Washington, D.C.  20549

                             FORM 8-K

                          CURRENT REPORT

               Pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d) of the
                  Securities Exchange Act of 1934

                  Date of Report:  April 24, 2003
        (Date of Earliest Event Reported:  April 23, 2003)

                        EL PASO CORPORATION
      (Exact name of Registrant as specified in its charter)

     Delaware             1-14365            76-0568816
  (State or other    (Commission File     (I.R.S. Employer
  jurisdiction of         Number)       Identification No.)
 incorporation or

                         El Paso Building
                       1001 Louisiana Street
                       Houston, Texas 77002
        (Address of principal executive offices) (Zip Code)

 Registrant's telephone number, including area code (713) 420-2600

Item 5. Other Events

      In  an  analyst  meeting on April 23, 2003,  in  response  to
analyst   questions,  management  of  El  Paso   Corporation   (the
"Company")  indicated  that the Company is  considering  additional
possible  asset  sale  transactions.  These  transactions  are  not
reflected in the Company's 2003 operational and financial plan  and
are  not  reflected in the $3.4 billion non-core asset sale program
for  2003  previously  announced by the  Company.   The  additional
possible  asset  sales include the possible sale of  the  Company's
Aruba    refinery,   the   possible   sale   of    the    Company's
telecommunications  business, and the possible sale  of  additional
power  assets.   There  can  be  no assurance  that  any  of  these
additional possible asset sales will occur, or as to the timing  or
terms of any such transactions, if completed.

Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-Looking Statements
This Current Report includes forward-looking statements  and
projections, made in reliance on the safe harbor  provisions
of  the  Private Securities Litigation Reform Act  of  1995.
The  company has made every reasonable effort to ensure that
the  information  and assumptions on which these  statements
and  projections  are  based are  current,  reasonable,  and
complete.  However, a variety of factors could cause  actual
results   to   differ  materially  from   the   projections,
anticipated results or other expectations expressed in  this
release,  including,  without  limitation,  our  ability  to
attract  and  retain  qualified  members  of  the  Board  of
Directors;  the  successful recruitment and retention  of  a
qualified  CEO; the successful implementation  of  the  2003
operational    and    financial   plan;    the    successful
implementation  of  the settlement related  to  the  Western
Energy  Crisis; material and adverse impacts from our  proxy
contest with Selim Zilkha/Oscar Wyatt; actions by the credit
rating   agencies;   the  successful  close   of   financing
transactions;  our ability to successfully exit  the  energy
trading  business; our ability to divest of certain non-core
assets;  changes in commodity prices for oil,  natural  gas,
and  power;  general  economic  and  weather  conditions  in
geographic  regions or markets served by El Paso Corporation
and  its affiliates, or where operations of the company  and
its  affiliates  are  located; the uncertainties  associated
with  governmental regulation; political and currency  risks
associated with international operations of the company  and
its  affiliates; inability to realize anticipated  synergies
and   cost   savings  associated  with  restructurings   and
divestitures on a timely basis; difficulty in integration of
the    operations   of   previously   acquired    companies,
competition,  and other factors described in  the  company's
(and  its  affiliates') Securities and  Exchange  Commission
filings.   While  the  company makes  these  statements  and
projections  in  good  faith, neither the  company  nor  its
management  can  guarantee that anticipated  future  results
will  be  achieved.  Reference must be made to those filings
for  additional  important factors that  may  affect  actual
results.   The  company  assumes no obligation  to  publicly
update  or revise any forward-looking statements made herein
or any other forward-looking statements made by the company,
whether  as  a result of new information, future events,  or

Additional Important Information
On  April  9,  2003, El Paso Corporation filed a preliminary
proxy statement relating to its 2003 annual meeting with the
Securities  and Exchange Commission.  Prior  to  the  annual
meeting,  El Paso will furnish a definitive proxy  statement
to  its  shareholders, together with  a  WHITE  proxy  card.
Shareholders  are strongly advised to read El  Paso's  proxy
statement as it contains important information.

Shareholders  may  obtain a copy of  El  Paso's  preliminary
proxy  statement, any amendments or supplements to the proxy
statement and any other documents filed by El Paso with  the
Securities and Exchange Commission for free at the  Internet
Web   site   maintained  by  the  Securities  and   Exchange
Commission at www.sec.gov.  Copies of the preliminary  proxy
statement  and any amendments and supplements are  available
for free at El Paso's Internet Web site at www.elpaso.com or
by  writing to El Paso Corporation, Investor Relations, P.O.
Box  2511,  Houston,  TX 77252. In addition,  copies  of  El
Paso's  proxy  materials may be requested by  contacting  El
Paso's  proxy solicitor, MacKenzie Partners, Inc.  at  (800)
322-2885 Toll-Free or by email atproxy@mackenziepartners.com.

To   the   extent  that  individual  customers,  independent
industry  researchers,  financial  analysts,  or   El   Paso
commissioned research, are quoted in this document, it is El
Paso's policy to use reasonable efforts to verify the source
and  accuracy of the quote. El Paso has not, however, sought
or  obtained the consent of the quoted source to the use  of
such quote as proxy soliciting material.  This document  may
contain  expressions  of  opinion  and  belief.   Except  as
otherwise  expressly  attributed to  another  individual  or
entity,  these  opinions and beliefs are  the  opinions  and
beliefs of El Paso.

Information  regarding the names, affiliation and  interests
of  individuals  who  may  be  deemed  participants  in  the
solicitation  of  proxies  of  El  Paso's  shareholders   is
contained in El Paso's preliminary proxy statement.


     Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of
1934,  the  registrant has duly caused this report to be signed  on
its behalf by the undersigned thereunto duly authorized.

                              EL PASO CORPORATION

                              By:  /s/ Jeffrey I. Beason
                                   Jeffrey I. Beason
                                 Senior Vice President
                                     and Controller
                             (Principal Accounting Officer)

Dated:  April 24, 2003