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3 Tips for Shinier, Healthier-Looking Hair


SPONSORED CONTENT -- (StatePoint) Whether you’re attending a rescheduled wedding, reentering the workplace or just want to look your best this fall, shiny tresses look good with every outfit and on every occasion. However, if your locks are looking a bit dull, don’t stress -- experts say that not only is it completely typical to need a bit of a refresh this time of year, but that this is an issue you can resolve on your own.

“Every head of hair needs a bit of post-summer TLC,” says Jonathan Colombini, celebrity hairstylist. “The good news is that you don’t need to wait for your next salon appointment. This can also be achieved at home.”

Here are Colombini’s top secrets for keeping your hair glossy and gorgeous on a daily basis at home:

Eat for Hair Health

A hair-healthy diet can promote hair growth and shine. Be sure your diet includes important vitamins and nutrients like iron, biotin, protein and vitamins A and C. On a daily basis, eat a wide range of whole fruits and vegetables and good-for-you sources of protein and iron, such as lentils, nuts and fish.

Use an At-Home Treatment

A toning gloss is a service typically performed in a hair salon to enhance hair color, tone and shine, and now you can give yourself this same treatment at home with no special professional skills required.

Suitable for all hair types and textures, as well as both color-treated and natural hair, the new Le Color Gloss by L’Oreal enhances color and tone, boosts shine and deeply conditions in one step, to leave hair looking healthy. Available in nine shades, you can tone the color you have or use the clear option for a shine-enhancing, ultra-moisturizing hair treatment. Whichever your preference, here’s how to use the product most effectively:

1. Evenly distribute Le Color Gloss through clean, damp hair all the way through the ends (use a wide-tooth comb for thicker curly hair textures).

2. Leave it on for 5-15 minutes. (Review instructions for specific development time for your shade and desired result.)

3. Rinse your hair thoroughly with water.

“While the effect lasts around 10 days, you can build a deeper result and maintain shiny hair and a fresh-looking hair color tone by repeating the routine once a week,” says Colombini. “I recommend using it in the shower on your shampoo day.”

Some toning products can damage hair, so be sure to look at the ingredients of the product you select. As Colombini points out, Le Color Gloss is made of a coconut oil-infused deep conditioning base and is color- and keratin- safe, making it a great way to promote shine without causing damage. To learn more, visit

Rinse Cold

While warm water works best for washing hair, you should always rinse with cold water. This is because cold water helps to seal the cuticles that were just opened to reflect light better and give your hair a healthy-looking shine.

Don’t wait for a special occasion or for your next salon visit. With the right strategies, shiny hair can be an everyday indulgence for you this fall season and beyond.


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