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On October 27, 2004, O'Reilly Automotive, Inc. issued a press release announcing
company  presentation.  The text of the  press  release  is  attached  hereto as
Exhibit 99.1.

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 99.1          Press Release dated October 27, 2004

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Date:  October 29, 2004
                                     O'REILLY AUTOMOTIVE, INC.

                                     By:/s/ James R. Batten               
                                     James R. Batten
                                     Executive Vice President of Finance
                                      Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer
                                      (principal financial officer)


For further information contact:                              David O'Reilly
                                                              James R. Batten
                                                              (417) 862-3333


Springfield,  MO, October 27, 2004 -- O'Reilly Automotive,  Inc. (the "Company")
(Nasdaq:  ORLY),  plans to make a  presentation  at the  Gabelli & Company  28th
Annual Automotive Aftermarket Syposium in Las Vegas, Nevada on Tuesday, November
2, 2004, at 9:30 a.m. mountain time.

The slides to be used in this presentation  will be available  November 2, 2004,
through the Company's website at  www.oreillyauto.com by clicking on "News" then
"Financial Reports" and finally "Gabelli & Company Presentation."

O'Reilly  Automotive,  Inc.  is  one  of  the  largest  specialty  retailers  of
automotive aftermarket parts, tools, supplies,  equipment and accessories in the
United  States,  serving  both the  do-it-yourself  and  professional  installer
markets.  Founded in 1957 by the O'Reilly  family,  the Company  operated  1,205
stores  within the states of  Alabama,  Arkansas,  Florida,  Georgia,  Illinois,
Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky,  Louisiana,  Mississippi,  Missouri,  Nebraska,
North  Carolina,  Oklahoma,  Tennessee,  Texas and Virginia as of September  30,

The  Company  claims  the  protection  of the  safe-harbor  for  forward-looking
statements  contained in the Private  Securities  Litigation Reform Act of 1995.
The Company  intends  these  forward-looking  statements to speak only as of the
time of the  presentation  and does not  undertake to update or revise them,  as
more  information  becomes  available.  These  statements  discuss,  among other
things,  expected growth,  store  development and expansion  strategy,  business
strategies,  future  revenues  and  future  performance.  These  forward-looking
statements are based on estimates,  projections, beliefs and assumptions and are
not  guarantees of future  events and results.  Such  statements  are subject to
risks,   uncertainties   and  assumptions,   including,   but  not  limited  to,
competition,  product demand, the market for auto parts, the economy in general,
inflation, consumer debt levels, governmental approvals, our ability to hire and
retain  qualified  employees,  risks associated with the integration of acquired
businesses,  weather,  terrorist  activities,  war and the threat of war. Actual
results  may  materially  differ from  anticipated  results  described  in these
forward-looking  statements.  Please refer to the Risk  Factors  sections of the
Company's Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2003, for more details.