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Is Your Child Equipped to Succeed in Their Classes?


SPONSORED CONTENT -- (StatePoint) Educational success goes beyond just making good grades. It also means loving the learning process and having the right tools can be a game changer. Here are five learning tools to consider:

• Better notetaking: Making sense of newly-introduced material when it comes time to study can be challenging when one is working with regular pen and paper. Smart pens however feature built-in audio recording functionality and the ability to record and save every pen stroke, giving students multiple options for taking thorough notes and revisiting them.

• An intuitive calculator: Many students become bored or frustrated when they move beyond basic math. Often, it’s because they’re not properly equipped to succeed in higher-level classes. While you probably already know that a scientific calculator is necessary for high school and college-level math (and even middle school in some cases), not every model is easy to use or designed to actually aide comprehension of mathematical concepts. Being able to visualize calculations can make learning more interesting and keep your student’s head in the game.

To that end, consider the Casio FX-991EX. It has a large, high-resolution LCD screen, for easier use of applications such as spreadsheets and 4x4 matrix calculations, as well as Natural Textbook Display for two-dimensional templates of fractions and other mathematical formulas. With a comprehensive set of advanced calculations for integration and differential calculus, along with vector and inequality calculations, it’s an intuitively-designed calculator that can carry your student through many years of course instruction, studying and test-taking.

• New language tools: Sometimes foreign language classes leave students with an expansive vocabulary but not the conversational skills to use it. Make studying a new language more useful and fun by encouraging your child to make use of apps that focus on grammar, real-world conversation, and storytelling.

• A beginner’s keyboard: When it comes to the world of musical instruments, the piano is fundamental. However, if you’re looking to introduce the instrument to your budding musician affordably and in a way that will keep them motivated and inspired to practice, consider a keyboard designed with the beginner in mind. Portable and lightweight, Casiotone keyboards are first-class and offer a range of features designed to aide instruction. Pre-programmed, illuminated keys help novices learn songs quickly, representing a visual learning system based on the latest findings in music education. Also suitable for beginners are keyboards with a USB-to-device interface. This offers the possibility to connect the instrument to a storage medium device, so players can control their progress and stay motivated.

• An up-to-date prescription: Has your child ever complained that school is boring or tiring? It could be a vision problem that’s causing them to feel that way. Nearsightedness can make seeing the blackboard a struggle and farsightedness can turn the simple act of reading a book into a headache. Have your child’s vision checked annually to ensure their glasses or contacts prescription is up-to-date.

Educational tools can make learning easier, paving the way for your child to embrace school subjects and succeed.

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