Moreover, the company expects to record upwards of $25 million per year during the next three years from its MNPA and upcoming Visa Money One release alone. Both are near-term catalysts for rapid growth. 

Finally, the company's recently announced expansion to its EVOSS Electric Motorcycle program will capitalize upon the growing demand for EV's in the Latin American market. Thus, the remainder of 2021 can be more than a busy time for IQST; it can be record-setting as well.

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