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5 Emerging Email Marketing Trends Chiropractors Need to Know

5 Emerging Email Marketing Trends Chiropractors Need to KnowPhoto from Unsplash

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Why Email Marketing is the Best Kept Secret for Creating Patient Engagement

As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition… and that should include keeping up on the latest email marketing trends.

Yes, as a chiropractor, you have an incredible amount of marketing channels available to help you grow your practice.

And, for many docs, the use of social media and texting has had them abandon email marketing altogether.

Know This

There is no question that social media marketing and text-based services can provide tremendous value, but they also miss many of the critical benefits of email marketing.

Did you know it’s estimated that 99% of people check their email at least once per day and over 50% check their email at least ten times per day!

And did you know that email marketing is incredibly budget-friendly?


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Paid advertising is the most expensive and lowest converting way to acquire new patients.

The right marketing strategy for chiropractors – or, rather, email marketing strategy for chiropractors and automated email marketing campaigns – can help you reduce ad costs and improve ad performance.

Compared to advertising, email marketing is inexpensive AND has a much higher return on investment.

Simply put, you’re wasting money if you’re running paid ads and don’t have automated email marketing campaigns to support these efforts.

Chiropractic Email Marketing Trends: Return on Investment

There’s no doubt that email marketing is a great way to reach and engage your patients.

But with new email marketing trends constantly emerging, it can take a lot of work to keep up.

The good news? That’s exactly what we’re going to break down for you in this article.

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Remember, email marketing isn’t all about selling 24/7.

The most effective strategy is to build relationships.

Sharing your knowledge and unique expertise is the best way to keep your patient engagement as high as possible.

These are your patients! Why wouldn’t you communicate with them consistently and continue to build relationships?

Understanding what to say and the best way to get your message out there matters.

That said, here are the top 5 emerging email marketing trends chiropractors need to know.

1) — Your Subscribers are Reading on Mobile

You need to optimize your messages for small screens.

Mobile phones are a part of everyday life, so it is no surprise that mobile email usage has risen tremendously (and that’s why you’ll find this tip itemized first on our list of emerging email marketing trends chiropractors need to know).

Know This

Mobile devices now account for over 50% of all email opens, which means you need to optimize your emails for small screens to ensure you can invite your subscribers to schedule a visit to your practice.

So, ensure your subject lines and pre-header text are engaging and eye-catching and provide fonts, images, and calls-to-action optimized to deliver the best experience possible on smaller devices.

A Short Video Clip of an Email Newsletter Created and Automated by Patient Pilot as it Appears on a Small Mobile Screen
Chiropractic Email Marketing Trends: Mobile Optimization

While it may take a bit more time and work, optimizing emails for small screens means you can reach a bigger audience, making it well worth the effort!

With Patient Pilot, we make sure to include an invitation or call to action in every email we create and send for our members.

Specifically, we include a ‘Click to Schedule’ button (which links to your online scheduler) and a ‘Click to Call’ button (which direct dials your front desk).

2) — Your Subscribers Expect Personalization

Personalization is a key factor to success in communicating with your patients, and it can make a big difference when it comes to improving your open rates.

Know This

Adding someone’s name makes an email message feel more personal, increasing the likelihood of them not just opening it but taking action.

There are various ways you can incorporate personalization into your outreach – you can add dynamic content like specific recommendations or even customize entire sections for each patient.

Even small changes, such as addressing the recipient by their first name or referring back to previous conversations you had, can make a big difference.

A Screenshot Showing How the Patient Pilot Email System for Chiropractors Uses Merge Fields to Make the Personalization Characteristic of Most Chiropractic Email Marketing Trends Easy
Chiropractic Email Marketing Trends: Personalization

Ensuring the tone of voice resonates with the patient will help create an emotional connection, allowing them to be more invested in your call to action.

In short, treating each recipient like an individual and creating tailored messages is essential for improving your open rates.

With Patient Pilot, we use first name merge fields to our automated email campaigns to drive industry-leading open and click-through rates so that you see more ROI!

3) — Your Subscribers Want Interactive Emails

Emails have come a long way.

Now, in addition to containing basic text-based content, some also include interactive elements.

So, what are interactive elements and how can you use them?

A Screenshot of a Weekly Newsletter Created and Automated by Patient Pilot Highlighting an Interactive Call to Action Button
Chiropractic Email Marketing Trends: Interactive Elements

Such elements might include rotating images, animated gifs, videos, quizzes or surveys, clickable buttons in the text body, contact forms, etc.

Know This

Interactive content can engage your readers more than plain text alone ever could, and it even becomes possible to conduct helpful research directly within the email.

All you need to do is find the right tool for creating the element that suits your purpose – there are many options available nowadays, making it easier to inject a bit of life into your emails.

We’ve found that formatting your emails dramatically impacts your results.

Walls of text are a terrible user experience.

With Patient Pilot automated weekly email newsletters, we use bold images and a section-based layout to ensure each email is easily read and powerful.

A Screenshot of a Weekly Newsletter Produced by Patient Pilot That Follows the Modern Design Practices Characteristic of Current Chiropractic Email Marketing Trends
Chiropractic Email Marketing Trends: Modern Design

That’s how we can give our members such awesome ROI.

Try spicing up your next email campaign with an interactive element.

You may be surprised at how much attention it attracts!

4) — Your Subscribers Expect Targeted Messages

Segmentation can help you target your audience more effectively to help you make sure your message reaches the right people.

Know This

By breaking down your audience into groups, you can tailor your approach to target them more effectively.

Whether you’re looking to reach different locations or demographics, segmentation is a great way to get the most bang for your buck with personalized messaging.

It’s also helpful for nurturing relationships with existing patients by sending relevant and timely messages that serve their needs.

Although it may take some time and refining to get it right, segmenting your audience can help you refine campaigns for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

At the minimum, you’ll want to segment based on New Patients and Existing Patients.

A Screenshot of a Standard Patient Pilot Email Dashboard that Shows How Lists are Segmented as Suggested by Current Chiropractic Email Marketing Trends
Chiropractic Email Marketing Trends: List Segmentation

5) — Subscriber-First Automation is Essential

Automation is essential to a successful email marketing strategy.

Know This

Adding certain automated features to your overall email marketing strategy helps ensure that your contacts receive the right messages at the right time, ensuring they are engaged and interested in what you’re selling or promoting.

Automating emails can also save you time and money by reducing manual labor, allowing you to focus on creating effective campaigns.

Automated emails also allow for personalization, giving customers content tailored to their interests and preferences.

A Screenshot of a Patient Pilot Member's Email Dashboard Showing How They Use Segmentation to Target Current Demographics within Their Patient Base as Suggested by Most Current Chiropractic Email Marketing Trends
Chiropractic Email Marketing Trends: Targeted Messaging

Furthermore, automated emails offer better tracking, helping you recognize which segments of your audience respond best to specific messages—ultimately enabling you to make more informed decisions about future campaigns.

No one sends more automated emails for chiropractors than us.

With over 300 chiropractors worldwide using Patient Pilot, you can rest assured we have the best data to give you the best results.

So, where things are headed and what do you need to do to stay ahead of the curve?

Email marketing has certainly come a long way from its early days.

There’s no doubt that if you want to own the digital space, having a comprehensive and comprehensive email marketing strategy is crucial for success.

To stay ahead of the curve, it pays to keep up with the trends (including chiropractic email marketing trends) in this sector.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are quickly changing how people perceive email marketing, offering personalization at scale, automating tedious manual processes, and allowing chiropractors to optimize their campaigns in real-time.

Predictive analytics also makes it easier to know what will inspire patients to open your emails and take action.

A Screenshot of the Insights and Analytics Available in the Patient Pilot Email Dashboard That Helps Patient Pilot Members Make Informed Decisions About Their Chiropractic Email Marketing Campaigns and More
Chiropractic Email Marketing Trends: Insights and Decision Making

As technology evolves, these tools will be essential for staying competitive in email marketing.

To stay ahead of the email marketing curve, it’s essential to understand the latest email marketing trends and how they can be applied to your campaigns.

By optimizing your messages for mobile devices, personalizing your content, and using segmentation and automation, you’ll be able to improve your open rates and click-through rates and keep your subscribers engaged.

A Word About Patient Pilot by The Smart Chiropractor

Ready to dive in and start leveraging these chiropractic email marketing trends in your chiropractic practice?

We can help you create a customized email marketing plan that will help you achieve your goals.

Chiropractic Email Marketing Trends: Patient Pilot by The Smart Chiropractor

Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Attract. Retain. Reactivate.

Patient Pilot is the fastest, easiest way to grow your practice — on Autopilot — without spending any money on advertising.

How confident are we that we can help you?

Click here to schedule a Patient Pilot demo and discover how we can provide you with a 3X ROI Guarantee.

Over the past year, our team of chiropractic marketing geeks at The Smart Chiropractor has worked with over 300 practices, sent over 10 million weekly email newsletters, and witnessed first-hand all the ways chiropractors benefit from weekly emails.

Scene Depicting a Weekly Email Newsletter From Patient Pilot by The Smart Chiropractor
Chiropractic Email Marketing Trends: Patient Pilot

(And we’re thrilled that our average doctor has seen an 11X ROI from their email marketing efforts!)

There’s one BIG thing we learned from working with practice after practice after practice that we’ve kept in mind as we crafted this list of our top 5 emerging email marketing strategies chiropractors need to know…

Too many chiropractors with holes in their schedule have built their marketing strategy around the notion that they have a new patient problem.

However, that’s often NOT the case.

A Video Clip of Dr. Jeff Langmaid, Co-Founder of The Smart Chiropractor and Patient Pilot, Explaining Why Email Marketing is Necessary for Growing a Chiropractic Practice
Chiropractic Email Marketing Trends: Patient Pilot Email Marketing for Chiropractors

Think of it this way…

Know This

When you have holes in your bucket – and this goes for any email marketing strategy for chiropractors – the faster you dump new patients (water) in the top of the bucket, the quicker it will pour out the sides (retention) and bottom (reactivations) until you seal the holes.

If you have an email list of over 300 patients – that’s 300 local patients that have walked through your doors and experienced your care – it’s not true.

With a list of that size, what you almost certainly do have is a patient retention and reactivation problem.

That’s where Patient Pilot comes in.

A Showcase of the Different Features Offered to Members of Patient Pilot by The Smart Chiropractor
Chiropractic Email Marketing in 2023 Best Practices: Patient Pilot

Our weekly emails for chiropractors, email marketing strategy, and automated chiropractic email marketing system were designed to help provide patients with a fantastic experience that, in turn, can help fill the holes in your practice’s patient bucket and generates excellent ROI.

Click here to schedule a demo and see how Patient Pilot can help you leverage every bullet point we just shared in our list of email marketing trends chiropractors need to know in your practice.

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