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The Occult and the Uncanny

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Mystery novels have had a long strong place in the literary world, from the keen and deductive mind of Sherlock Holmes to the iconic mustache of Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot.

Despite their dated settings, period-specific references, and application of bizarre tools, the mystery genre has long stood the test of time, forever having a place in generations far beyond the era they were published in.

But what makes a great thriller? We can go on and on about the multiple nuances at hand. Yet, in the end, what makes the genre survive is the unknown that the characters have to uncover.

“Murder and Mayhem in Cedar Falls” by Walter Wittmuss has the trappings of an engaging tale. One that would capture the reader and get them invested in the challenge at hand.

Set in a Midwestern Town, it follows two College Professors, John Brennon, an academic who teaches astrology, and Denise Cole, a scholar of music. Strange characters for a mystery novel.

Yet here they are, solving crimes and unraveling the Occult and the Uncanny. Murder and assault are present.

Crimes are seen in many other works. But author Walter Witmuss is not content with bringing what is familiar to the forefront. “Murder and Mayhem in Cedar Falls” is a story that highlights the mystery behind the crime, the mayhem that follows death, and the strangeness of the Witch Coven. This is where the suspense carries the story. It carefully marries the quaint peacefulness of the Midwest along with the sense of mystery and dread that accompanies the silence one sees when staring into a forest-filled horizon.

This 192-thrilling-pages book will keep you hooked as you unravel the mystery behind the “Murder and Mayhem in Cedar Falls”.

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“Murder and Mayhem in Cedar Falls”
Author: Walter Witmuss
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: November 2021
Book Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

About the Author
A man of the heartland who has his fingers on the pulse of what makes people tick from living a middle income life with a wife and three kids. He would love to have you join him in the complexities of bringing criminals to justice.

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