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5 Tech Tools to Make Homework Easier


SPONSORED CONTENT -- (StatePoint) Having the right tech tools can make homework and studying easier. Not only can it reinforce what was learned in the classroom, it can also help your child delve further into the subject. Here are five such tools to consider:

• Study hour: While distractions have existed for every generation of students, never have there been so many at their fingertips than today. However, you can help your child carve out uninterrupted, quality study time with an app such as OFFTIME, which allows users to block their phone for pre-programmed chunks of time.

• Math tools: If your child is taking higher level math courses, the importance of having an intuitive, menu-driven calculator can’t be overstated. Knowing instinctively how to locate such functions as finding an intersection, or converting between fractions and decimals, can give your child more confidence while completing homework assignments. It can also improve their speed and accuracy during tests. The graphing calculators from Casio allow users to move between menus fluidly for more efficient problem-solving. The brand also offers resources to help familiarize students with their calculator. Its education website features tours, product videos and reference guides, as well as step-by-step guidance through sample functions and activities. To learn more, visit

• College test prep: Students can substantially boost their college entrance exam scores using free online tools. In addition to its study tools that complement pre-K-12 coursework in nearly ever subject, the non-profit Khan Academy also offers test-takers personalized SAT preparation with proven results, including tips, strategies and tailored study plans for their individual needs.   

• Customized music education: For piano students, the practice time afforded in their music class may not be sufficient. Having a keyboard at home, particularly one designed for learners, can help your student truly master the instrument. The LK-S450 Casiotone Keyboard, for example, acts as a personal teacher with its Key Lighting System that guides the player through each piece by illuminating the keys in sequence. Users can practice at their own pace, as the instrument gives musicians the option to slow a song’s tempo or break it down by selecting only the left-hand or right-hand part. Built-in scores and MIDI capability open up a world of possibilities. Plus, with the freedom to change the key of a song or even turn favorite music into a backing track with the “cancel melody” or “cancel accompaniments” functions, practice sessions can be creatively customized by learners.

• Reading inspiration: Inspire young readers to develop a love of reading with a Goodreads membership. This free site allows readers to connect with friends on a literary level and to track and review the books they’ve read and would like to read. Delivering personalized book recommendations to its users, it’s an excellent place to discover new authors and expand one’s horizons.

As the semester progresses, you can help your student continue to succeed by equipping them with useful tools that help them focus and personalize their education.


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