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                                               SOUTHWESTERN ENERGY COMPANY

DATE:  April 23, 2002                       BY:   /s/ GREG D. KERLEY
     ---------------------                     ---------------------------
                                                     Greg D. Kerley
                                                 Executive Vice President
                                               and Chief Financial Officer

                                      - 2 -

Southwestern Energy Company                              Conference Call Summary

                  2002 First Quarter Results Cponference Call
                             Monday, April 22, 2002

                                   Chaired by
                                  Harold Korell
                      President and Chief Executive Officer

                  Korell: Good morning, and thank you for joining us today. With
                  me  are  Richard  Lane,   our  Executive   Vice  President  of
                  Exploration  and  Production,   and  Greg  Kerley,  our  Chief
                  Financial Officer. After some preliminary comments,  I'll turn
                  the floor over to Richard for an update of our E&P  operations
                  and then to Greg for comments on our financial results.  After
                  that we will be available for questions.

                  If  you  have  not  received  a  copy  of  the  press  release
                  announcing our first quarter results,  you can call Carole Ann
                  at  281-618-4710,  and  she'll  fax a copy  to you.  Also  our
                  attorneys  have  asked  that I  point  out  that  some  of the
                  comments during this teleconference may be regarded as forward
                  looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties, which
                  are  detailed  in  the  Company's   Securities   and  Exchange
                  Commission  filings.  While we  believe  they  are  reasonable
                  representations of the Company's expected performance,  actual
                  results could differ materially.

                  Well, how did we do in the first quarter 2002? From a drilling
                  standpoint the quarter would appear slow. We  participated  in
                  13 gross  wells in the first  quarter of 2002  versus 32 gross
                  wells in the first quarter of 2001. Oil and gas prices clearly
                  had an impact on our activity  level. We drilled less wells in
                  the Arkoma,  but continued  drilling at a measured pace in our
                  other operating areas.

                  Although we began the year with an E&P budget of $61  million,
                  as prices have firmed and costs  associated with drilling have
                  come down,  we're feeling some pressure to increase our budget
                  to allow for additional  drilling in our Overton Field in East

                  With  regard  to  results,  our focus on  growing  organically
                  through  the drill bit yielded a 15% growth in  production  in
                  the first  quarter  compared to the same period last year.  We
                  reported  solid  financial  results for the quarter;  however,
                  they were down from the same  period  last year as a result of
                  significantly lower commodity prices.

                  Overall I'm very pleased with our first quarter results.  They
                  confirm the fact that our formula is working.  I also  believe
                  we're  beginning  to stand  out  from  the rest of our  peers,
                  primarily  because  of our  focus on value  added  per  dollar
                  invested.   We   continue  to  believe   that  the   long-term
                  fundamentals  for the natural gas market are very strong,  and
                  that our overall  strategy  will leave us well  positioned  to
                  benefit from it.

Southwestern Energy Company          2002 First Quarter Earnings Conference Call
                                     - 3 -                           www.swn.com

                  That  concludes  my comments.  I will now turn the  conference
                  over to Richard for an update of our E&P operations.

                  Lane: Thank you Harold, and good morning. In the first quarter
                  of 2002,  we continued to achieve good operating  results from
                  our active exploration and development  programs in the Arkoma
                  and Permian basin, East Texas, and South Louisiana. Production
                  for the quarter  was 10.3 Bcfe,  a 15%  increase  over the 9.0
                  Bcfe we  produced  in the  first  quarter  of 2001.  The daily
                  production  rate in the  first  quarter  was 115  Mmcfepd,  up
                  slightly from the average rate in the fourth  quarter of 2002.
                  In total we participated in 13 wells that were spud during the
                  first  quarter.  Of  these,  7 were  successful  and 5 were in
                  progress at the end of the quarter.

                  We  participated  in just two wells in the Arkoma basin in the
                  first quarter.  However,  with the  improvement in gas prices,
                  our activity in the Arkoma basin has increased  significantly.
                  We're beginning to see both more  non-operated  well proposals
                  and increased  participation  in our operated wells.  The Hunt
                  #1-10  well  in our  Ranger Anticline  Area  of  Yell  County,
                  Arkansas was drilled,  and  penetrated  over 100 feet of Upper
                  Borum pay at a depth of approximately 4,200 feet. Two zones in
                  the well tested at a combined rate of 3.6 Mmcfpd. Southwestern
                  operates this well with a 77% working  interest.  We currently
                  have  four  rigs  drilling  in the  Basin  now.  Although  our
                  drilling  activity in the first  quarter was reduced,  we have
                  continued to aggressively pursue our workover program. To date
                  in 2002 we have performed 13 workovers and have realized a net
                  production increase of 4.6 Mmcfpd. One workover of note is the
                  stimulation of our Currier #1-35 well.  Gross  production from
                  this well has  increased  from 125 Mcfpd to over 1 Mmcfpd as a
                  result of the workover.

                  In the Permian Basin,  we made a discovery at our North Roepke
                  Prospect in Crane  County,  Texas.  This prospect is located 5
                  miles  northwest of our 2001  earlier  Roepke  discovery.  The
                  Cowden  Ranch "58" #1 was  drilled  to a total  depth of 7,960
                  feet,  and was  completed  in a Lower  Devonian  at a depth of
                  7,600 feet.  We operate  this well,  which tested at a rate of
                  119 Bopd, and have an 88% working interest. Pending additional
                  evaluation,  we may have offset  development  locations to the
                  "58" #1 well. Additionally, we are currently drilling at about
                  5,000 feet at our Empire Deep Prospect located in Eddy County,
                  New Mexico.  Southwestern  operates  this well,  targeting the
                  Morrow formation at 11,000 feet, with a 50% working interest.

                  At our Overton Field in Smith County, Texas, we have continued
                  our very successful development drilling program. In the first
                  quarter we drilled 5 wells,  of which 4 were  successful and 1
                  was still in  progress.  Included  in this  well  count is the
                  second  well  that we  drilled  on our South  Overton  farm-in
                  acreage.   The  results  from  Overton  continue  to  be  very
                  encouraging.  We surpassed an  important  milestone  last week
                  with our gross  production from the field exceeding 20 Mmcfpd.
                  Our high  working  interest  and net revenue  interest in this
                  area make it a significant contributor to our overall effort.

                  We have also  realized a  significant  reduction  in  drilling
                  costs at Overton.  Current  costs are  approximately  25 to 30
                  percent  lower than they were at their peak in mid-2001.  This
                  reduction is due to a combination of lower service costs,  and
                  our  continuing  improvements  in operating  time  required to
                  drill  and  complete  these  wells.  We have  agreements  with
                  several of our primary  vendors to provide  their  services at
                  current rates for the remainder of 2002.

Southwestern Energy Company          2002 First Quarter Earnings Conference Call
                                     - 4 -                           www.swn.com

                  At our last teleconference in February, I reported that we had
                  just  made a  discovery  at our  Crowne  prospect  in  Cameron
                  Parish,  Louisiana. The Miami Corporation #27-1, the test well
                  for the  prospect  was put on  production  in February  and is
                  currently  producing  12.2  Mmcfpd,  42 Bopd,  with a  flowing
                  tubing  pressure  of 8,450  Psi.  An  offset  well,  the Miami
                  Corporation  #34-2 drilled  during the first quarter to extend
                  this  discovery,  did not penetrate the objective  sand.  This
                  well has been temporarily  abandoned and we are evaluating the
                  possibility of sidetracking  the well.  Southwestern  operates
                  the Crowne wells with a 40% working interest.

                  In March, we commenced  drilling  operations on our Tulleymore
                  Prospect,  also located in Cameron  Parish.  This  exploratory
                  test,  which we operate with a 40% working  interest,  reached
                  total depth of 12,600 feet earlier this week. The well did not
                  encounter  commercial  quantities  of  gas  in  the  objective
                  Planulina sand and is being plugged and abandoned.

                  We have begun  acquisition of our 140 square mile Duck Lake 3D
                  project  in St.  Mary  and St.  Martin  Parishes  adjacent  to
                  previously  successful  exploration  areas  for  Southwestern.
                  Southwestern  is  operating  this  shoot  with  a 50%  working
                  interest.  It is  anticipated  that the  seismic  data will be
                  delivered  for  interpretation  during the  fourth  quarter of
                  2002.  We  expect  that  this  shoot  will lead to a number of
                  exploration prospects that we will begin to test in 2003.

                  In  summary,   we  are   pleased   with  the  results  of  our
                  year-to-date  2002 E&P program.  We achieved strong  operating
                  results as  demonstrated by the  year-on-year  15% increase in
                  production  rates.  We have set a goal to reduce  our  overall
                  operating  cost per Mcfe over last  year's  levels,  and we're
                  already  seeing  progress.  Operating  expenses  in the  first
                  quarter were $0.43/Mcfe as compared to $0.51/Mcfe in the first
                  quarter of 2001,  and  $0.45/Mcfe  for the full year 2001.  We
                  continue to have a strong  inventory of  internally  generated
                  drilling  prospects in our core area, and continue to evaluate
                  new areas for additional future growth. Our focus continues to
                  be on  maximizing  the value of every dollar we invest,  while
                  building our production and reserve base.

                  I will now turn the  teleconference  over to Greg  Kerley  who
                  will discuss some of the Company's financial information.

                  Kerley:  Thank  you,  Richard,  and good  morning.  As  Harold
                  indicated,  we had solid  financial  results for the  quarter;
                  however,  they were down from the same  period  last year as a
                  result of significantly  lower c ommodity prices.  We reported
                  net income of $6.7 million, or $0.26 per share for the quarter
                  as  compared to $16  million,  or $0.63 per share for the same
                  period last year. Cash flow from operating  activities  before
                  working  capital  changes was $25.9 million  compared to $38.6
                  million for the first quarter of 2001.

                  Operating  income for the exploration  and production  segment
                  was $7.3  million,  down from $22  million for the same period
                  last  year.  The  reduction  in  operating   income   resulted
                  primarily from lower oil and gas prices,  which were partially
                  offset by our increase in  production.  We realized an average
                  gas price of $2.76 per Mcf in the first quarter, which was 38%
                  lower  than our  realized  price for the same  period in 2001.
                  With  commodity  prices  strengthening  in the last few weeks,
                  we've taken the  opportunity to increase our hedge position to
                  approximately 72% of our remaining 2002 gas production.

Southwestern Energy Company          2002 First Quarter Earnings Conference Call
                                     - 5 -                           www.swn.com

                  Our hedges  have the effect of placing an average  floor price
                  of approximately  $3.00 per Mcf on a little over 21 Bcf of our
                  production  for the remainder of 2002,  but still leaving room
                  for upside on the unhedged  volumes and the collared  volumes.
                  Our detailed  hedge  position is available on our web page and
                  is also  included  in our Form  10-Q  filed at the end of last

                  Our E&P segment  continues to benefit from very low production
                  and operating  costs.  Lifting costs on an equivalent  unit of
                  production basis were $0.43 per Mcf for the quarter, down from
                  $0.51 per Mcf in the first  quarter  of 2001.  Our  production
                  taxes also decreased during the quarter to $0.15 per Mcf, down
                  from $0.23 per Mcf for the same period last year.

                  Depreciation,  depletion and amortization  expense for the E&P
                  segment  was  up in  the  first  quarter  due  to  our  higher
                  production  volumes  and  a  higher   amortization  rate.  The
                  amortization  rate for the full cost pool  averaged  $1.16 per
                  Mcfe in the first  quarter  compared  to $1.08 per Mcfe in the
                  prior year period.

                  Our gas distribution segment reported operating income of $8.7
                  million in the first quarter of 2002, compared to $9.4 million
                  in the first quarter of 2001. The decrease in operating income
                  was primarily due to warmer weather, which was 5 percent
                  warmer than both normal and the prior year.

                  Our  energy  marketing   efforts  also  provided  $800,000  in
                  operating  income  during the first  quarter  compared to $1.1
                  million  for the same  period  last year.  We were able to pay
                  down  approximately  $7 million of debt during the quarter and
                  our interest  expense  decreased 20 percent  during the period
                  due to our lower  average  borrowings  and our  lower  average
                  interest rate.

                  Our capital  investments  totaled  $21.4 million for the first
                  three months of 2002,  including  $19.9 million of exploration
                  and development expenditures.

                  That  concludes  my  comments  and now we'll  turn back to the
                  operator who will explain the procedure for asking questions.

                             Questions and Answers

1.                Harold I know you mentioned  that you might be increasing  the
                  budget. When do you think you'll be firming those numbers?

                  Korell:  When we get convinced that we should,  I guess is the
                  real answer to that,  and I would say that as we speak,  we're
                  increasing it incrementally  because we're continuing with one
                  drilling  rig  running  at  Overton.  So  although  we haven't
                  announced  anything  specific,  any increase in capital  would
                  likely be related to continued drilling at Overton.

Southwestern Energy Company          2002 First Quarter Earnings Conference Call
                                     - 6 -                           www.swn.com

2.                The second question actually relates to Overton. The new wells
                  that you are  drilling  out there,  is that with the  minority
                  interest partnership still?

                  Korell:  No sir,  that was drilled up last year.  The 14 wells
                  that  we  had in  that  partnership  ended  with  last  year's
                  drilling.  So the drilling we're doing this year is not within
                  the partnership. It's entirely on our interest.

3.                One final question  regarding the Crowne drilling.  I know you
                  had several wells targeted for that area.  With the results of
                  the  offset  well,  does that  change  your  time-line  or the
                  outlook for that area?

                  Korell:  Basically,  some people  might have called the second
                  well we drilled at Crowne a development well, although we were
                  moving  along  on  strike  into its  southerly,  southwesterly
                  direction.  The results of the second  Crowne well will affect
                  that  location  only.  It won't affect our activity at Cameron
                  Prairie shoot  itself.  We have five or six more wells planned
                  to be drilled  within that shoot that are totally  independent
                  of this second well we drilled, specifically at Crowne.

4.                Farm-in acreage at South Overton.  Richard,  you mentioned the
                  one well that you drilled there. With the size of the acreage,
                  how many  wells  will  you  have to put  down on that  area to
                  outline it and start  feeling this is as low risk as the other
                  Overton areas that you've successfully drilled?

                  Lane: Well,  you'll recall we did drill one there last year as
                  well that was  successful.  One of the first quarter wells, as
                  you said,  was on that acreage,  so we now have two good wells
                  on that acreage.  We have farmed-in  approximately 5,800 acres
                  at South  Overton.  In terms of how many wells it will take to
                  get the same kind of comfort  level we have to the north there
                  in Overton,  the  circumstances  are similar to what they were
                  when we  started  on  Overton in that each unit was a 640 acre
                  unit and  already  had a well in it. So if you think about it,
                  it's sampled consistently across the acreage. So I think we're
                  close to being  there now in terms of our level of  confidence
                  in the  southern  area.  We'll do  probably  two to three more
                  wells on that acreage during 2002.

                  In our south  Louisiana  area,  the primary  thing that you'll
                  want to  keep  an eye on  there  is  that  you are  generating
                  quality prospects and that you've appropriately assessed risk.
                  The  size of  those  are  large  enough  to  where  accurately
                  assessing  risk is  more  important  almost  than  price.  The
                  Permian  Basin  would be the area  that  we'd need to keep the
                  closest eye on,  because the finding costs tend to be a little
                  higher  there for us and the  operating  costs are higher than
                  the Arkoma Basin.

                  At Overton,  the reserves that we're finding there make that a
                  project that we're  excited  about  drilling on at these price
                  levels.  So,  overall  we're  really not  changing our capital

5.                Could you give us a roadmap  or  schedule  of the  exploration
                  wells-- the high impact wells? I know it's fluid but give us a
                  schedule of what we should be  watching  for over the next two
                  or so quarters?

Southwestern Energy Company          2002 First Quarter Earnings Conference Call
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                  Lane: In South  Louisiana the wells that we have queued up for
                  the  second  quarter  include  our  Belmont,   Piedmont,   and
                  Bushmills prospects.  Piedmont and Bushmills are certainly the
                  ones we control  the most.  Belmont is outside  operated,  and
                  Piedmont  and  Bushmills  should both start  during the second
                  quarter. We have some more working interest we'd like to place
                  in those  before  starting,  so  depending on how that goes it
                  will dictate which one of those  prospects  starts first.  And
                  they're  both  fairly  significant  for us in terms of reserve
                  potential on a net reserve basis. Piedmont has 15 to 20 Bcf of
                  potential net to us, and  Bushmills is about 25 Bcf.  Piedmont
                  is in our Old Henry  project  area and  Bushmills  is  another
                  exploratory test within our Boure project area.

6.                Could you give us a sense of field flow or prospect  flow? You
                  guys  have  done a  great  job of  originating  prospects  and
                  filling  them down to  mitigate  your risk.  What's the market
                  like  today  both  from  selling  the  prospects  and I  guess
                  acquiring the acreage on that end?

                  Lane:  In terms of acquiring  the acreage on ideas we generate
                  -- we like to call it land capture.  We are finding that it is
                  still fairly  favorable.  We're very  competitive  along those
                  lines,  and are able to lease most of the things  we're after.
                  The deal flow in terms of place and working  interest is still
                  a little bit slow.  I would say it never  really got very high
                  last year and it's at the levels it was the previous  year. So
                  that's  part  of  the  effort,  getting  those  other  working
                  interest owners signed up.

7.                The Overton  field has been a home run for you guys.  Any more
                  properties  like that or potential  acquisitions  that you can
                  see looking at down the pipeline?

                  Lane: Well, the team that manages that project for us is doing
                  work along those lines. We are currently mapping out away from
                  the Overton area,  looking at other  properties and evaluating
                  similar opportunities.

8.                You  mentioned in the press  release a utility rate  increase.
                  Just had some  questions  about what impact that could have on
                  the  timing?  Really is it a 2003  impact or some  guidance on
                  that?  Approximately  when would the  potential  rate increase
                  have an effect on your operating results?

                  Kerley:  The rate  increase  would be a 2003 impact.  With the
                  Arkansas  Public  Service  Commission  you  file  for  a  rate
                  increase,  and then there's about a 10-month period before you
                  can put the new rates into effect.  They audit your  requested
                  increase and  allow time for  testimony. We  expect to file in
                  the second half of this year and will try to have the increase
                  in place  before  the end of  2003,  before  the  start of the
                  winter period.

9.                May we get an update on the hedging  program?  Your  thoughts,
                  like in your  strategy  on  hedging in terms of how far you go
                  out,  how you lay this  stuff in,  and how it relates to price
                  sensitive basins, maybe like the Overton area and the Arkoma?

                  Korell:  Our  hedging  strategy  for the last couple of years,
                  given our debt level,  is to be hedged at the 50 percent level
                  at least one year out. This is fundamentally  where we like to
                  be. We  generally  prefer to hedge  using  collars in order to
                  have a floor  price  and also  participate  in some  amount of
                  upside.  At the present time we are more heavily hedged in the
                  remaining  3 quarters

Southwestern Energy Company          2002 First Quarter Earnings Conference Call
                                     - 8 -                           www.swn.com

                  of this year. In the first quarter of 2002, we were  concerned
                  that  prices  were  going to be low in the  second  and  third
                  quarters,  particularly  the  second  quarter;  therefore,  we
                  hedged using swaps in the second quarter of 2002.  Normally we
                  would  not  be  as  hedged  in  a  given  year.  We've  hedged
                  approximately  40% of 2003  production  using  both  swaps and
                  collars  and  1 Bcf  per  quarter  of  2004  production  using
                  collars.  Our main  hedging  concept  is to layer  our  hedges
                  because we can't necessarily pick the price peaks. Your second
                  question was how our hedging relates to specific projects.  If
                  we are 50%  hedged,  these  hedges  are not  tied to  specific
                  projects,  so notionally  each marginal  dollar  invested in a
                  project is not hedged.  We don't assign our hedges to specific

                  Kerley:  Thank you for joining us today,  and please feel free
                  to  call  me  or  our  Manager  of  Investor  Relations,  Brad
                  Sylvester,  with any other questions you may have or for other
                  information you may need. That concludes our conference. Thank

Southwestern Energy Company          2002 First Quarter Earnings Conference Call
                                     - 9 -                           www.swn.com

                          Southwestern Energy Company
                                 P.O. Box 1408
                          Fayetteville, AR 72702-1408

April 23, 2002

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