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5 Stylish Ways to Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

SPONSORED CONTENT -- (StatePoint) Making your dorm room feel like home takes work and planning, but starting with a blank canvas allows you to bring your personality to life! Here are some fun, unique ideas to incorporate style and comfort into your space that you can enjoy while you study, socialize and sleep:

1. Add a Pop of Color.


Most dorm rooms are bland and neutral, but you can jazz up your space with color! Colorful bedding is a good staple, but why not kick things up by tossing some brightly colored throw pillows onto versatile white bedding? Or pick a lively accent color to incorporate into your décor through accessories and artwork. Colorful tapestries or curtains add flair without damaging walls or paint. The best part? Any item can be swapped out if you change your mind.

2. Use Friendly, Warm Lighting.


Fluorescent lights make dorms look stark, which is not something you want when you’re away from home. Softer lighting can provide a cozy feel that’s easy on the eyes. A floor lamp is another way to add a softer vibe to a bland, institutional room. For a more industrial look, opt for an Edison bulb lamp, or a smart bulb that adjusts from cool to warm tones. Don’t forget string lights! They’re an easy, affordable way to create a twinkle effect, and rope lighting can provide a fun colorful alternative.

3. Toss in a Blanket or Rug.


Adding a cozy blanket or rug only boosts the comfort factor. It’s also another great way to seamlessly incorporate that accent color or a fun pattern into your space. Nothing’s more comfy than a good blanket to help you feel at home, especially when you’re away at school.

4. Bring the Outdoors In.


Plants in any size, shape and color add a relaxed touch to any space. Wild Interiors, grower of foliage and succulent plants, offers curated style-focused collections: Bohemian Dreams, Desert Retreat, Woodland Whimsy and Tropical Oasis, as well as a special Signature Collection. Wild Interiors makes it easy to balance studying and plant care, with lots of easy-care plant options ranging from low light to bright sun. Mix big and little, flowering and foliage, tall and cascading – get wild with your plant choices!

5. Macrame I Help?


Think great heights! Hanging a trendy macrame planter from the wall or ceiling is a wonderfully creative way to fill the room with greens and vibrant living décor while saving on space. Suspending your plants leaves more room for books, not to mention other fun décor items, to give your dorm room spark and personality. Wild Interiors’ curated Bohemian Dreams collection offers plants that are perfect for stylish macrame hangers. Opt for an easy care Pothos, Ivy or beautiful Zebrina for a vintage, indie look.

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