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3 Best Asset Protection Strategies To Shield Your Wealth

Has it ever crossed your mind that some of your personal assets may be snatched away in a lawsuit? 78% of defendants in the U.S. lose their assets to lawsuits due to unpreparedness. Types of assets that can be seized in a lawsuit extend to anything of value, from bank accounts and jewelry to royalties, stock dividends, and insurance payouts. 

But the good news is that you can safeguard your wealth now and in the afterlife to ensure that your legacy remains intact. Here is an in-depth guide with tips for an all-around asset protection strategy. 

What Are Asset Protection Strategies?

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Asset Protection strategies are legal tactics employed to protect assets from lawsuits. Asset protection is not just exclusive to multinational companies, property owners, families with trusts, small businesses, etc., as long as there are assets attached to your name or business, those assets are at risk of being subjected to lawsuits for damages. 

Protecting your assets is one of the most efficient ways of building sustainable wealth and preventing sudden bankruptcy, whether during a career or retirement. 

What Are the 4 Steps Needed for Assets Protection and Why?

It is advisable to start safeguarding your fortunes as you grow your wealth rather than waiting until there is a lawsuit crisis. Like every other effective planning, guarding your wealth entails meticulous steps. Here is what to consider:  

  • Early Planning is Pivotal

Protecting cash assets is just as important as business asset protection. Do not wait until you own a string of properties or startups to begin investing in wealth protection. There are several ways to protect your assets, and we will share some of them in this article. 

  • Keep It Simple

You might be tempted to employ multiple strategies at once in a bid to have your assets protected from lawsuits. But that will likely end in a very complicated process that defeats the entire purpose. As basic as it might sound, simple is always the best if you’re going to wrap your head around the plan. 

  • Insure Your Properties

It is important to get insurance coverage on all your properties, even with a formidable protection strategy in place. 

Recent statistics show that in 2021, U.S insurance companies covered insured losses of about $184.9 billion for companies and about $ 67 billion for homeowners. 

Having insurance coverage in place minimizes the need of having to pay off damages or lawsuits from your asset; your insurance would take care of the damages. 

  • Separate Personal Assets From Business Assets

As a business owner, it is important to separate your personal asset from that of the business. If the business were to be involved in a lawsuit and sued for damages, your personal asset would be protected from whatever compensation needs to be made. 

Top Strategies To Protect Your Wealth and Assets in 2023

If you are wondering how to protect your asset from lawsuits in 2023, here are some of the most effective asset protection strategies that you should consider:

Create A Limited Liability Company 

One of the best ways to protect your assets is to create a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and register the properties under it. An LLC serves as a shield of protection for your wealth. This is because limited liability companies have a provision by the law that prevents the company’s property from being seized or liquidated to creditors in case of a lawsuit. 

Several states in the United States offer high-level protection for LLCs, examples are Wyoming and Nevada. As a separate legal entity, creditor claims made against the business do not affect the owner’s personal fortunes. LLCs also help with tax payments by avoiding double taxation on corporate profit. 

Asset Protection Trust

Another proven, highly effective means is to safeguard the wealth in an irrevocable trust under the care of a trustee, either locally or overseas. This gives the individual or business legal control over the assets without being the legal owners. This way, lawsuits or creditor claims cannot have any effect on the trust as they do not directly belong to the business or person. Offshore trusts are regarded as one of the strongest protection strategies, some countries offer better benefits than others

Retirement Funds

This plan made the list of some of the best asset protection plans because of its tax-friendly nature and the fact that it is backed up by federal laws. Money kept under a tax retirement planning fund is safer than it would ever be in a personal account. Depending on the laws of the particular state, retirement funds are also exempted from bankruptcy. 


Protecting your assets against unforeseen lawsuits and legal calamities ensures that your wealth gives you support and monetary flow in all circumstances. 

Most importantly, professional asset protection planning guarantees the financial security of your assets and dependents even when you’re gone.

Featured Image: Pexels @ Christina Morillo

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