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Top Ways To Make Paying Easier For Customers

Top Ways To Make Paying Easier For CustomersPhoto from Unsplash

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The payment processes that your business uses are an essential part of the puzzle for your same day business selling. You might not think about it in your day-to-day running of your business, but your payment process really does determine the customer experience.

For example, if somebody comes to your store or your online shop and finds everything that they need but then the checkout process is too convoluted and along with many signups, buttons and boxes, people are not going to complete their transactions.

If they get to the counter with their goods and your current processes are just too slow or not working or you don’t accept certain credit cards or even cash, people are going to turn around and not worry about using the card payment machines because they don’t work.

You need to ensure that the process is streamlined and smooth so that customers will feel like they can trust your business. You have to make sure that you can allow your customers to pay as quickly as possible so that they can go home satisfied with their purchase. So, here are the ways that you can make the payment process much easier for your customers.

  • Have a range of options. Not everybody shops with cash these days, so you need to look at card payment machines as a good option for customers. Not only do you need to have car payment machines, but it can be a lot easier to insure that people can use a range of different cards when they are shopping with you. From gift cards to different bank cards, people should be able to find flexibility with their payment options. If you plan to have cash, ensure that you have a security system from the bank in place so that the cash is collected off the site.
  • Simple, simple, simple. If you have an online page, the checkout page should be as simple as possible. People shouldn’t have to go through forms and forms of information just to be able to check out, and you should make sure that before anybody has to type in any information all costs are lined up. There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing the total cost of some items, going through address forms and contact forms and payment information only to find that there are service fees, delivery charges and additional tax at the end.
  • Don’t ask people to create an account. Whether you are in store or online, don’t ask people to give you an email address and set up an online account. Unless customers specifically ask for them to have an account, you shouldn’t require your customers to create one. The process can be lengthy and unnecessary and some people just want to shop online, get their goods and not be bombarded with emails afterwards. Not everybody trusts companies to keep their personal information safe, either and you have to keep that in mind when you are allowing your customers to shop with you.
  • Don’t have 15 pages open. When people Click to pay, don’t open new pages just to get to that stage. Keep everything on one page from the payment information to their address information and make it as simple as possible.
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