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                        Date of Report: February 15, 2006

                              URANIUM ENERGY CORP.
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Appointment of Chief Operating Officer and Director

Effective  February 15, 2006,  the Board of Directors of Uranium Energy Corp., a
Nevada  corporation (the "Company"),  announced the appointment of Harry Anthony
as the Chief Operating Officer and as a director of the Company. On February 15,
2006,  the Board of  Directors of the  Company,  pursuant to  unanimous  written
consent,  authorized and approved the execution of an employment agreement dated
February  15,  2006  between  the  Company  and  Mr.  Anthony  (the  "Employment

Pursuant  to the terms  and  provisions  of the  Employment  Agreement:  (i) Mr.
Anthony  shall  provide  duties to the Company  commensurate  with his executive
position as the Chief Operating Officer of the Company and he will also become a
member of the Board of Directors of the Company;  (ii) the Company  shall pay to
Mr.  Anthony a monthly  fee of  $10,000.00;  (iii) the  Company  shall  grant an
aggregate  of  250,000  Stock  Options  to Mr.  Anthony  to  purchase  shares of
restricted  common stock of the Company at $0.50 per share for a ten-year  term;
and (iv) the Employment  Agreement may be terminated without cause by either the
Company or Mr.  Anthony by providing  prior  written  notice of the intention to
terminate at least 120 days prior to the effective date of such termination.

Mr. Anthony has over thirty years of experience in the uranium mining  industry.
From  approximately  1997 to present,  Mr. Anthony has been a consultant through
Anthony   Engineering   Services  for  several  major   uranium   companies  and
international  agencies,  which duties  generally  include  project  evaluation,
operations   "trouble  shooter"  and  technical  and  financial   expert.   From
approximately  1990 through  1997,  Mr.  Anthony was a senior vice  president of
Uranium Resources, Inc., where he managed all facets of operations and technical
support to achieve production goals,  drilling,  ion exchange,  reverse osmosis,
software development and equipment design. His duties also included oversight of
construction,  technical aspects, and daily operations of plants and wellfields,
budget planning and forecasting,  property  evaluations and reserve estimations.
Mr.    Anthony   also    previously    served   as   the    vice-president    of
engineering/engineering  manager  of  Uranium  Resources,  Inc.,  and a  project
superintendent  and project  engineer for Union Carbide Corp. Mr. Anthony was on
the board of directors of Uranium Resources,  Inc. from 1984 through 1994. He is
the  author  of  several   publications   and  the   recipient   of  the  awards
"Distinguished  Member of the South  Texas  Mineral  Section of AIME  -1987" and
"1999  Outstanding  Citizen of the Year - Kingsville  Chamber of Commerce".  Mr.
Anthony  received  an  M.S.  in  Engineering  Mechanics  in 1973  and a B.S.  in
Engineering Mechanics in 1969 from Pennsylvania State University.


(c) Exhibits

     10.01  Employment Agreement Agreement between Uranium Energy Corp. and
            Harry Anthony dated February 15, 2006.


In accordance with the requirements of the Securities  Exchange Act of 1934, the
registrant  has duly  caused  this  report  to be  signed  on its  behalf by the
undersigned, hereunto duly authorized.

                                           URANIUM ENERGY CORP.

Date:  February 17, 2006                   By: /s/ AMIR ADNANI
                                           Amir Adnani
                                           President and Chief Executive Officer