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The New York Library Association 2022 Annual Conference and Trade Show will feature Raul Medina's “ Presents: Jailhouse Talk”

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“ Presents: Jailhouse Talk Navigating the System from Lockup to E.O.S.” by Raul Medina will be displayed at the New York Library Association Book Festival on November 3 - 4, 2022, at the Saratoga Springs City Center in Saratoga Springs.

For convicts, this is a comprehensive how-to manual that emphasizes the importance of setting one's self up for success from the beginning to the end of a prison sentence.

The non-fiction work includes information on themes such as the bail system, enrolling in educational programs, selecting a work assignment, and a few more crucial topics for inmates to be aware of.

Raul Medina will assist readers in discovering their own personal definition of success. After learning that everything has a vibration and that everything is energy – whether bad or positive – the author's entire existence was turned upside down.

Readers will discover how to “visualize to materialize” and empower their own lives in order to remain free and productive as a result of this book. Self-help has been transformed as a result of this groundbreaking book.

Raul Medina dramatically transformed his life, going from a state of difficulty to a state of achievement. He has never allowed his past to define his present, and he is now able to share that message, as well as much more, with the public.

This book assists readers in staying focused on their final goal and remaining optimistic since everyone has the ability to do great things via their own personal power. Interested? Get a copy of this book now available at BookBaby and Amazon. Also visit the upcoming New York Library Association Book Festival 2022.

“ Presents: Jailhouse Talk Navigating the System from Lockup to E.O.S.”
Author | Raul Medina
Genre | Non-Fiction
Publisher | BookBaby
Published date | February 27, 2022
Price | $14.99

Raul Medina, Jr. is a Bronx native, Broward County-dwelling entrepreneur. Over two decades ago, Raul Medina, AKA the legendary DJ Raw Miami, made major headlines in the 1990s.

Now he returns to the public eye as an author, telling his own story and providing encouraging advice for those who seek it. In 1997, he was living a double life as a community advocate who gave back to the pre-gentrified neighborhood of Wynwood/Little Haiti and as a prolific drug dealer.

Things took a major detour when he was convicted in a high-profile case for drug trafficking. Sentenced to 10 years for his crime, Medina would rehabilitate and transform his life while inside. He would return a spiritually sound man ready to continue his voyage to fulfill a loftier purpose, all the while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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